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Als registriertes Mitglied der Melodic Radio Community bietet sich dir die Möglichkeit, am Song Request teilzunehmen, in dem du außerhalb der Live Sendezeit deine Lieblingssongs aus über 13000 Titeln wünschen kannst, die innerhalb von 30 Minuten für dich gespielt werden.

[die!]Bis Ans Ziel04:18
=Y=Bite The Bullet04:50
=Y=Eagle (Be My Friend)04:29
1st AvenueCan't Talk My Heart Away05:27
1st AvenueFeel Love04:37
1st AvenueI Still Believe In You04:43
1st AvenueTears And Triumph04:12
1st AvenueWhen The Night Is Gone04:08
2 RocksBig Fat Mama04:25
2amDreams & Promises04:27
3 Doors DownKryptonite04:03
3 Doors DownWhen I'm Gone04:22
3.2A Fond Farewell04:27
3.2Powerful Man05:04
4 Non BlondesWhat's Up04:56
4 Out Of 5 DoctorsGood Pretender04:04
4 SaleCalling06:12
4 SaleLove Is Just A Game04:15
5TH AvenueOcean05:59
5TH AvenueRough Affair04:13
5TH AvenueSatellite05:01
5TimesZeroArt Of Living (Nature Of Wires Remix)06:05
5TimesZeroAugen Der Großstadt03:47
5TimesZeroDon't Push Me04:31
6AMSo Close / Too Far04:30
7 AlmasUndone04:28
7 AlmasWaiting For A Change04:10
7 AlmasWhen My Worlds Collide03:58
7 Miles To Pittsburgh21 Grams03:44
7 Miles To Pittsburgh21 Grams03:44
7 Miles To PittsburghJambalaya05:22
7 Miles To PittsburghJambalaya05:22
7 Miles To PittsburghOlympus04:33
7 MonthsThe Night04:49
7 WishesLook Around04:42
7HY (Seven Hard Years)Deep Dark Blue04:08
7HY (Seven Hard Years)Live Without You03:50
7HY (Seven Hard Years)Your Reality03:26
7th HeavenDon't Stop Me Now03:35
7th HeavenGo For A Ride03:32
7th HeavenIn the Air Tonight04:20
7th HeavenMagic03:21
7th HeavenMannequin Show03:44
7th HeavenMonster04:05
7th HeavenOverdrive03:37
7th StrangerLove Is Like Oxygen03:30
7th StrangerSex Guns03:39
8-ISEverlasting Love04:22
8-ISIn My Life03:46
10ccDreadlock Holiday04:28
10ccThe Wall Street Shuffle03:53
16 BitIna Gadda Da Vida09:10
16 BitWhere Are You04:11
16 TageBilder04:36
17 CrashFace To Face04:05
18 NamesKeep Telling Me03:44
20 DarkSevenComing Home03:37
20 DarkSevenFalling Away04:01
20 DarkSevenHeaven In Black05:39
20 DarkSevenThis Side Of Hell05:29
21 GunsHeart Of Stone03:55
21 SummersI Am The One03:46
30 Seconds To MarsCloser To The Edge04:32
30 Seconds To MarsHurricane06:11
38 SpecialBack On The Track04:45
38 SpecialStone Cold Believer04:14
38 SpecialWild-Eyed Southern Boys04:17
40 Ft. RingoBook Of Virtues03:52
40 Ft. RingoInside Your Head02:38
40 Ft. RingoSober02:40
44 CaliberLittle Miss Trouble03:55
85 RewindHide And Seek03:52
91 SuiteAll For Love05:12
91 SuiteChances04:15
91 SuiteHard Rain04:15
91 SuiteHurt And Pain05:06
91 SuiteI Am The One03:51
91 SuiteI Wanna Be In Love03:44
91 SuiteNothing Left For Us05:10
91 SuitePerfect Rhyme04:33
91 SuiteStarting All Over04:22
91 SuiteStarting All Over04:22
91 SuiteSunrise Of Your Love04:30
91 SuiteThe Day She Left03:41
99 CrimesRumor04:00
101 SouthCasuality Of Love04:17
101 SouthRun Like A Tiger04:37
101 SouthRun Like A Tiger04:37
220 VoltDon't Come My Way04:22
220 VoltGypsy Queen03:47
1927A Day Like Today03:29
1945Ace Of Spades03:26
8084Call Me05:51
8084Hold On03:47
A Flock Of SeagullsModern Love Is Automatic05:47
A Foreigners JourneySeparate Ways05:33
A Foreigners JourneyWaiting For A Girl Like You06:05
A Hero For The WorldNever Enough04:46
A Life DividedAddicted03:38
A Life DividedAnybody Out There03:39
A Life DividedCircles04:02
A Life DividedConfronted04:01
A Life DividedDry Your Eyes04:58
A Life DividedEnemy03:28
A Life DividedForevermore06:06
A Life DividedPush04:26
A Life DividedRock 'n' Roll Star04:24
A Life DividedServant04:12
A Life DividedThe Ordinary03:33
A New Tomorrow...Home04:51
A New TomorrowUniverse04:24
A Perfect CircleSo Long; And Thanks For All The Fish04:26
A Perfect DayAll Of My Life04:34
A Perfect DayIn My Room03:33
A Perfect DayStarlight04:04
A ProjectionStrange03:50
A Rising ForceAll Night Long04:07
A Rising ForceCrushed03:39
A Rising ForceFreaks04:49
A Rising ForceLockdown05:00
A Rising ForceRetribution04:19
A Rising ForceSay Goodbye03:42
A Rising ForceShake It Like A Ragdoll04:23
A Rising ForceUncle Tom's Cabin03:29
A Rising ForceUndertow04:02
A.A. BondyDiamond Skull04:14
A.C.TThe Girl Without A Past03:58
A4O4AFight With Pride03:55
Aaron BrooksNobody Knows What It's Like To Be Someone Else04:21
Aaron Buchanan And The Cult ClassicsAll The Things You’ve Said And Done02:59
Aaron Buchanan And The Cult ClassicsDancin’ Down Below03:08
Aaron KeylockTry05:17
AB/CDAttack Of The Perfumed Turd04:00
AB/CDBooze Blues05:12
AB/CDFace-Lift Boogie03:56
AB/CDMikey's Butt04:14
AB/CDRock 'n' Rolex03:46
AB/CDThe Masterplan03:52
AB/CDThe Rock 'n' Roll Devil04:12
AB/CDWhite Moonshine Whiskey Maker04:19
AB/CDYour Name On My Bullet03:09
AblazeJust A Taste04:33
ABOShadow (Feat. Soren Andersen)03:59
About UsLove And Affection04:03
About UsOur Fairyland04:03
About UsRight Now04:49
About UsRock On Top04:05
Abschlach!Jetzt Tuts Nicht Mehr Weh03:12
Absolute 5Whole Lotta Love (Live)04:20
AbsolutionBack To The Levee05:03
AbsolutionBlue Situation04:46
AbwärtsRum & Coca Cola02:53
Acacia AvenueDon't Chain My Heart04:51
Acacia AvenueOut Of Control04:39
Acacia AvenueRunning Out Of Time04:44
Acacia AvenueStraight To The Heart04:23
Acacia AvenueYou And I04:38
AcceptAmamos La Vida04:39
AcceptBalls To The Wall05:43
AcceptGuardian Of The Night04:25
AcceptHead Over Heels04:25
AcceptHeavy Rain (Feat. Udo Dirkscheider)02:25
AcceptHeavy Rain02:25
AcceptHow Do We Sleep05:41
AcceptI Wanna Be No Hero04:02
AcceptI'm A Rebel03:59
AcceptLife's A Bitch03:46
AcceptLosing More Than You've Ever Had05:07
AcceptLove Child03:35
AcceptLove Sensation04:44
AcceptNot My Problem04:22
AcceptOvernight Sensation04:24
AcceptPrincess Of The Dawn06:06
AcceptSucks To Be You04:05
AcceptThe Best Is Yet To Come04:47
AcceptThe Undertaker05:38
AcceptUp To The Limit03:46
AcceptWinter Dreams04:54
AC/DCCyberspace (Stiff Upper Lip Sessions)02:57
AC/DCFling Thing02:00
AC/DCHells Bells05:12
AC/DCIt's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock 'N' Roll)05:01
AC/DCRock Or Bust03:05
AC/DCThe Jack05:54
AC/DCThis House Is On Fire03:24
AC/DCTouch Too Much04:26
AC/DCWhole Lotta Rosie05:25
Ace FrehleyGood Times; Bad Times03:22
Ace FrehleyI'm Down02:58
Ace FrehleyInto The Night04:11
Ace FrehleyLola03:46
Ace FrehleyNew York Groove03:00
Ace FrehleyRock Soldiers05:04
Ace FrehleyRockin' With the Boys04:16
Ace FrehleySomething Moved04:07
Ace FrehleySpace Truckin'05:03
Ace FrehleyTrouble Walkin'03:08
Ace FrehleyWe Got Your Rock04:16
Ace MafiaFace To Face04:05
Ace MafiaStop Loss04:41
Ace MonroeGhosts04:24
Ace MonroeVoodoo04:14
Aces And KingsDOA03:52
Aces And KingsOnce In A Lifetime06:41
AcresThe Death Of Me03:49
Ad InfinitumInferno03:57
Ad InfinitumInto The Night03:04
Ad InfinitumReinvented03:22
Adam Brand & The OutlawsGood Year For The Outlaw03:35
AdeleRolling In The Deep03:49
AdeleWater Under The Bridge04:01
AdellaideBlind Love05:04
AdellaideGirl From Syria03:54
AdellaideIt's Not The End04:46
AdellaideNights In Japan04:34
AdellaideSave Your Love03:18
AdellaideTime Riders03:37
AdellaideTo Live Forever04:45
AdellaideWithout You04:40
AdlerYour Diamonds04:09
Adrenaline KingsCall For Inquisition03:39
Adrenaline KingsDon't Believe Anymore05:36
Adrenaline MobAngel Sky04:25
Adrenaline MobBarracuda04:12
Adrian BenegasA Change Of Heart (Feat. Herbie Langhans)03:20
Adrian BenegasThe Light Of My Dreams04:14
AdriangaleFeel The Fire04:08
AdriangaleHeartbreak Guaranteed04:39
AdriangaleKiss A Girl03:48
AdriangaleLong Gone03:45
AdriangaleMidnight Blue03:40
AdriangaleStealing Hearts04:26
AdriangaleStill Burning04:09
AdriangaleThe Black And Blue04:07
Advocat Doc JotoDie Herren Der Welt03:32
Advocat Doc JotoIch Kanns Nicht Mehr Ertragen03:49
Advocat Doc JotoKannst Du Mich Sehn03:46
Advocat Doc JotoNichts Ist Für Immer03:51
Advocat Doc JotoNur Die Starken Überleben04:28
Advocat Doc JotoSchrei Wenn Du Kannst03:53
Advocat Doc JotoTausend Meilen04:11
Advocat Doc JotoWenn Du Glaubst04:07
Advocat Doc JotoWenn Du Hilfe Brauchst03:52
AeonblackNo Mans Land05:29
AeracoAll I Know04:11
AerialCold War Love04:17
AerialIs It Over05:16
AerialOut Of Control03:02
AerodyneBack To Back04:25
AerodyneDust To Dust04:25
AerodyneRazor's Edge03:32
AeronauticaDer Maschinist04:09
AeronauticaIn Ewigen Eis04:35
AeronauticaOrient Express04:15
AeronauticaSehnsucht Ahoi03:54
AerosmithDeuces Are Wild03:39
AerosmithWalk This Way03:40
AeternitasDeus Ex Machina04:11
AeternitasThe Bells03:47
AffairFace To Face06:04
AffaireHighway Affair04:17
AffäireJapanese Teaze '8904:24
AffäireNasty But True04:09
AffäireParadise Cafe05:44
AfireNot Coming Home03:43
AfireVeiling The Tears04:06
After DreamsNightmare03:57
After DreamsNo Second Chance04:07
After HoursAgainst The Grain05:44
After HoursLove Games03:24
After HoursStay By My Side05:45
After HoursWild Woman04:17
After The FireBilly Billy (Aladin Mix)07:04
Against The GrainLast Chance04:09
AgarthicA Heaven Inside This Earth05:27
Age Of ReflectionA New Dawn04:27
Age Of ReflectionBorderline04:36
Age Of ReflectionI Just Died04:39
Age Of ReflectionNever Alone Again04:54
Age Of ReflectionThe Mirror Never Lies04:23
Age Of ReflectionUntil Death Do Us Part03:42
Age Sten NilsenBaby Don't Be Leave03:27
Age Sten NilsenEase My Closure02:33
Age Sten NilsenInto The Great Unknown03:42
AilaFarDo You Really Want My Love?04:13
AilaFarEagle In The Hail05:05
AilaFarI Won't Walk Away05:56
AilaFarLife Is A Chess04:22
AilaFarLive Love Dream05:24
AilaFarMake Life Worth The Ride04:19
AilaFarMark On The World04:12
AilaFarMy Heart Belongs To You04:17
AilaFarRoad Not Taken05:22
AilaFarThe Last Day06:24
AinaLiving In A Boy's World03:59
AinaYou Babe You04:00
Air RaidIn Solitude04:23
Air RaidPegasus Fantasy03:51
Air RaidSee The Light03:14
Air RaidThunderblood04:55
AirbornMidnight On Mars (SE)06:34
AirborneLife In The City03:57
AirboundDon't Fade Away03:58
AirboundHave A Good Time04:33
AirboundThe Sun Tomorrow04:05
AirbourneBack In The Game03:25
AirbourneDown On You04:19
AirbourneHotter Than Hell04:03
AirbourneIt's All for Rock N' Roll03:34
AirbourneLive It Up04:25
AirbourneRaise The Flag03:33
AirbourneRunnin' Wild03:42
AirbourneSex To Go02:35
AirbourneShe Gives Me Hell02:48
AirbourneThis Is Our City03:05
AirforceDie For You05:06
AirforceI Feel Your Pain04:39
AirforceSniper (Feat. Paul Dianno)05:34
AirforceWhy Has It Come To This03:35
AirkraftLove Has No Mercy04:16
AirkraftOne Of A Kind03:41
AirraceNew Skin03:33
AirraceRunning Out Of Time04:35
AirraceSummer Rain04:28
Akiba MusicGive It Up04:15
Al HarlowI Believe03:32
Aladin Mix'80SBB; Sweet; Smokie The Who11:01
Alan ClarkUrgent04:30
Alan Lancaster's BombersAim High (Live)03:51
Alan Lancaster's BombersCrime Investigator (Live)04:43
Alan Lancaster's BombersNo Danger (Live)05:07
Alan O'dayUndercover Angel03:31
Alan Parson ProjectThe Raven (SE)04:09
Alan ParsonsAs Lights Fall03:59
Alan ParsonsBe My Baby02:42
Alan ParsonsFare Thee Well04:36
Alan ParsonsMiracle03:26
Alan ParsonsThe Limelight Fades Away03:37
Alan ParsonsUroboros (Feat. Tommy Shaw)04:07
Alan Parsons ProjectThe Raven03:58
Alan VegaWipeout Beat05:43
Alanis MorissetteGuardian04:18
Alannah MylesBlack Velvet04:47
Alannah MylesOur World Our Times06:24
AlaskaComing Down On You03:32
AlaskaHeart Of The Storm05:27
AlaskaSusie Blue03:35
Albany DownHome05:10
Albany DownLike A Bullet05:16
Albany DownLook What You've Done To Me03:29
Albert ArtemyevLight Of A Distant Star (SE)06:10
AlcatrazzGrace Of God05:08
AlcatrazzHouse Of Lies04:53
AlcatrazzIsland In The Sun03:55
AlcatrazzPolar Bear04:35
AlcatrazzSons And Lovers03:40
AlcatrazzStarcarr Lane03:55
AlcatrazzSword Of Deliverance03:38
AlcatrazzThat Ain't Nothin'03:54
AlcatrazzWe Still Remember04:02
AlchemyBlessed Path05:59
AlchemyGet Out06:10
AlchemyOne Step Away03:11
AlchemyTake Another Shot04:13
AlchemyWhat It Takes05:29
AldenfieldJudgement Day09:02
Aldo NovaBang Bang04:26
Aldo NovaDance Of The Dead04:15
Aldo NovaFantasy 2.006:51
Aldo NovaFantasy05:02
Aldo NovaHey Operator03:56
Aldo NovaHey Ronnie (Veronica's Song)04:43
Aldo NovaI'm A Survivor05:13
Aldo NovaOn The Way To The Psycho Ward04:19
Aldo NovaThe Border04:53
Aldo NovaTonite (Lift Me Up)04:16
Aldo NovaUnder The Gun03:48
Alen BrentiniEvery Minute In My Heart03:48
Alen BrentiniGet Up Stand Up03:10
Alen BrentiniGoing Down04:26
Alen BrentiniReturn To Madness05:38
Alen BrentiniRide Your Dreams04:12
Alen BrentiniSomeone's Love03:56
Alen BrentiniVoice Like An Angel05:56
Alessandro Del VecchioEdge Of Tomorrow05:38
Alessandro Del VecchioPower Of Music04:27
Alessandro Del VecchioSet The World On Fire03:30
Alessandro Del VecchioStrange World04:21
Alessandro Del VecchioTake You Home04:13
Alessandro Del VecchioThe Road To Nowhere05:16
Alessandro Del VecchioWhere Will We Go From Here04:31
Alessandro Del VecchioWho Did You Run To04:45
Alex ContiBlack Velvet05:50
Alex ContiYou Might Need Somebody04:30
Alex Conti & Frank DiezTop Of The Hill04:22
Alex HarveyFaith Healer07:11
Alex MeisterChains Of Love03:27
Alex MeisterHard To Say Goodbye04:21
Alex MeisterJust Thinkin About You03:51
Alex MeisterTwisted Desire04:04
Alex MeisterWhat We Left Behind03:48
Alex Mofa GangSie Tanzt Nie Lang Allein02:36
Alex Oriental ExperienceGet Into Rhythm03:53
Alex Oriental ExperienceInto The Sun04:15
AlexaCool Wind03:41
AlexaI Can't Shake You03:01
Alexander SchmidtMemories03:54
Alfie's BallThe Bet05:35
AlfonzettiLosing You04:10
AlfonzettiWalking In A Hurricane04:00
AlfonzettiWho Do You Think You Are04:42
AliadosGet Off My Life05:03
AliasPlay Me A Song02:01
AlicateCry No More04:44
AlicateDone For The Weekend03:14
Alice CooperDetroit City 202103:20
Alice CooperDisco Bloodbath Boogie Fever03:36
Alice CooperDon't Give Up03:01
Alice CooperDrunk And In Love03:52
Alice CooperHe's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)03:45
Alice CooperLife And Death Of The Party03:41
Alice CooperOur Love Will Change The World03:39
Alice CooperPoison04:30
Alice CooperSocial Debris03:05
Alides HiddingHollywood 706:42
AlienFreedom Wind04:08
AlienHold On Move On05:03
AlienI've Been Waiting05:12
AlienNight Of Fire04:43
AlienOnly One Woman04:33
AlienTears Don't Put Out The Fire04:28
AlirioAll Things Must Pass04:19
AlirioBack To The Light (Feat. Andria Busic)03:07
AlirioLet It All Burn (Feat. Hugo Mariutti)02:51
All 4 1Don't Surrender (To Love)03:50
All 4 1Don't Surrender (To Love)03:50
All 4 1Hero In Your Life04:42
All 4 1Show Me The Way03:41
All 4 1The World's Best Hope04:16
All 4 1Walk Alone03:10
All For MetalAll For Metal03:45
All For The KingThe Way; Truth And Life02:41
All My ShadowsSilent Waters05:00
All My ShadowsSilent Waters05:00
All My ShadowsSyrens05:52
All My ShadowsThe Phantoms Of The Dawn04:11
All Time LowClumsy03:02
Allen / OlzonWorlds Apart04:24
Allen/OlzonMy Enemy04:55
Allen/OlzonWhat If I Live05:35
Allen/OlzonWho You Really Are04:42
Allen/OlzonWho's Gonna Stop Me Now05:52
Alles Mit StilDie Welt Bewegt Sich04:38
Alles Mit StilJeden Tag04:39
Alles Mit StilVon Unten Nach Oben04:10
AllianceRaise Your Glass03:26
Allied NationIf We Try04:20
Alligator StewBlood Money03:29
AllisonCrank It Up03:25
AllisonDancing On A Line04:09
AllisonDreams Of Glory03:25
AllisonEdge Of Golden Days03:29
AllisonOpen Water03:50
AllisonRock High04:37
AllisonThe River04:19
Ally McMirrorShe Shines (Feat. Jimi Jamison & Fred Zahl)03:08
AlmuniaL&G Psychedlic05:54
AlphaIn Sync04:02
Alpha CentauriI'm A Rebel03:38
Alpha CentauriMake It At Rock 'N' Roll02:30
Alpha MountainChasing The Wind03:46
Alpha MountainDon't Go Astray03:17
Alpha MountainIt's Tough03:06
Alpha MountainSerenity05:02
Alpha SoulsBelieve04:08
Alpha SoulsBring It On04:25
Alpha SoulsDreamer In The Night04:48
Alpha SoulsKing Of The Road04:48
Alpha SoulsLive To The Full03:54
Alpha SoulsWhere Your Heart Belongs03:35
Alta ReignImmortal04:54
Alta ReignMothers Day07:04
Alta ReignShine04:44
Alta ReignWitness04:11
AltariaDiablo Rojo05:13
AltariaHistory Of Times To Come04:51
AltariaKingdom Of The Night03:15
AltariaLost In Time04:26
AltariaVictory Of Winter04:32
AltariaWithout Warning03:21
AlterityDamage (Feat. Jaylyn Snow)04:53
Altitudes & AttitudeLate03:43
Altitudes & AttitudePart Of Me03:08
Altitudes & AttitudeSlip03:12
AltziCrash And Fall03:27
AltziInto The Fire04:37
AltziPoint Of No Return03:51
Alvin LeeCan't Stop05:10
Alvin LeeFool No More05:21
Alvin LeeLittle Boy04:45
Alvin LeeNutbush City Limits03:54
Alvin LeeWrong Side Of The Law03:15
Alvin Lee BandCity Lights03:59
Alvin Lee BandHeartache03:10
Alvin Lee BandI Don't Wanna Stop04:08
Alvin Lee BandNo More Lonely Nights04:26
Alyson AvenuePerfect Love04:05
Alyson AvenueWithout Your Love04:05
AmahiruBringing Me Down04:58
Amalgama (RUS)Dream (Feat. Oleg Zhilyakov)04:00
Amalgama (RUS)The Look In Your Eyes02:18
Amalgama (RUS)Why? (Feat. Artur Berkut)05:19
Amalgama (RUS)Why?05:16
Amanda MarshallLet It Rain04:33
Amandas NadelVon Ewigkeit Zu Ewigkeit04:13
Amann & The Wayward SonsGrab My Hand04:21
Amann & The Wayward SonsInterstellar Trip05:33
AmarantheMake It Better03:51
Amaze MeCan't Stop Loving You03:33
Amaze MeDanger03:58
Amaze MeGods Gift To Women03:55
Amaze MeLove Is Blind03:30
Amaze MeRed Lips04:09
Amaze MeThat Night04:36
Amaze MeThousand Miles Away03:50
AmazonePlaying On Firelove02:57
AmazoneThe Revolution Of You Eyes03:20
AmbassadorBelly Of The Whale05:06
Amberian DawnButterfly03:35
Amberian DawnCherish My Memory04:20
Amberian DawnEternal Fire Burning04:16
Amberian DawnGimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)04:32
Amberian DawnLay All Your Love On Me03:54
Amberian DawnLooking For You03:37
Amberian DawnMamma Mia03:42
AmboajeRise & Fall With You03:11
AmbushClose My Eyes04:11
AmbushPossessed By Evil03:31
AmbushThe Chain Reaction05:15
AmericaA Horse With No Name04:18
AmericaVentura Highway03:32
AmericaYou Can Do Magic03:54
America GomorrahReal World05:16
American AngelAfter The Laughter05:24
American BombshellJoyride05:16
American BombshellPretty Fucked Up02:47
American BombshellThe Bitter End03:12
American DogAnother Lost Weekend03:52
American DogBarely Half Alive06:57
American DogBathroom Romance03:23
American DogCan't Stop The Rain06:41
American DogCan't Throw Stones02:54
American DogDevil Inside07:25
American DogDirty Fun03:48
American DogDog Eat Dog04:14
American DogDrivin' Down The Sidewalk03:28
American DogFaded03:34
American DogI Keep Drinkin' (You're Still Ugly)05:11
American DogLong Time Comin'06:23
American DogLucky 1305:17
American DogMine All Mine03:03
American DogOld Dog; New Tricks04:30
American DogPoison Smile04:12
American DogSometimes You Eat The Pussy03:04
American DogStart To Bleed04:42
American DogSun Won't Shine07:24
American DogTV Disease06:56
American FateI'm Alive04:19
American JetsetBombs Away03:13
American JetsetNever Be Goodbye02:49
American JetsetSave Somebody Else03:13
American JetsetWalking Contradiction02:52
American MafiaLead The Way07:04
American MafiaSuperstar06:03
American NoiseRunnin' Through The Night03:25
American TearsGive Me More03:55
American TearsHell Or High Water05:22
American TearsRise To The Light04:36
American TearsSledgehammered04:34
AmmouriMonster Of Your Own Creation04:28
AmmunitionTear Your City Down04:02
AmpexEndlose Nächte04:58
AmpexLetzte Chance03:33
AmpexSchmerz Vergeht03:27
AmpexVerloren In Der Ewigkeit04:05
AmpexVirus Deiner Zeit03:07
AnastaciaBest Of You (Cover)04:21
AnastaciaLeft Outside Alone04:17
AnastaciaPretty Little Dum Dum04:24
AnastaciaStupid Little Things03:55
AnastaciaSweet Child O' Mine03:58
AnastaciaWhy'd You Lie To Me03:44
AnastaciaYou Give Love A Bad Name04:05
AnatomicPower Of The Heart04:45
AnatomicThe Price06:35
AnatomicUntil You're Gone04:20
AnberlinForeign Language02:50
Anchor LaneWhiskey In The Jar05:00
Ancient MachineBorn To Run04:00
AncillottiBlessed By Fire04:47
AncillottiWe Are Coming03:50
And Then She CameCome On; Come On02:57
And Then She CameSick Of You04:23
And Then She CameWhite Dog03:34
Anderson / Ponty BandOwner Of A Lonely Heart05:04
AndironBig City Bitch04:16
AndironIn The Heat Of The Night04:46
Andrea Brosio & White Cloud FireLiberta (Feat. Michael Monroe)03:39
Andreas Diehlmann BandGonna Raise Hell03:21
Andreas Diehlmann BandLong Forgotten Nightmare04:47
Andreas Diehlmann BandSweet Mama04:36
Andree TheanderA Fool's Idea Of Glory04:29
Andree TheanderMr. Mastermind03:28
Andree TheanderTrain Of Dreams04:23
Andree TheanderWhat It's Like To Cover03:26
Andree TheanderWords I've Never Used03:31
Andrew W.K.Got To Do It03:55
Andrew W.K.I Love NYC03:11
Andrew W.K.Keep On Going04:06
Andrew W.K.Really In Love04:41
Andy And The RocketsThe Day Our Music Died03:43
Andy FraserFine Fine Line03:37
Andy FraserFine; Fine Line03:41
Andy LindquistSplendidly Broken02:51
Andy LindquistStone Cold Sally03:20
Andy McCoy21st Century Rocks03:53
Andy McCoyBatteram03:21
Andy McCoyChina Girl04:27
Andy McCoyGimme Time03:38
Andy McCoyHot Night In Texas03:17
Andy McCoyMotorbiking02:57
Andy McCoySeven Seas04:37
Andy McCoyThe Hunger04:09
Andy McCoyThis Is Rock´n Roll03:24
Andy RockCome With Me04:16
Andy RockOut On The Streets03:27
Andy RockU Belong To Me03:47
Andy RockWaiting For Your Love03:45
Andy TaylorI Might Lie05:16
Andy TaylorLive Wire (Remix)05:27
Andy TaylorLive Wire05:32
Andy TaylorSecret Life Of An Ordinary Man03:56
Andy TaylorTremblin04:27
Andy TaylorTry A Little Love04:29
AngbandThe Blind Watchmaker03:31
AngelBad Time03:41
AngelDon't Let Daddy Kiss Me (Acoustic Version)03:01
AngelUnder The Gun03:18
AngelWild And Hot02:59
Angel CityAfter The Rain03:12
Angel CityComin' Down03:19
Angel CityFace The Day05:32
Angel CityMarseilles03:06
Angel CityRythm Rude Girl05:55
Angel CityTake A Long Line03:00
Angel HeartBurning Desire04:36
Angel HeartForever Free04:13
Angel HeartMy Spirit Will Live On07:24
AngelesGive It To Me03:14
AngelesGood Times Don't Stop03:17
AngelesHeal The Wounds03:56
AngelesHell On High Heels04:52
AngelesHolly Fenton03:26
AngelesLittle Bit Faster02:40
AngelicaA Pounding Heart03:41
AngelicaAddicted To You03:13
AngelicaBeat Them All03:22
AngelicaThere's Only One Hero04:09
AngelineHigher Than Love03:09
AngelineLive Life (Like You Mean It)03:34
AngelineRun Run Run04:35
AngelineSomebody Save Us Now04:39
AngelineTake A Little Time04:27
AngelineThe Devil You Know00:54
Angels And AirwavesRebel Girl03:46
Angels In VeinDon't You (Forget About Me)04:30
Angels Or KingsAncient Fires05:19
Angels Or KingsNo More Faith To Lose04:19
Angels Or KingsOn The Corner Of Love And Lost04:38
AngelwingsLies / Secrets05:38
Angry AndersonBound For Glory03:59
Angry AndersonFire And Water06:42
Ani Lo ProjektWalk Alone04:16
Animal DriveFather04:35
Animal From SavagegroupWhat Can I Do05:28
AnimalsDon't Let Me Be Misunderstood02:28
AnimalsI'm Mad Again04:16
AnimalsIt's My Life03:06
AnimalsThe House Of The Rising Sun04:31
AnimotionI Engeneer05:52
AnimsGod Is A Witness03:51
Ann WilsonA Moment In Heaven03:47
Ann WilsonBaker Street03:36
Ann WilsonGreed03:40
Ann WilsonMissionary Man03:59
Anne ClarkOur Darkness05:23
Anne ClarkSleeper In Metropolis04:04
AnoukBetter Off Alone03:36
AnoukBreak Down The Wall03:40
AnoukNobody's Wife03:26
AnthemGypsy Ways (Feat. Graham Bonnet)05:37
AnthemMachine Made Dog04:54
AnthemNight Games (Feat. Graham Bonnet)03:33
AnthemSince You Been Gone (Feat. Graham Bonnet)03:43
Anthem Feat. Graham BonnetThe Witchwood03:45
Anthony GomesBlues-A-Fied03:33
Anthony GomesDarkest Before The Dawn04:59
Anthony GomesFur Covered Handcuffs03:25
Anthony GomesHell And Half Of Georgia03:10
Anthony GomesHell And Half Of Georgia03:11
Anthony GomesI Believe03:36
Anthony GomesLet Love Take Care Of Love03:48
Anthony GomesNowhere Is Home04:08
Anthony GomesPainted Horse03:45
Anthony GomesPraying For Rain03:25
Anthony GomesRebel Highway04:12
Anthony GomesTurn It Up!03:20
Anthony GomesWhite Trash Princess04:15
Anthony ValentinoScathing Time07:01
Anthony ValentinoThe Old Witch05:27
AnthraxFriggin' In The Riggin'05:18
Anti-Christ Devil's ChildrenBack In Black04:23
Anti-Christ Devil's ChildrenWar Machine03:11
Anti-Flag20/20 Vision02:27
Anti-FlagThe Disease02:55
AntiochDemon Wick05:10
AntixDaze Gone By04:12
AnvilMetal On Metal03:55
Any Given DayFear04:02
Any Given DayNever Surrender03:19
Any Given DaySure To Fail03:12
Any SecondFreakshow04:24
Any SecondSchizophren04:47
Anyone's DaughterMoria03:55
AORA Smile In My Heart04:35
AORBlueprint For Love (Feat. Jesse Damon)04:39
AORBurning Rainbows06:45
AORDon't Turn Back (Feat. The FMS Project)04:02
AORGive Her The Moon (Feat. Paul Sabu)03:49
AORSarah’s Touch (Feat. Markus Nordenberg)06:11
AORScene Of The Crime04:21
AORThe Breaking Point04:48
AORThe Distance Between Us (Feat. Paul Sabu)04:56
AORThe Distance Between Us04:56
AORThe Easiest Way (Feat. Steph Honde)05:16
AORThe Edge Of The World (Feat. Steph Honde)05:55
AORThe Girl You Won't Leave Behind05:11
AORThe Pride Of Strangers04:52
AORToo Late For Tears (Feat. Rick Riso)04:22
AORVictim Of My Own Desire04:53
AOR GypzyMystery At Malibu04:33
AOR GypzySins Of Vice (Feat. Jason Vanek)05:26
Aphrodite's ChildThe Four Horsemen05:53
Apocalyptic LoversThe Groove02:28
Apollo 440Stop The Rock03:32
Apollo Under FireGotta Believe04:28
Apoptygma BerzerkMajor Tom04:47
April WineGirl In My Dreams04:19
April WineGivin' It; Takin' It04:11
April WineHard Rock Kid03:57
April WineRock Myself To Sleep03:16
April WineRunners In The Night05:21
April WineWanted Dead Or Alive03:31
Aprillee RobertsBitterhole04:24
AragornRadar Love04:59
Arc AngelFortune Teller II04:14
Arc AngelFortune Teller03:45
Arc AngelKing Of The Mountain04:43
Arc AngelSailing Ships04:36
Arc AngelStars05:00
Arc AngelUsed To Think I'd Never Fall In Love03:52
Arc Of LifeYou Make It Real04:33
Arcana KingsFriend Of Mine03:33
Arcana KingsHere We Go03:03
Arcana KingsModern Man03:13
Arcana KingsRun Runaway04:04
Arcana KingsUnbreakable03:33
ArchiveMr. Daisy03:59
Archon AngelBrought To The Edge04:28
Archon AngelFallen04:25
Archon AngelFallen04:25
Arctic RainBreakout04:27
Arctic RainFriends04:09
Arctic RainGive Me All Of Your Love03:59
Arctic RainLift Me Up02:59
Arctic RainLost04:01
Arctic RainLove Of My Life04:16
Arctic RainMadeleine02:55
Arctic RainNight After Night04:35
Arctic RainUnity05:27
Arf Of Anarchy1000 Degrees03:40
Arf Of AnarchyChanged Man04:02
ArgiRunaway Love05:10
ArionIn The Name Of Love (Feat. Cyan Kicks)04:13
Ark AscentDarkest Hour04:44
ArkadoIf We Are To Last04:10
ArkadoSo Bad03:21
ArkadoSo Fine04:15
ArkadoTo Leave It All Behind04:17
ArkadoWalk Your Way03:20
Armin SabolAll Out In The Numbers03:13
Armin SabolBoom Boom03:40
Armin SabolBoom Boom03:41
Armin SabolGoing Down03:23
Armin SabolGot Her In A Bag03:32
Armin SabolSharp Dressed Man03:49
Armin SabolSharp Dressed Man03:49
ArogyaBreak Free03:58
ArogyaLonely Night Descends03:51
ArrivalKilling Us Inside03:46
ArrivalLook Towards The Sky06:28
ArrivalTeach Me How To Dream05:58
ArrivalThe Storm05:43
ArsenÜber Alle Meere05:23
Art NationGhost Town03:41
Art NationI'm Alive03:51
Art NationInfected03:34
Art NationKiss Up & Kick Down03:16
Art NationManiac03:41
Art NationNot Alone03:34
Art NationOne Is Better Than No One04:02
Art NationThe Cure03:01
Art NationWhen Stars Align04:16
Art Of IllusionCatch You If I Can04:56
Art Of IllusionLet The Games Begin05:30
Art Of IllusionRun04:49
Art Of IllusionSnakebite Charm03:48
Art Of IllusionWild And Free04:44
ArtchShoot To Kill04:56
ArtefucktDiese Tage03:32
ArtefucktDu Bist Das Licht05:09
ArtefucktEin Mann; Ein Wort!03:20
ArtefucktEin Tag03:44
Arti TisiCan't Live Without You04:32
Arti TisiChange Of Heart05:48
ArtilleryTurn Up The Rage04:10
Arts Of ErebusGhost Of War05:13
ArwenYou Know My Name04:05
As Crowes FlyTake The Devil Right Out Now Of You04:27
As I MayI See You In Me03:31
Ash Of AshesFlames On The Horizon05:33
Ashbury HeightsGlow04:00
Ashbury HeightsIf You're Shooting With The Left It Means The Right Side Is Working04:36
AshraBamboo Sands05:41
ASIAAre You Big Enough04:07
AsiaDarkness Day06:18
ASIAEye In The Sky05:03
AsiaHeat Of The Moment (SE)07:21
AsiaHeat Of The Moment03:49
ASIAI Know Your Out There Somewhere06:55
ASIALong Way from Home05:59
ASIALucky Man04:23
AsiaNever In A Million Years03:46
ASIAThe Hunter05:19
Asking AlexandriaNever Gonna Learn03:18
Asking AlexandriaThe Grey03:47
ASPIch Will Brennen04:33
Asphalt ValentineDixie Rose03:39
Asphalt ValentineHard Life05:25
Asphalt ValentineJust Like A Pill04:10
Asphalt ValentineOoh La La04:04
AsraiTouch In The Dark05:03
AstariniteThe Boy Who Tried03:53
AstraliumRising Waves From The Ocean05:38
AT 1980Caroline04:06
AT 1980Maria02:49
At The Movies(I Just) Died In Your Arms04:32
At The Movies(I've Had) The Time Of My Life05:01
At The MoviesKing Of Wishful Thinking03:48
At The MoviesManiac04:15
At The MoviesSt. Elmos Fire (Man In Motion)03:41
At The MoviesThe Heat Is On03:30
At The MoviesThe Never Ending Story03:34
At The MoviesThe One And Only03:32
At The MoviesThe Power Of Love03:55
At The MoviesWaiting For A Star To Fall04:29
At VanceDesperado (Cover)03:26
Atelier FolieNo Ryhme No Reason08:01
Atkins May ProjectIn The Air Tonight04:50
AtlainBreak That Wall06:04
Atlanta Rhythm SectionAlien04:55
Atlanta Rhythm SectionDon't Get Me Started04:47
Atlanta Rhythm SectionGoing To Shangri-La03:45
Atlanta Rhythm SectionHomesick04:16
Atlanta Rhythm SectionListen To The Wind03:58
AtlanticHeart's On Fire03:21
AtlasBreathe In Me03:25
AtlasDare To Love Again04:42
AtlasDare To Love04:42
AtlasHuman Touch03:59
AtlasWe Are The Fire06:02
AtlasWeathered Heart03:36
Atomic Love ReactorMystery Of Souls05:22
Atomic RiotApoca-Lips04:48
Atomic RiotNight Cappin'03:59
Atomic RiotRidin' Into The Night04:06
AttikaOne Wish05:34
AttikaThe Price04:24
Attila TalanRodeo03:13
AudioslaveI Am The Highway05:35
Audrey HorneAll Is Lost (Feat. Frank Hammersland)05:21
Audrey HorneBreak Out05:23
Audrey HorneMidnight Man03:44
Audrey HorneSatellite04:07
Audrey HorneThe End04:56
AugustanaNeed A Little Sunshine03:47
AugustanaWrong Side Of Love03:32
AurasHungry Hearts04:33
AurasNever Give Up04:45
AurasOut Of Love04:14
AurasReach Out04:31
AußensaiterBei Dir04:07
AußensaiterLiebe; Hass & Leidenschaft05:38
Austin GoldNever End05:21
AutographAll I Own04:26
AutographChanging Hands04:51
AutographFeels So Good04:15
AutographMore Than A Million Times06:00
AutographTake No Prisoners03:56
AutographTo Be Together04:08
AutographTurn Up The Radio04:39
AutographYou Are Us We Are You05:15
AutographYour Slave Tonight03:30
Autumn BrideFear And Devotion03:56
Autumn's ChildA Piece Of Work04:00
Autumn's ChildAngel Of Danger04:33
Autumn's ChildAquarius Sky05:10
Autumn's ChildCrowdpleaser04:27
Autumn's ChildCrying For Love04:56
Autumn's ChildDon't Say That Is Love05:16
Autumn's ChildEmergency05:12
Autumn's ChildEmotions03:37
Autumn's ChildEvangeline05:15
Autumn's ChildEverytime04:39
Autumn's ChildFace The Music02:46
Autumn's ChildGamechanger05:08
Autumn's ChildHeaven Knows Your Name04:46
Autumn's ChildI Can't Get Enough04:57
Autumn's ChildIt's Not Too Late04:42
Autumn's ChildLove Is A Fighter03:48
Autumn's ChildNever Say Die04:20
Autumn's ChildNorthern Light03:10
Autumn's ChildRubicon Sign04:43
Autumn's ChildThe Final Call03:21
Autumn's ChildVictory06:03
Autumn's ChildWelcome To The Show03:48
Autumn's ChildWhere Angels Cry05:15
Autumn's ChildYou're Breaking My Heart Again04:41
Autumn's CildDon't Ever Leave Me04:11
Autumn's CildOnly Love Can Save The World03:57
AvalandEscape To Paradise05:53
AvalandTheater Of Sorcery05:06
AvalonDay By Day05:25
Avalon (GER)Can't Find A Way To Say Goodbye03:52
AvantasiaBlowing Out The Flame04:51
AvantasiaI Tame The Storm03:52
AvantasiaMisplaced Among The Angels (Feat. Floor Jansen)05:16
AvantasiaMoonglow (Feat. Candice Night)03:54
AvantasiaThe Moonflower Society05:14
AvantasiaThe Scarecrow (SE)08:01
Avenged SevenfoldSo Far Away05:26
AverlancheImagined Nothing03:47
AviatorFront Line03:12
AviatorNever Let The Rock Stop04:14
AviatorWhiskey Woman04:32
AviatorWrong Place Wrong Time03:45
AwakenRide Like The Wind04:18
Awaken ShepherdR.I.P03:36
AxeAnyplace On This Highway (Is Home)05:09
AxeBad Romance04:37
AxeBorn To Lose06:16
AxeFire & Stone06:51
AxeFirst Time; Last Time03:55
AxeHeat In The Street02:53
AxeHolding On To The Night05:35
AxeI Got The Fire03:19
AxeKeep Playin' That Rock 'N Roll03:16
AxeMagic (In Our Eyes)04:52
AxeNow Or Never03:51
AxeRock 'n' Roll Party In The Street03:29
AxeSilent Soldiers06:01
AxeSilent Soldiers06:01
AxeSteal Another Fantasy04:52
Axel Rudi PellBad Reputation05:41
Axel Rudi PellBlack Cat Woman04:26
Axel Rudi PellBlack Moon Pyramid09:58
Axel Rudi PellBroken Heart05:11
Axel Rudi PellEagle06:53
Axel Rudi PellGunfire05:21
Axel Rudi PellIn The Air Tonight08:36
Axel Rudi PellInnocent Child05:28
Axel Rudi PellInto The Fire06:01
Axel Rudi PellLady Of The Lake05:18
Axel Rudi PellLand Of Giants10:29
Axel Rudi PellLegion Of Hell08:59
Axel Rudi PellLiving In A Dream05:57
Axel Rudi PellPaint It Black06:03
Axel Rudi PellRock & Roll Queen03:19
Axel Rudi PellSarah (You Take My Breath Away)04:51
Axel Rudi PellShe's A Lady04:04
Axel Rudi PellStill I'm Sad04:38
Axel Rudi PellThe Line07:42
Axel Rudi PellThe Wild And The Young04:22
Axel Rudi PellThere's Only One Way To Rock04:27
Axel Rudi PellWaiting For Your Call05:34
AxenstarNorthern Sky04:53
AxenstarSecrets Revealed03:10
AxewitchAxe Victim04:41
AxewitchHeavy Revolution04:22
AxewitchLet Sleeping Dogs Lie04:30
AxewitchSeven Angels04:14
AxewitchThe Lord Of The Flies05:03
AxewitchThe Pusher04:04
AxiaQueen Of The Night04:14
AxtonLove City04:22
AxxisAll My Friends Are Liars03:55
AxxisBoats Of Hope05:01
AxxisFire And Ice04:03
AxxisFour Horseman (SE)05:46
AxxisGive Me Good Times04:46
AxxisHeaven In Black03:40
AxxisHold You (Acoustic Version)04:08
AxxisKingdom Of The Night04:11
AxxisLiving In A World05:08
AxxisMake Me Fight03:47
AxxisNever Say Never03:44
AxxisOwner Of A Lonely Heart05:22
AxxisRock Is My Religion04:09
AxxisSave Me04:17
AxxisThe Fire Still Burns03:50
AxxisThe Four Horsemen05:09
AxxisVirus Of A Modern Time03:48
AyreonAbbey Of Synn09:21
AyreonComputer Eyes07:17
A-ZWindow Panes03:56
Azu Y NegroSuspense04:34
B MovieNowhere Girl (SE)06:28
B. JonesRock'n Roll Junkie03:48
B.B. KingBig Boss Man04:47
B.B. KingInto The Night04:12
B.E. Taylor GroupKaren04:45
B.E. Taylor GroupQuestion Of Love04:01
B.E. Taylor GroupTake Me To Your Heart03:53
B.E. Taylor GroupThe Fire's Gone04:36
B.O.WA Road To You04:49
B.O.WDangerous Game03:56
B.O.WGolden Ball04:31
B.O.WOur Last Tango04:00
B.O.WThe Beginning Of The End04:36
B.O.WTravel Van03:56
B.O.WTurn Back Time04:09
Babe BluDo You Remember?04:04
Babe BluJust One Night03:57
Baby AnimalsBreak My Heart04:02
Baby AnimalsPainless03:42
Baby TuckooPromises05:31
Babylon A.D.Bang Go The Bells04:17
Babylon A.D.Desperate05:24
Babylon A.D.Dream Train04:53
Babylon A.D.Sacrifice Your Love05:37
Babylon A.D.Take The Dog Off The Chain04:40
Babylon A.D.Bang Go The Bells04:16
Babylon A.D.Dream Train04:50
Babylon ADKid Goes Wild04:33
Babylon BombsJaded Heart02:58
Babylon BombsProud04:16
Babylon BombsSlip Away03:54
Babylon ShakesHardtimes04:08
Babylon ShakesMotel Lights04:59
BachmanLearn To Fly04:09
BachmanWe Need To Talk03:27
Bachman & TurnerWaiting Game05:20
Bachman Turner OverdriveHey You03:32
Bachman Turner OverdriveYou Ain't Seen Nothing Yet03:55
Back Alley SallyAin't The Same05:18
Backman Johanson And The OthersFree Fall03:39
Backwood SpiritCatch Your Fire06:35
Backwood SpiritCelebretion07:14
Backwood SpiritMayflower07:34
Backwood SpiritOn Through The Night05:58
Backwood SpiritSomething About You05:45
Backwood SpiritSweet In The Evening (Lullaby)06:24
Backyard Babies44 Undead03:24
Backyard BabiesBloody Tears03:44
Backyard BabiesGood Morning Midnight02:59
Backyard BabiesI'm On My Way To Save Your Rock 'N' Roll02:49
Backyard BabiesLaugh Now Cry Later06:15
Backyard ConspiracyDon't Blow Up The World05:22
Backyard ConspiracyWhere Are You Going06:12
Bacon FatBurning Desire04:37
Bad AsDream Fighter03:46
Bad BaronBreakdown In Communication03:47
Bad BaronCan You Love Someone (For Just One Night)03:15
Bad BaronEdge Of Our Dreams03:11
Bad BaronEnd This Way (Does It Really Have To)03:33
Bad BaronLights Go Out03:57
Bad BaronLong Road Home03:50
Bad BaronLost In The Night03:58
Bad BaronOne Minute To Midnight03:20
Bad BaronRock In The City04:27
Bad BaronSky High04:58
Bad BaronSky High04:58
Bad BaronSweet Talker04:15
Bad BaronSweet Talker04:15
Bad BonesDesert Star Blues03:23
Bad BonesEndless Road03:41
Bad BonesLibertad04:45
Bad BonesLost Again04:10
Bad BonesMidnight Rider04:21
Bad BonesRambling Heart06:18
Bad BonesRed Sun03:32
Bad BonesRock'n Me04:10
Bad Boy TroyAnother Brick In The Wall03:41
Bad Boy TroyRich Man's Dust04:34
Bad Boy TroyTriple X Whiskey02:33
Bad BoysBake Yer Brain04:31
Bad BoysTurn On The Radio03:37
Bad CompanyBoth Feet In The Water04:43
Bad CompanyBurning Up04:03
Bad CompanyFame And Fortune03:33
Bad CompanyHow About That05:27
Bad CompanyIf You Needed Somebody04:22
Bad CompanyLong Walk03:36
Bad CompanyNo Smoke Without A Fire06:02
Bad CompanyOne Night04:41
Bad CompanyStranger Stranger04:52
Bad CompanyThe Way That It Goes03:27
Bad CompanyThis Love04:05
Bad CompanyWhen We Made Love04:20
Bad EnglishForget Me Not03:59
Bad EnglishMake Love Last05:19
Bad EnglishRockin' Horse05:33
Bad EnglishSavage Blue04:34
Bad EnglishSo This Is Eden05:09
Bad EnglishWhen I See You Smile04:20
Bad EnglishWhen I See You Smile04:18
Bad HabitDon't Stop04:32
Bad HabitI Reach For You03:41
Bad HabitJust A Heartbeat Away03:19
Bad HabitLet Me Tell You03:29
Bad HabitLove Will Find A Way03:05
Bad HabitMore Than A Feeling04:35
Bad HabitMore Than I04:24
Bad InfluenceDein Vampyr03:18
Bad Luck Friday666 At The Crossroads03:16
Bad Luck FridayDust & Bones04:03
Bad MarriageOld School Stereo04:20
Bad MemoriesForced To Be A Stranger04:53
Bad MemoriesShadow In This Life04:15
Bad MouthI'll Wait For You05:40
Bad News Blues BandGood Woman Gone Bad03:38
Bad RadiatorCame Without A Warning03:57
Bad RadiatorDoes Anybody Know04:14
Bad RadiatorFalling Leaves04:42
Bad RadiatorFinish What You Started03:45
Bad RadiatorHeart Attack04:31
Bad RadiatorKing Of The Lonely04:15
Bad RadiatorLong Way From Home04:23
Bad RadiatorSo Cold04:05
Bad RadiatorWant You Out Of My Life03:59
Bad ReligionCyanide03:55
Bad ReligionWon't Somebody02:43
Bad SisterBright Lights04:20
Bad SisterConfess You Love Me05:16
Bad SisterCould It Be Love05:09
Bad SisterGot Caught04:22
Bad SisterLose Or Win04:19
Bad SisterRaise It Up04:48
Bad SisterSome Hallelujahs04:45
Bad SisterYou're Gone03:57
Bad SteveBad Steve Is Coming03:22
Bad TouchBefore I Die02:28
Bad TouchHammer Falls03:41
Bad TouchKiss The Sky03:11
Bad TouchShow Me What It Means02:59
Bad TouchSkyman03:02
Bad TouchSomething About Your Kiss04:05
Bad WolfesZombie04:15
Bad WolvesZombie04:15
Badd BoyzLeave It To The Law04:16
Badd BoyzStraight To My Heart04:00
BadhovenAll The World's A Fake03:45
BadhovenBlack September Rain06:40
BadhovenFeeling All Your Power03:53
BadhovenFight For Our Rights04:11
BadhovenI´m Your Man06:30
BadhovenLiving In Rock03:21
BadhovenLove Comes In04:39
BadhovenMore Than A Lifetime04:26
BadhovenMy Brothers Red Guitar04:34
BadhovenRock You Hard06:10
BadhovenRock´n Roll Heart04:03
BadhovenShe Is So Beautiful04:19
BadhovenThe Power Of Love04:21
BadhovenTime Doesn't Matter At All05:39
BadhovenViva South America03:34
BadlandsDancing On The Edge03:27
BadlandsShow Me The Way04:13
BadlandsTime Goes By04:02
BadstarClearing Out The Rats04:58
Bai BangEverybody Everywhere03:16
Bai BangHaving A Show02:59
Bai BangI Know All The Hits02:43
Bai BangMy Favorite Enemy03:33
Bai BangOnly The Best Die Young03:50
Bai BangRaise Your Hands03:32
Bai BangRock It03:09
Bai BangRock Me03:09
Bai BangSha Na Na Na03:25
Bai BangThat's All I Need ( Wha Wao Wa)02:51
BaileyFeed The Flames05:26
Bajo CuerdaResquicios Del Ayer06:29
Balaam & The AngelDon't Want Your Love04:14
BalanceFly Through The Night03:55
BalanceIn For The Count04:53
BalanceOld Friends05:11
BalanceShe's Alone Tonight03:09 Love03:12
BaltimooreDon't Stop Running04:32
BaltimooreHello Again04:13
BaltimooreMemories Calling04:44
BaltimooreMy Blue Moon03:40
BaltimooreTry Change To Better04:20
Bam Bam BoysLet Me Touch Your Skin05:03
Band Of BrothersAngel Is Calling03:16
Band Of BrothersHitman04:08
Band Of BrothersIt's Not Over03:44
Band Of BrothersLife On TV03:59
Bang TangoAttack Of Life04:27
Bang TangoChildren Of The Revolution02:13
Bang TangoDaddy02:46
Bang TangoDon't Stop Now03:32
Bang TangoDrivin03:50
Bang TangoLast Kiss05:57
Bang TangoSomeone Like You04:26
Bang TangoThe Zoo04:56
Bang TangoUntied And True04:50
Bangalore ChoirDig Deep03:50
Bangalore ChoirHold On To You04:11
Bangalore ChoirHold On To You04:10
Bangalore ChoirLoaded Gun03:49
Bangalore ChoirSweet Temptation04:17
BangkokA New Beginning04:47
BangkokLast Forever03:14
BangkokMadness (Spanish Version)04:31
BangkokNo Turning Back03:47
BangkokRunning Out Of Chances04:41
Baptized By FireMake It Hurt03:47
Baptized By FireOne Way Track04:23
BarangaO Carona03:34
Barb Wire DollsBack In The U.S.S.A.02:27
BarbarossastrasseHere To Stay04:49
BarbarossastrasseIt Will Take Some Time06:00
BarbarossastrassePraise The Storm04:28
BarbarossastrasseWaiting In The Wings04:25
Barbe-Q-BarbiesBorrowed Time04:27
Barbe-Q-BarbiesHangman's Song02:54
Barclay James HarvestChild Of Universe05:04
Barclay James HarvestLife Is For Living03:40
Barclay James HarvestLove On The Line04:36
Barclay James HarvestVictims Of Circumstance05:30
Barclay James Harvest (Feat. Les Holroyd)Yesterday's Heroes08:49
Barcley James HarvestLife Is For Living03:32
Bare InfinityRobins Eyes05:47
BareboneAll Around The World04:46
Barely LegalLow Down Dirty Lies04:16
Barely LegalShould've Known Better04:05
BarflyHands On You03:48
BarflyStop Me When I'm Blind03:33
BarflyTook Me By Surprise03:42
Barnabas SkyBreathe Again04:56
Barnabas SkyNo Tomorrow04:59
Barnabas SkySay Farewell To Darker Days06:18
Barnabas SkySeven Wonders06:02
Barock ProjectI Call Your Name03:45
BarrageAnytime Anywhere04:36
Barren CrossHeaven Or Nothing04:13
Barren CrossLight The Flame05:25
Barren CrossOut Of Time04:09
Barren CrossState Of Control03:52
Barren CrossYour Love Gives03:52
BarrosHow Does It Feel04:27
BarrosTake Me As I Am03:56
Barry GoudreauDreams03:32
Barry Goudreau's Engine RoomLas Vegas05:18
Barry Goudreau's Engine RoomTime04:42
Barry VorzonTheme From The Warriors03:58
Basement ProphecyIf I Only Knew Now (Feat. Michael Bormann)05:44
BastianWind Song05:36
Baton RougeHot Blood Movin'03:31
Batten Down The HatchesChain Dog03:12
Battering RamBattering Ram04:29
Battering RamComing Home04:15
Battering RamToo Late03:25
Battle BeastEye Of The Storm04:26
Battle BeastInto The Heart Of Danger (SE)06:21
Battle BeastMaster Of Illusion04:08
Battle BeastSea Of Dreams05:01
Battle BeastThe Road To Avalon04:30
Battle BeastWe Will Fight (SE)05:24
BB StealBig On Love04:23
BB StealLive It Up03:54
BB StealOn The Edge05:40
Be Bop DeluxeShips In The Night04:01
Be For YouNothing Lasts Forever04:38
Be For YouThe Lesson05:04
Be The WolfAll Days I Missed03:41
Be The WolfYou're My Demon Tonight03:50
Beast In BlackBattle Hymn06:55
Beast In BlackBlind And Frozen05:03
Beast In BlackDark New World03:58
Beast In BlackDie By The Blade03:15
Beast In BlackGhost In The Rain05:35
Beast In BlackHardcore03:34
Beast In BlackHighway To Mars05:14
Beast In BlackMoonlight Rendezvous05:39
Beast In BlackSweet True Lies03:27
Beast In BlackThey Don't Care About Us04:33
Beastie BoysFight For Your Right03:29
Beastie BoysGirls02:14
Beastie BoysNo Sleep Till Brooklyn04:07
BeatsteaksGentleman Of The Year04:08
Beau CoupBorn & Raised (On Rock-N-Roll)03:31
Beau CoupHold On Me03:51
Beau GesteTake The Chains04:32
Beau NastyGimme Lovin'03:36
Beau NastyLove Potion #903:27
Beau NastyShake It04:28
Beautiful BeastSomething In The Air04:50
Beauty In Chaos20th Century Boy (Feat. Al Jourgensen)04:36
Beauvoir FreeJust Breathe04:44
BeckettBrother Louie04:01
BeckettFalling From Grace04:42
BeckettHangin' By A Thread03:56
BeckettMy Religion04:59
Beg Borrow & StealDeep Down & Dirty03:37
Beg Borrow & StealDeep; Down & Dirty03:37
Beg Borrow & StealGave You My Heart04:17
Beg Borrow & StealNickie04:49
Beg Borrow & StealNo Reason Why03:56
Beg Borrow & StealShake03:59
Beg Borrow & StealSimple Heart03:59
BeggarsBook Of Days04:00
BeggarsChief Commander04:22
Beggars & ThievesBilly Knows Better05:39
Beggars & ThievesHeaven & Hell05:18
Beggars & ThievesLove's A Bitch04:25
BelakoThe Craft02:41
BellicoseFight The Fire03:41
BellicoseLove On Ice03:26
BellicoseThe Blinding03:17
Ben GranfeltHangman's Tree03:53
Ben GranfeltLate Night In Hamburg08:14
Ben GranfeltMelodic Relief04:22
Ben GranfeltNo Turning Back05:28
Ben GranfeltVictorious04:52
Ben Granfelt BandBaker Street05:57
Ben Granfelt BandGoing Home04:18
Ben Granfelt BandSo Much Easier05:44
Ben Granfelt BandYou Ain't Got Nothing On Me05:08
Beneath My SinsMy Guardian Angel04:59
Benjamin OrrStay The Night04:23
Benjamin OrrThat's The Way04:02
Benjamin OrrThis Time Around05:06
Benny HesterHeadlights On The Highway03:35
Benny HesterPerfect04:46
Benny MardonesBaby Don't04:20
Benny MardonesClose To The Flame04:57
Benny MardonesFor A Little Ride04:42
Benny MardonesHold Me Down03:14
Benny MardonesI Never Really Loved You At All04:28
Benny MardonesIf I Could Have My Way05:09
Benny MardonesRun To You04:15
Benny MardonesRun To You04:14
Benny MardonesSheila C.04:45
Bentwood RockerPrisoner Of The Night03:42
Bentwood RockerThe Closer We Are03:48
Berlev's Rock 'n' Roll HotelLet's Go To The Movies03:44
Berlev's Rock 'n' Roll HotelYou Can Make It02:13
Bernie MarsdenNa Na Na03:09
Bernie TormeTurn Out The Lights06:32
Beth Blade And The Beautiful DisastersTrigger Warning03:16
Beth HartBad Woman Blues03:36
Beth HartBlack Dog04:48
Beth HartKashmir08:15
Beth HartWhole Lotta Love05:55
BetontodEs Ist Vorbei04:03
BetontodRote Lippen Soll Man Küssen02:46
Bette MidlerBeast Of Burden03:45
Between WorldsCalm Before The Storm (Feat. Ronny Munroe)03:28
Between WorldsLife Enough For Me (Feat. Ronny Munroe)03:23
Between WorldsTimes Of Change (Feat. Ronny Munroe)03:21
Beverly KillzDark Lady03:57
Beverly KillzLovin' You (Such A Crime)04:08
Beverly KillzStephanie05:25
Beverly KillzWhat Is Love04:31
Beyond ImaginationDriving Along The Coast05:58
Beyond ImaginationTraces Of Laughter04:15
Beyond The BlackGolden Pariahs03:35
Beyond The BlackHeart Of The Hurricane03:40
Beyond The BlackHuman05:09
Beyond The BlackMarching On04:02
Beyond The BlackMillion Lightyears04:43
Beyond The BlackMisery03:44
Beyond The BlackMy God Is Dead05:02
Beyond The BlackSome Kind Of Monster04:21
Biffy ClyroFlammable03:07
Biffy ClyroFriends And Enemies04:12
Biffy ClyroHowl03:34
Big AppleFly05:16
Big AppleHot Stuff04:49
Big AppleLast Time06:13
Big ApplePaternal Love05:10
Big ApplePlayin' With The Reaper06:51
Big AppleSeasons03:58
Big AppleSweet Love05:33
Big Bad WolfMidnight Angel04:31
Big Bad WolfWhereyawannago04:16
Big Blue BallBig Blue Ball04:52
Big Blue BallWhole Thing (Original Mix)05:28
Big Boy Bloater & The LimitsAll Things Considered04:37
Big CityDark Rider04:29
Big CityDiamond In The Rough04:33
Big CityFrom This Day05:42
Big CityI´m Somebody06:06
Big CitySparks Of Eternity05:25
Big CityTestify04:12
Big CityThe Rush05:35
Big ClydeCoffee To Go03:32
Big ClydeRoll The Dice04:33
Big EngineNot Your Fool04:07
Big LifeClose To You04:19
Big LifeTakin' Me Down04:09
Big WaveHeaven's Edge04:49
Big WaveMind Of A Murderer04:57
Big WreckFloodgates05:33
Big WreckOne Good Piece Of Me03:55
Big WreckUseless05:18
Big WreckYou Don't Even Know03:52
BigfootThe Fear04:48
Bigfoot MafiaWhite Line Fever03:41
BilgeriVideo Life05:55
Bill ChamplinMy Time05:03
Bill ChamplinReason To Believe04:20
Bill ChamplinSame Old Song05:44
Bill Champlin And WundergroundThey Don't Make 'em Like They Used To05:04
Bill LevertyFor Better Or Forget It03:06
Bill LevertyStrong04:31
Bill LevertyThe Heart Heals The Soul04:09
Bill LevertyYou're A Natural05:57
Bill Wray(You're A) Heartbreaker03:14
Bill WraySomeone To Love02:59
Billy D'VetteIf I Could04:18
Billy F GibbonsMissin' Yo' Kissin'03:19
Billy F. GibbonsHey Baby; Que Paso02:53
Billy F. GibbonsI Was A Highway02:34
Billy F. GibbonsMissin’ Yo’ Kissin’03:19
Billy F. GibbonsRollin’ And Tumblin’02:57
Billy F. GibbonsStackin’ Bones (Feat. Larkin Poe)03:17
Billy GibbonsBad Case Of Lovin' You03:55
Billy IdolCage02:49
Billy IdolFlesh For Fantasy07:08
Billy IdolRebel Like You03:42
Billy IdolRita Hayworth03:05
Billy IdolU Don't Have To Kiss Me Like That04:34
Billy IdolWhite Wedding04:13
Billy JoelWe Didn't Start The Fire04:26
Billy Morris & The Sunset StripDon't Know How To Quit03:19
Billy SatelliteLast Call03:27
Billy SatelliteSatisfy Me03:36
Billy SquierAll Night Long04:49
Billy SquierMy Kinda Lover03:32
Billy SquierThe Stroke03:37
Billy ThorpeEast Of Edens Gate06:05
Billy ThorpeEast Of Eden's Gate06:19
Billy WorkmanBoogie Home02:53
Birth ControlGamma Ray 2.004:31
Birth ControlGamma Ray09:44
Birth ControlThe Last Word08:10
BitchYou'll Never Get Out (Of This Love Alive)03:21
Bite The BulletBlack & White03:26
Bite The BulletChange Of Heart03:51
Bite The BulletDark Age03:38
Bite The BulletEdge Of The Rain04:32
Bite The BulletFalling04:34
Bite The BulletFalling04:35
Bite The BulletLast Chance Radio03:42
Bite The BulletOver You04:26
Bite The BulletQuicksand03:46
Bite The BulletSeptember Sun04:03
Bite The BulletStarlight03:48
Bite The BulletSunflowers And Roses04:08
Bite The BulletUnconditional04:06
Bite The BulletYou Never Knew04:04
BJForever Young (Cover)05:18
BJHeaven (Cover)04:33
Björn SkifsIn Dreams05:18
Björn StigssonI'm Gonna Rock (Feat. Peo Pettersson & Sonny Larsson)02:33
Black AliceSomething In The Air04:49
Black AngelsSpread Your Wings04:27
Black Cat MoanBoogie Woogie Man03:59
Black Cat MoanShutdown04:16
Black Country CommunionThe Last Song For My Resting Place07:57
Black Country CommunionWanderlust08:18
Black Country CommunionWhen The Morning Comes07:58
Black DiamondsBlack Thunder04:52
Black DiamondsEvil Twin04:12
Black DiamondsJumpin' Jack Flash03:22
Black DiamondsLonesome Road03:44
Black DiamondsMy Fate03:25
Black DiamondsNo-Tell Hotel03:54
Black DiamondsOut In The Fields04:11
Black FateChild Of Hell06:04
Black FateMidnight05:13
Black HorizonMiles Away05:10
Black JackNag Nag03:40
Black Label SocietySet You Free03:58
Black Label SocietyShades Of Gray06:29
Black Label SocietySpoke In The Wheel04:14
Black MaskWarriors Of The Night03:58
Black 'N BlueHear It Up ...Burn It Out04:21
Black 'n BlueHeat It Up Burn It Out04:22
Black 'N BlueLive it Up03:37
Black PaisleyComing Home03:59
Black PaisleyFalling04:16
Black PaisleyHigher Love03:38
Black PaisleyI Want Your Soul05:06
Black PaisleyIn The Night03:23
Black PaisleyMojo04:31
Black PaisleyRun Run Run04:30
Black PaisleySave The Best03:53
Black PaisleySometimes04:03
Black PaisleyStronger04:31
Black PaisleyTimeless Child03:34
Black PaisleyTrying03:34
Black PaisleyWay To Something04:08
Black PaisleyWithout Us04:15
Black RoseJulie03:34
Black Rose MazeCall Me Now04:06
Black Rose MazeIn The Dark03:33
Black Rose MazeLook At Me Now04:33
Black SabbathAncient Warrior05:34
Black SabbathAngry Heart03:07
Black SabbathAnno Mundi06:13
Black SabbathBlack Moon (Feat. Tony Martin)03:39
Black SabbathBorn To Lose03:41
Black SabbathGlory Ride (Feat. Tony Martin)04:48
Black SabbathGlory Ride04:50
Black SabbathHeadless Cross06:30
Black SabbathIntro & Seventh Star06:29
Black SabbathWar Pigs07:53
Black Star RidersWhen The Night Comes In03:16
Black Star SinnersLet It Go04:52
Black Stone CherryAin't Nobody05:09
Black Stone CherryAll I'm Dreamin' Of04:03
Black Stone CherryHollywood In Kentucky04:26
Black Stone CherryWon't Let Go03:20
Black SwanBig Disaster04:37
Black SwanDivided/United06:00
Black SwanLong Way Down05:22
Black SwanSacred Place04:47
Black SwanSee You Cry04:37
Black SwanShake The World04:36
Black SwanShe Hides Behind04:46
Black TearsCrown Of The Damned05:00
Black TearsOnly Memories05:27
Black TigerAgainst The Grain04:09
Black TigerWho Is To Blame04:18
Black Veil BridesBallad Of The Lonely Hearts03:51
Black Veil BridesOur Destiny03:25
Black Veil BridesVale (This Is Where It Ends)04:10
Black Water RisingWorld Of Frustration05:10
Black´n BlueHeat It Up! Burn It Out!04:22
BlackballedBring You Down04:20
BlackballedElephant In The Room04:07
Blackberry SmokeLive It Down04:07
Blackberry SmokeRock And Roll Again02:50
Blackberry SmokeScare The Devil Outta You03:24
Blackberry SmokeShake Your Magnolia03:58
Blackberry SmokeShakin' Hands With The Holy Ghost03:46
Blackberry SmokeSix Ways To Sunday03:27
Blackberry SmokeThe Crooked Kind03:40
Blackberry SmokeWaiting For The Thunder04:07
BlackfieldFamily Man03:40
BlackfieldHow Was Your Ride03:59
BlackfootA Legend Never Dies02:56
BlackfootClosest Thing To Heaven04:04
BlackfootDream On05:17
BlackfootHighway Song04:28
BlackfootLivin' In The Limelight04:01
BlackfootMorning Dew05:15
BlackfootOn The Run04:00
BlackfootReckless Boy03:24
BlackfootSaturday Night03:54
BlackfootTeenage Idol04:48
Blackfoot SueStanding In The Road05:50
Blackmore’s NightHighland05:49
Blackmore's NightAll Because Of You03:37
Blackmore's NightBe Mine Tonight02:51
Blackmore's NightDer Letzte Musketier04:58
Blackmore's NightNature's Light04:30
Blackmore's NightSecond Element06:06
Blackmore's NightWaiting Just For You03:17
Blackmore's NightWish You Were Here05:04
BlackrainA Call From The Inside04:24
BlackRainDawn Of Hell03:52
BlackrainDying Breed03:51
BlackrainRock Radio03:35
BlackthorneBaby You're The Blood03:24
BlackthorneWe Won't Be Forgotten06:03
Blacktop DeluxeIt Don't Work Like That04:13
Blacktop MojoDream On04:26
Blacktop MojoThrive03:28
Blacktop MojoWhere The Wind Blows04:25
Blacktown BandFighting Man06:46
Blackwater CommotionLong Hard Ride03:31
Blackwater CommotionSled Of Coming04:26
Blackwater CommotionWaiting05:16
Blackwater ConspiracyAll Wired Wrong04:19
Blackwater ConspiracyBird In A Coalmine04:40
Blackwater ConspiracyIn Another Lifetime05:56
Blackwater ConspiracyJust Like A Silhouette04:21
Blackwater ConspiracyTake It On The Chin04:56
Blackwater ConspiracyTattooed & Blonde04:22
Blade CiscoAnything (Without Your Music)04:04
Blade CiscoEdge Of The Blade04:31
Blade CiscoGrey05:14
Blade CiscoHungry For Love05:21
Blade CiscoInvisible To Me05:35
Blade CiscoLife Is A Lottery04:51
Blade CiscoMy Way02:57
Blade CiscoWe Are Still Standing04:40
Blame ZeusInto The Womb04:32
Blame ZeusNo04:30
Blanc FacesEdge Of The World04:11
Blanc FacesHere's To You04:33
Blanc FacesLight Of The World03:10
Blanc FacesWe Will Rise04:57
Blaze BayleyLand Of The Blind03:56
Blaze BayleyLeap Of Faith03:38
Blaze BayleySpeed Of Light04:41
Blazing RustLet It Slide03:19
Blazing RustLine Of Danger04:28
Blazon StoneBohemian Renegade03:46
Blazon StoneChainless Spirit03:13
BleckhornLand Of Glory04:34
Bleeding HeartsTake It On The Chin05:25
Blessed By A Broken HeartI've Got You05:10
Blind DateYour Heart Keeps Burning06:06
Blind EgoIn Exile04:08
Blind EgoLanterns03:36
Blind EgoSpeak The Truth06:54
Blind FishCan't Go On (Feat. David Hallyday)04:34
Blind GolemCarousel04:50
Blind GolemLiving And Dying05:52
Blind GolemScarlet Eyes04:22
Blind GolemSunbreaker03:41
Blind GolemThe Day Is Gone (Feat. Ken Hensley)05:12
Blind GuardianCurse My Name05:50
Blind MelonNo Rain03:38
Blind MelonSkinned01:58
Blind PetitionLook Up The Grave03:29
Blind RevolutionKeep On Dreaming05:18
Blind RevolutionKnocking For Love04:24
Blind RevolutionMiracle04:46
Blind RevolutionNever Let You Go06:24
Blind RevolutionSaints Of Our Days04:45
Blind RevolutionTake The Magic Back04:41
Blind TaxiThe Joke's On You03:53
BlindmanBeat Of My Heart04:03
BlindmanCarry On04:44
BlindmanCold Wind Blows04:37
BlindmanDesperate Heart04:25
BlindmanIn The Autumn Wind04:51
BlindmanLet Me Down05:18
BlindmanLosing My Sanity04:39
BlindmanOne Step Closer03:49
BlindmanSet Me Free06:51
BlindmanStrangers In The Night04:45
BlindmanThe End Of My Dream05:15
BlindmanThe Ocean06:28
BlindmanThe Reckless Way06:01
BlindmanThe Silence Of Fate05:39
BlindmanTurn Around On The Heat04:53
Blindside Blues BandAlbatross04:05
Blindside Blues BandRolling Down The Highway05:18
Blindside Blues BandSweet Little Angel06:24
Blink 182All The Small Things02:51
Blister BrigadeDisintegrate04:22
BlitzDon't Look Back03:04
Block BusterBulletproof03:11
Block BusterGone By The Morning03:19
Block BusterOut In The City04:09
Block BusterSweet Mary Jane03:28
Blond ViperI Am Who I Am03:49
Blond ViperRelease The Kraken04:10
Blond ViperRock The Boat04:12
Blond ViperTear The House Down04:31
Blonde On BlondeLabyrith Of Love04:27
Blonde On BlondeLiar04:35
BlondieCall Me03:28
BlondieDoom Or Destiny02:54
BlondieHeart Of Glass04:08
BlondieOne Way Or Another03:24
BlondieSunday Girl03:11
BlondieThe Tide Is High04:40
BlonzBright Lights; Big City03:57
BlonzTrouble Child03:16
Blood GodBullet To The Head03:13
Blood GodDemons Of Rock 'N' Roll03:41
Blood GodRaze Hell04:08
Blood GodReady For The Next Show03:13
Blood GodRockmachine03:25
Blood Of The SunBlood Of The Road06:36
Blood Red SaintsAll I Wanna Do05:00
Blood Red SaintsKarma04:05
Blood Red SaintsMessage To God04:36
Blood Red SaintsThis Ain't A Love Song04:07
Blood Red SaintsUndisputed05:07
Blood Red SaintsWake Up04:47
Blood; Sweat & TearsSpinning Wheel04:09
BloodboundBloodheads United (Live)05:21
BloodboundRise Of The Dragon Empire04:37
BloodgoodHey! You04:05
BloodgoodLamb Of God03:24
BloodhoundAlong Comes Mary (SE)03:29
Bloodhound GangDiary Of A Stranger03:46
Bloodhound GangMy Dad Says That's For Pussies02:52
BloodlightsKick It Up04:15
BloodlightsWhen Youґre Not Here03:00
BloodlightsWhen Youґre Not Here03:00
Bloody HealsCriminal Masterminds03:39
Bloody HealsIgnite The Sky03:56
Bloody HealsNo Matter03:19
Bloody HealsSilhouette05:33
Bloody HealsStand Your Ground03:47
Bloody HealsSugar Spice03:16
Bloody HeelsBittersweet Memories04:02
Bloody HeelsBurning Bridges03:57
Bloody HeelsCan't Help Myself03:43
Bloody HeelsCheap Little Liar05:07
Bloody HeelsDanger Calling04:54
Bloody HeelsLove May Have Gone05:46
Bloody HeelsOne More Time04:11
Bloody HeelsRotten Romance03:59
Bloody HeelsThrough Mystery04:20
Bloody HeelsThrough Mystery04:20
Bloody HellSmoking05:16
BloYaTopCatch Me If You Can04:33
BloYaTopMonster Movie Music03:16
Blue FoundationDreams On Fire03:14
Blue Hour GhostsDead In August05:12
Blue MountainA Little Bit04:50
Blue MountainAnticipating Love04:03
Blue MountainBefore The Storm04:13
Blue MountainDon't Be Afraid Of The Dark04:41
Blue MountainI'm On My Way03:57
Blue MountainShe04:22
Blue MountainTell The World03:05
Blue MountainThe Karma Alarm03:47
Blue MountainWe Will Never Know04:06
Blue MurderJelly Roll04:44
Blue MurderPtolemy06:30
Blue MurderValley Of The Kings07:53
Blue NightTurn Me Loose (Remix)07:04
Blue OctoberMoving On (So Long)03:08
Blue OctoberOh My My03:09
Blue OctoberThis Is What I Live For (Feat. Steve Schiltz)04:47
Blue OctoberWho Do You Run From05:58
Blue Öyster Cult(Don't Fear) The Reaper05:08
Blue Öyster CultEyes On Fire03:57
Blue Oyster CultFight03:12
Blue Öyster CultOne Step Ahead Of The Devil04:16
Blue Öyster CultOut Of The Darkness05:07
Blue Oyster CultTainted Blood04:18
Blue Oyster CultThe Alchemist06:00
Blue Oyster CultThe Machine04:15
Blue Öyster CultVeteran Of The Psychic Wars04:47
Blue Öyster CultX-Ray Eyes03:48
Blue RoseDon`t You Know03:46
Blue RuinCha-La Head Cha-La03:11
Blue RuinWomen In Uniform02:26
Blue TearsCrush04:12
Blue TearsInnocent Kiss03:24
Blue TearsRockin' With The Radio04:23
Blue TearsThunder In The Night05:01
Blue VisionLeila (Little Willy's Camelride)08:04
Blue YonderIn The Rain03:33
BlueDahliaNever Trouble Trouble (Feat. Paul Shortino & Tracy G.)05:34
BlueDahliaWhen Darkness Falls (Feat. Paul Shortino & Tracy G.)04:17
BlueroseBorn To Be In Love04:28
BlueroseFallen From Heaven03:37
Blues KarloffClose Together02:54
Blues KarloffLove Doctor03:08
Blues PillsLady In Gold04:32
Blues PillsRejection03:34
Blueshell BombshellChop Shop03:23
BlutengelChildren Of The Night04:56
BlutengelDown In The Park04:01
BlutengelDr. Mabuse04:27
BlutengelForever Young04:48
BlutengelIn Alle Ewigkeit04:20
BlutengelNobody's Diary04:04
BlutengelPurple Sky04:19
BlutengelShe's Not A Saint04:17
BlutengelShip Of Fools04:10
BlutengelSilent Running04:47
BlutengelSing (SE)05:27
BlutengelThe Sun Always Shines On TV05:04
BlutengelThe Wild Boys04:15
BlutengelUnsere Zeit04:21
BlutengelWer Ist Dein Meister?03:51
BlutengelWir Sind Das Licht04:28
BlutlaichWhat Is (Ich Bin Tot)04:05
B-MovieGhost Land04:11
BM-SMITHBleed For Love03:47
BM-SMITHKnot In My Head04:15
BM-SMITHNot Too Late04:18
BM-SMITHWild Woman03:41
Bob CatleyDeep Winter05:25
Bob CatleySteel05:00
Bob Daisley And FriendsParisienne Walkways (Feat. Steve Morse & Ricky Warwick)04:36
Bob Daisley And FriendsThat's Why I Play The Blues04:06
Bob Dee With PetroBaby03:31
Bob DylanKnockin' On Heavens Door02:33
Bob DylanMy Own Version Of You06:39
Bob DylanShooting Star03:12
Bob DylanTangled Up In Blue05:42
Bob GeldorffThe Great Song Of Indifference04:38
Bob SegerHer Strut03:52
Bob SegerShakedown04:01
Bobby KimballOne Of Your Lovers03:49
Bobby KimballWhat It Takes05:53
Bobby KimballYou Are The Flower04:13
Bobby MessanoBad Movie04:33
Bobby MessanoCome To Your Senses04:05
Bobby MessanoYou Left Me No Choice03:58
Bobby StokerOn The Road Again05:17
BodineOn The Look Out03:46
Body ElectricJudy's In Her Room03:39
Body ElectricStrangers In Love04:42
BodycountHey Joe04:34
BoerneyDie Madonna Ist Jetzt Weg03:22
BoerneyEasy Rider04:18
BoerneyFür Immer Und Ewig04:21
BoerneyGeile Stadt; Geile Leute03:57
BoerneyIch Bin Grad Gestorben04:29
BoerneyOhne Euch04:05
BoerneyWild Generation03:54
Bohemian LifestyleKeepers Of The Wild03:56
Bohemian LifestyleLoaded Gun03:25
Bohemian LifestyleOne By One03:48
Bolland & BollandImagination03:19
Bolland & BollandThe Boat04:24
Bollock BrothersFaith Healer07:21
BöllverkLet's Ride Till Dawn03:29
BomberA Walk Of Titans (Hearts Will Break)05:15
BomberBlack Pants Magic03:40
BomberHungry For Your Heart03:36
Bon JoviBad Medicine05:17
Bon JoviBeautiful Drug03:48
Bon JoviBlood In The Water05:33
Bon JoviBorn To Be My Baby04:40
Bon JoviBorn To Be My Baby04:40
Bon JoviBreakout05:22
Bon JoviDo What You Can04:20
Bon JoviHey God04:47
Bon JoviHomebound Train05:09
Bon JoviLet It Rain04:41
Bon JoviLet It Rock (Different Mix)05:34
Bon JoviLimitless03:42
Bon JoviLivin' On A Prayer04:12
Bon JoviLiving In Sin04:39
Bon JoviLower The Flag05:11
Bon JoviRoller Coaster03:40
Bon JoviRunaway03:51
Bon JoviStick To Your Guns05:47
Bon JoviTalkin' In Your Sleep04:20
Bon JoviThis House Is Not For Sale03:36
Bon JoviTouch Of Grey04:07
Bon Scott TributeWhole Lotta Rosie05:05
BonedryverCock In A Henhouse03:30
BonedryverLive It Up (It's Dyin' Time)03:43
BonedryverNo Bones About It (This Is Rock 'n' Roll)03:11
BoneyardEvil Ways04:35
BonfireAmerican Nights (Unplugged)03:51
BonfireBlack Masquerade05:43
BonfireCrazy Over You03:49
BonfireDoctor Doctor04:30
BonfireDr. Love05:50
BonfireEye Of The Tiger04:36
BonfireHearts Bleed Their Own Blood05:54
BonfireHeavy Metal Breakdown03:51
BonfireHome Babe04:57
BonfireI Surrender03:45
BonfireKing Of Dreams04:57
BonfireLocomotive Breath06:24
BonfirePiece Of My Heart02:49
BonfireRock'n'roll Cowboy05:49
BonfireRock'n'roll Survivors03:53
BonfireSave Up All Your Tears04:13
BonfireSilent Lucidity05:45
BonfireSleeping All Alone03:28
BonfireSouthern Winds04:49
BonfireThe Stroke04:26
BonfireWhen An Old Man Cries (Acoustic Version)05:28
BonfireWho's Foolin' Who (Unplugged)03:42
BonfireYou Make Me Feel (Unplugged)04:42
BonfireYou Make Me Feel04:44
BonrudLeap Of Faith03:08
BonrudSave Tomorrow03:35
Borrison IvyHell Bent For Leather04:22
Borrison IvyPrisoner In Paradise03:21
Borrison IvyRunning On Empty03:59
BostonDon't Look Back06:01
BostonHigher Power05:06
BostonMore Than A Feeling04:45
BoudreauxRoad To Nowhere03:49
BoulevardFar From Over04:10
BoulevardI Can't Tell You Why04:03
BoycottAin't Me You Love03:15
BoycottHell Or High Water03:26
BoycottKnock On Wood03:36
BoycottMy Sharona02:41
BoycottRemember Me04:09
Boys From HeavenBurning Like A Flame05:19
Boys From HeavenWorlds Apart05:57
BoysvoiceDifferent Noices03:55
BoysVoiceDifferent Noises03:55
Boz ScaggsBreakdown Dead Ahead04:36
BPMDBeer Drinkers & Hell Raisers03:44
BPMDWe're An American Band03:26
Brad BrooksGod Save The City03:57
BrainboxDark Rose (SE)04:58
BrannonHeartbreak Is Misery03:20
BrannonLie To Me03:29
BrannonWe Are Powerful03:17
BrannonWhen The Heartache Is Over03:15
Brant BjorkLocked And Loaded10:30
BratHot Rod04:29
Brave RivalCome Down05:58
Brave RivalWithout You04:35
BraxtonBeggars Cry03:41
BRDigung0815 Band02:27
BRDigungDreh Die Musik Auf03:17
BRDigungHolt Mich Hier Raus03:52
BRDigungKippen Holen03:13
BRDigungNeues Leben04:59
BRDigungNur Noch Ein Wort03:19
BRDigungPures Gift Für Mich03:15
BRDigungTanzen Im Regen03:25
Breaking SamsaraRestless Nights03:48
BreathlessHearts In Hiding03:00
BreforthMetal In My Heart03:31
BreforthReset My Sanity03:52
BrennerAlles Was Ich Will03:15
BrennerDas Leben Passiert04:25
BrennerDie Jungs03:18
BrennerNoch Lang Nicht Alles03:31
BrennerRichtung Alaska03:51
BrennerWo Auch Immer Du Grad Bist03:58
Brian BarnhouseSo Much Alive03:31
Brian BarnhouseWhen Is Mine03:39
Brian BarnhouseWrapped Up With You03:15
Brian HoweHot Tin Roof03:02
Brian HoweIf You Want Trouble03:29
Brian HoweI'm Back03:22
Brian HoweI'm Surrounded04:05
Brian HoweWhat Am I Feeling04:41
Brian IslandTreat Me Like A Lover04:46
Brian IslandWalk On Water04:33
Brian Johnson And GeordieBlack Cat Woman04:17
Brian Johnson And GeordieCan You Do It04:27
Brian Johnson And GeordieHope You Like It03:42
Brian Johnson And GeordieHouse Of The Rising Sun05:00
Brian Johnson And GeordieKeep On Rockin'03:22
Brian Johnson And GeordieNatural Born Looser04:16
Brian Johnson And GeordieOh Lord05:11
Brian Johnson And GeordieTreat Her Like A Lady03:39
Brian May & Kerry EllisCan't Help Falling In Love03:13
Brian McDonaldI Don't Wanna Want Your Touch03:36
Brian McDonaldOut Of Time04:51
Brian McDonaldVoyage06:01
Brian McDonaldWhen The Lightning Strikes05:26
Brian McDonaldWind It Up03:51
Brian RobertsonDiamonds And Dirt04:22
Brian SpenceHear It From The Heart06:12
Brian SpenceI Still Don’t Know04:48
Brian SpenceSee The Boy03:52
Brian SpenceThere You Go03:57
Brian VollmerRock And Roll Outlaw03:29
BrickyardCome Back And Hold Me03:31
BrickyardCome Back And Hold Me03:31
BrickyardDo You Wanna Know02:50
BrickyardThe Last Time04:06
BrideThe Painter04:08
Bridge 2 FarWe Got Away04:18
BridgerHeaven And Hell06:38
BridgerOn The Ledge04:03
BridgerTuesday Afternoon03:15
BridgevilleAnthem Of The World03:47
Brighton RockHeart Of Steel04:36
Brighton RockLove Machine05:03
Brighton RockMagic Is Back06:02
Brighton RockOne More Try03:52
Brighton RockPower Overload04:17
Brighton RockWho's Foolin' Who04:18
British LionLand Of The Perfect People04:52
Britny FoxGirlschool04:23
Britny FoxLonely Too Long03:31
Britny FoxLong Way To Love04:52
Britny FoxLouder03:53
Britny FoxMidnight Moses04:28
Britny FoxRock Revolution04:36
Britny FoxShe's So Lonely04:03
Britny FoxShot From My Gun04:07
Britny FoxSix Guns Loaded03:47
Britny FoxStevie04:27
BrittonOver The Edge03:48
BroilersAlter Geist02:52
BroilersDie Beste Aller Zeiten03:10
BroilersGangster; Gangster03:11
BroilersPorca Miseria03:19
Broken HomeDeath Of A Gog03:19
Broken HomeOh Yeah03:32
Broken WingsNowhere Dreamer04:29
BronzHeat Of The Night05:02
BronzTaken By Storm03:54
Brother CaneHard Act To Follow04:35
Brother FiretribeArianne03:58
Brother FiretribeBring On The Rain03:09
Brother FiretribeChariot Of Fire04:16
Brother FiretribeIndelible Heroes03:51
Brother FiretribeLove Is A Beautiful Lie04:32
Brother FiretribeMighty Wings04:16
Brother FiretribeNight Drive04:00
Brother FiretribeRock In The City03:38
Brother FiretribeThunder Rising04:05
Brother FiretribeTicking Away03:58
Brothers In ArmsTo Make You Mine04:49
Brothers Of MetalSon Of Odin03:59
BrownsvilleWho Do You Love02:59
Browsing CollectionHi But No03:40
Browsing CollectionThe Story That Never Ends03:43
Bruce DickinsonDarkside Of Aquarius06:43
Bruce DickinsonRiver Of No Return05:13
Bruce SoordOne Misstep04:03
Bruce SpringsteenBlinded By The Light05:04
Bruce SpringsteenBorn In The U.S.A.04:38
Bruce SpringsteenDancing In The Dark04:00
Bruce SpringsteenDownbound Train03:35
Bruce SpringsteenI'll See You In My Dreams03:29
Bruce SpringsteenI'm Goin' Down03:29
Bruce SpringsteenLetter To You04:56
Bruce SpringsteenOne Minute You're Here02:58
Bruce SpringsteenSong For Orphans06:13
Brüder4BrotherFreundschaft / Brotherhood04:31
Brüder4BrothersA Man And His Honor03:22
Brüder4BrothersBurn Fire Burn For Me03:44
Brüder4BrothersFreundschaft Brotherhood04:31
Brüder4BrothersPussy Or A Man03:02
Brüder4BrothersThe True Feeling Of Freedom03:37
BrunorockAnyone But You04:28
Bryan AdamsAnywhere But Here02:58
Bryan AdamsCan't Stop This Thing We Started04:29
Bryan AdamsI Could Get Used To This01:58
Bryan AdamsNo Time For Love02:04
Bryan AdamsRodeo Drive03:05
Bryan AdamsShine A Light03:26
Bryan AdamsSo Happy It Hurts03:35
Bryan AdamsThe Only Thing That Looks Good03:37
Bryan AdamsYou Belong To Me02:31
Bryan ColeTurn To Me04:24
Bryan FerryLet's Stick Together02:58
BuckcherryHead Like A Hole03:53
BuckcherryNo Regrets02:59
BuckcherryRadio Song04:33
BuckcherryThe Alarm03:15
BuckcherryThe Feeling Never Dies03:57
BuckcherryThe Vacuum03:51
BudgieI Turned To Stone06:06
Buffalo SummerNeverend03:30
BugzyOne Man03:23
BulletBaby We Can Talk06:18
BulletFuel The Fire03:27
BulletBoysFree Fallin'04:29
BulletBoysFuckin' Perfect03:38
BulletboysHard As A Rock03:03
BulletboysHell On My Heels03:26
BulletBoysLivin' On A Prayer04:28
BulletboysSay Your Prayers03:16
BulletboysShoot The Preacher Down03:43
BulletboysSmooth Up In Ya04:23
Bullets And OctaneAddicted To Outrage03:56
Bullets And OctaneAs The Bombs Fall03:28
Bullets And OctaneGive Me A Reason03:35
Bullets And OctaneRooftop Tears03:29
Bullets And OctaneWhen We Were Young03:18
BullfrogDangerous Trails08:27
BullseyeTreat Me Right03:05
BullseyeTreat Me Right03:05
Buried In SmokeFourth04:37
Buried In SmokeHome04:51
Burning BootsA Different Way03:35
Burning BootsKing Of The Road04:11
Burning KingdomFrom On High04:54
Burning KingdomSimplified03:20
Burning PointWill I Rise With The Sun03:57
Burning RainCan't Turn Your Back On Love04:25
Burning RainCherie Don't Break My Heart05:17
Burning RainDevil Money04:53
Burning RainFaithfully Yours05:47
Burning RainHideaway04:36
Burning RainHit And Run04:08
Burning RainIf It's Love06:23
Burning RainMetal Superman03:47
Burning RainMidnight Train03:46
Burning RainNasty Hustle04:13
Burning RainRevolution03:16
Burning WitchesDon't Cry My Tears04:57
Burnt Out WreckBest Of Your Life05:06
Burnt Out WreckBurnt out Wreck05:20
Burnt Out WreckDead Or Alive04:52
Burnt Out WreckMore Than Anything05:06
Burnt Out WreckPaddywack06:33
Burnt Out WreckRock Hard Sticky Sweet04:46
Bury Me DeepDead People Walk03:59
BUXWhite Lightning05:10
BystanderWelcome To The Real World03:59
C.O.PBroken Heart04:32
C.O.PWithout You04:55
C.O.P. II´til The End Of Time04:56
C.O.P. IIFor You04:59
C.O.P. IIGlorious05:08
C.O.P. IIHigher05:07
C.O.P. IIThe Enemy05:16
C.T.P.In The Dark04:21
C.T.P.Never Had It So Good04:14
C.T.P.Sword And Stone04:13
C.T.P.The Real Thing03:54
CactusPapa Was A Rolling Stone06:18
CacumenBad Widow05:37
Calie CoxMidnight's Dreaming05:15
Call MeWorking Wonders03:16
Call Me PeterFar Away04:13
Call Me PeterNobody Wants To Be Alone04:26
CamelAnother Night03:22
CamelHighways Of The Sun04:30
CamouflageThe Great Commandment05:25
CannataFortune Teller04:52
CannataLong Distance04:10
CannataOn The Turning Away05:03
CannataSpace Oddity (Cover)05:01
Canned HeatShe's Looking Good03:20
Cannet HeadOn The Road Again03:24
CannonballzLost In Time05:09
Cape ChromeWalk With Me05:00
Captain Black BeardAll The Pain04:19
Captain Black BeardBurning Daylight03:49
Captain Black BeardEmptiness05:53
Captain Black BeardFlamenco04:35
Captain Black BeardGotham City03:43
Captain Black BeardHeadlights03:36
Captain Black BeardLights And Shadows03:10
Captain Black BeardMidnight Cruiser04:12
Captain Black BeardMoment Of Truth03:36
Captain Black BeardMusic Man03:32
Captain Black BeardPhysical03:51
Captain Black BeardRock Bottom05:22
Captain Black BeardRock Is My Life05:02
Captain Black BeardSonic Forces04:25
Captain Black BeardTake Me To The City04:02
Captain Black BeardTime To Deliver03:38
Captain Black BeardTonight04:03
Captain Black BeardWe're The Forgiven04:00
Captain Black BeardYoung Hearts05:34
Captive HeartOutlaw04:06
CardiantSoul (Feat. Pasi Rantanen)03:27
Care Of NightHearts Belong04:10
Care Of NightHit04:07
Care Of NightPlease Remember04:36
Care Of NightWe Will Find A Way04:54
Carl DixonBowl Me Over04:00
Carl DixonGood Time To Be Bad04:04
Carl DixonLove Is Waiting05:00
Carl DixonLove Strikes04:04
Carl DixonTreacherous Emotions03:17
Carl SentanceCalifornia Queen03:38
Carl Sentance Persian RiskDark Tower04:07
Carl Sentance Persian RiskDon’t Look Back03:15
Carl Sentance Persian RiskDon’t Walk Away04:52
Carl Sentance Persian RiskThe Writing On The Wall03:02
Carlos PeronDer Komtur09:34
Carmine AppiceDo Ya Think I'm Sexy (Feat. Pat Travers)06:40
Carmine AppiceTime To Set Alarms (Feat. Elliot Easton & Bob Daisley)03:37
Carol KingHardrock Cafe03:34
Caroline BreitlerStand For Love03:50
Carolyne MasIt's Important04:08
Carolyne MasSittin' In The Dark (Live)13:00
CarouselSweet Surrender03:38
Carousel VertigoHoney Do03:58
Carousel VertigoI May; I Might05:13
Carr Jam 21Can You Feel It04:07
CasanovaDon't Talk About Love04:05
CasanovaHollywood Angels03:55
CasanovaLove Lies04:12
Case 39Concrete Shoe Company04:29
Case 39Summertime03:47
Cassidy ParisLike I Never Loved You03:26
Cassius KingBack From The Dead03:16
Cassius KingTroubleshooter04:16
Cast Of ShadowsCryin' In The Rain04:33
Cast Of ShadowsSilent Rage04:43
Cast Of ShadowsStreet Magic04:11
Cat GangLocomotive Breath06:54
CatalanoFall Awake04:36
CatalanoRock The World04:18
CatalanoWildest Dreams03:27
CatfishHave A Good Time02:26
CatfishMuch Better02:29
CathuboduaHero Of Ages05:00
Cats In BootsHer Monkey04:10
Cats In BootsTokyo Screamin'03:49
Cats In SpaceCharlie's Ego03:15
Cats In SpaceDestination Unknown04:42
Cats In SpaceI Fell Out Of Love With Rock 'n' Roll04:14
Cats In SpaceKickstart The Sun06:18
Cats In SpaceListen To The Radio03:33
Cats In SpaceMad Hatter's Tea Party03:48
Cats In SpaceOnly In Vegas04:00
Cats In SpacePoke The Witch04:14
Cats In SpaceRevolution03:45
Cats In SpaceScarecrow07:27
Cats In SpaceSilver And Gold03:45
Cats In SpaceSmoke & Mirrors04:15
Cats In SpaceSpaceship Superstar04:47
Cats In SpaceStop03:34
Cats In SpaceThe Story Of Johnny Rocket VII: Destination Unknown04:42
Cats In SpaceThis Is London04:21
Cats In SpaceThunder In The Night03:47
Cats TVEs Geht Mir Gut03:31
Cats TVHallo Musik02:55
Caught In ActionFirst Time04:21
Caught In ActionI Will Wait04:14
Caught In ActionIt Was Always You04:40
CayneDon't Tell Me03:55
Cecile MoniqueAnother Life03:42
Cecile MoniqueNever Be The Same03:52
Cellar StoneHands Of Fate03:59
Cellar StoneRain On My Parade03:57
Cellar StoneRise & Fall04:24
Cellar StoneWasted Tears04:10
Celtic LegacyWandering Free03:53
CerroneFreak Connection (SE)06:06
CervelloCause I Am03:39
ChaliceYear Of The Cat04:15
Change Of HeartDesperate Heart05:46
Change Of HeartFalling From The World03:50
Change Of HeartHold On04:49
Change Of HeartHoly Days04:20
Change Of HeartMarch Of The Souls04:19
Change Of HeartNever Fall04:48
Change Of HeartOnly Tomorrow04:35
Change Of HeartOut In The Cold03:26
Change Of HeartRise To The Challenge03:34
Change Of HeartTaking My Time03:57
Change Of HeartTruth Or Dare03:31
ChannelI'm By Your Side04:57
ChannelIs It Someone03:43
ChannelThe Way I Feel03:57
Chaos MagicLike Never Before03:59
Chaos MagicPath Of The Brave (Feat. Ronnie Romero)04:04
Chaos MagicRight Now04:33
CharlieDon't Stand In My Way04:15
CharlieGood Morning America05:31
CharlieIt's Inevitable03:54
Charlie SextonBlowing Up Detroit05:00
Chasing MagicThe Corners Of My Mind04:08
Chasing MagicToo Many Roads03:55
ChateauxRun In The Night05:52
Cheap TrickBoys & Girls & Rock N Roll03:54
Cheap TrickCalifornia Man03:45
Cheap TrickFinal Days04:39
Cheap TrickHow About You03:00
Cheap TrickI Don't Love Here Anymore03:51
Cheap TrickI Want You To Want Me03:10
Cheap TrickI Want You To Want Me03:38
Cheap TrickLight Up The Fire02:54
Cheap TrickLong Time No See Ya02:54
Cheap TrickMighty Wings03:51
Cheap TrickQuit Waking Me Up03:43
Cheap TrickRock All Night02:50
Cheap TrickSaturday At Midnight03:00
Cheap TrickStop This Game03:49
Cheap TrickSurrender04:14
Cheap TrickThe Flame05:38
Cheap TrickThe Flame04:42
Cheap TrickThe Summer Looks Good On You03:57
Cheap TrickTonight It's You04:48
Cheap TrickVoices04:23
Cheap TrickWhen I Wake Up Tomorrow03:27
CherBang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)03:52
CherCould've Been You03:26
CherI Found Someone03:44
CherIf I Could Turn Back Time04:00
CherJust Like Jesse James04:07
CherJust Like Jesse James04:07
CherLove And Understanding04:42
CherOne By One05:04
CherYou Wouldn't Know Love03:30
CherieAngel Eyes04:36
CherieI Don't Wanna Lose You03:21
CherieTime Is Over03:53
Cherie And Marie CurrieI Surrender03:49
Cherie And Marie CurrieSince You've Been Gone03:41
Cherie CurrieBad And Broken03:43
Cherie CurrieBreakout03:10
Cherie CurrieGimme02:21
Cherie CurrieThe Air That I Breathe04:25
Cherry St.Here I Come03:06
Cherry St.No Doubt About03:49
Cherry St.The Walk03:28
Cherry St.Whisky04:03
ChevyJust Another Day03:56
Chez KaneAll Of It03:34
Chez KaneBetter Than Love05:09
Chez KaneDead End Street05:38
Chez KaneDefender Of The Heart05:33
Chez KaneDie In The Name Of Love04:09
Chez KaneGet It On04:18
Chez KaneGuilty Of Love08:12
Chez KaneI Just Want You05:24
Chez KaneMidnight Rendezvous04:00
Chez KaneRock You Up03:46
Chez KaneRocket On The Radio05:31
Chez KaneToo Late For Love04:13
ChicagoBorn For This Moment04:50
ChickenfootDivine Termination03:37
ChickenfootOh Yeah04:55
ChilliwackI Believe03:59
ChilliwackMy Girl04:14
ChilliwackWho's Winnin'04:40
ChinaCrazy Like You03:27
ChinaDon't Look Back03:30
ChinaEverywhere You Are03:41
ChinaHarder Than Hell04:03
ChinaHot Lovin' Night04:44
ChinaIn The Middle Of The Night04:19
ChinaLiving On The Stage04:11
ChinaSecond Change04:52
ChinaShout It Out05:10
China BlueMovin' On05:56
China SkySome Kind Of Miracle04:10
China SkyThe Glory03:47
China SkyYou’re Not Alone03:20
ChinawhiteBetter Than You05:12
ChinawhiteKiss Of Fire05:16
ChinawhiteMy One And Only03:44
ChinawhiteRock And Water05:07
ChoirboysBrave New World03:36
Chris AntbladA New Girl In Town03:17
Chris AntbladCentury03:57
Chris AntbladDeep In Your Eyes03:51
Chris AntbladHell Is Empty03:13
Chris AntbladI Stand Corrected03:45
Chris AntbladI Will Never Run02:50
Chris AntbladJust Hold On03:29
Chris AntbladLiar Liar03:38
Chris AntbladLost In You04:02
Chris AntbladLove's Growing Cold03:44
Chris AntbladMr. Primeminister03:47
Chris AntbladOde To The Mute Panther04:09
Chris AntbladOn The Radio03:36
Chris AntbladOnly The Lonely03:53
Chris AntbladSaving Daylight04:19
Chris AntbladShe Is Waiting By The Telephone04:09
Chris AntbladToo Far Away04:18
Chris AntbladWhen Fools Rush In03:50
Chris AntbladYou Can Run04:19
Chris CornellGet It While You Can (Janis Joplin Cover)03:23
Chris CornellSad Sad City03:50
Chris CornellShowdown (Electric Light Orchestra Cover)03:23
Chris CornellTo Be Treated Rite (Terry Reid Cover)03:14
Chris CornellWatching The Wheels (John Lennon Cover)03:14
Chris CornellYou Know My Name04:04
Chris EvansLife In The City05:07
Chris EvansThe Unknown Soldier (Part 2)06:30
Chris Evans & David HanselmannOne Small Step For Mankind (SE)06:14
Chris Evans & David HanselmannSalisbury Plain06:44
Chris Farlowe & The ThunderbirdsInto The Night03:09
Chris Farlowe & The ThunderbirdsOne Night Stand04:28
Chris FarrenAnything For Money04:11
Chris JaggerConcertina Jack02:42
Chris JaggerOn The Road04:05
Chris LaneyB4 It Is 2 Late04:23
Chris LaneyEyes Out Poppin03:39
Chris LaneyLove So Bad03:18
Chris LaneyPlaying With Fire03:34
Chris OuseyCold As Ice03:15
Chris RosanderCrossroads04:06
Chris RosanderDon't Look Back04:44
Chris RosanderLittle White Lines03:28
Chris RosanderOnline04:52
Chris RosanderThe Monster Inside04:37
Chris RosanderWhen I'm Gone03:48
Chris Spedding99 Lbs.03:49
Chris SpeddingA Shot Of Rhythm And Blues03:56
Chris SpeddingAin't Superstitious04:45
Chris SpeddingHi-Heel Shoes02:16
Chris SpeddingHilife04:53
Chris SpeddingI Still Love You (Feat. Robert Gordon)03:33
Chris SpeddingLondon Town05:12
Chris SpeddingLone Rider03:25
Chris SpeddingMotor Bikin'02:38
Chris SpeddingNot Luv03:17
Chris SpeddingPseudo Blues02:35
Chris SpeddingWild Wild Women03:52
Chris SpencerIt´s A Tragedy03:42
Chris ThompsonDark Side04:24
Chris ThompsonFor You03:14
Chris ThompsonRedemption Song03:26
Chris ThompsonWhat World03:58
Chris ThompsonYou're The Voice04:09
Chrissy SteeleArmed And Dangerous04:14
Chrissy SteeleCry Myself To Sleep04:46
Chrissy SteeleLove Don't Last Forever04:30
Chrissy SteeleMove Over04:34
Chrissy SteeleMurder In The First Degree04:49
Christabel DreamsGuilt Persistant03:45
Christian Rivel´s AudiovisionLove Is Like Oxygen06:38
Christian ShieldsLie To Me03:24
Christian ShieldsWithout You04:06
Christian Tolle ProjectBefore I Fall04:21
Christian Tolle ProjectPoint Blank03:55
Christina SkjolbergBam Bam02:36
Christina SkjolbergDon't Slow Down03:27
Christopher CrossRide Like The Wind04:34
Christopher ShayneBad Guy04:08
Christopher ShayneGetaway Baby03:16
Christopher ShayneGive A Damn03:26
Christopher ShayneJust Get Drunk03:59
Christopher ShaynePour The Bottle03:30
Christopher ShayneRock Show03:58
Chrome DivisionGhost Riders In The Sky03:35
Chrome MollyBob Geldorf03:05
Chrome MollyBreakdown03:56
Chrome MollyClean Outta Luck04:16
Chrome MollyCorporation Fear03:33
Chrome MollyShort Sharp Shock03:41
Chrome MollySteel Against The Sky04:56
Chrome MollySupercharged04:40
Chrome MollyTake It Or Leave It04:19
Chrome MollyThanks For The Angst03:35
Chrome MollyThat's The Way It Is03:55
CinderellaBad Seamstress Blues / Fallin' Apart At The Seams05:19
CinderellaBad Seamstress Blues (Fallin' Apart At The Seams)05:20
CinderellaDon't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)05:55
CinderellaNobody's Fool04:49
CinderellaSomebody Save Me03:14
Circa WavesTimes Won't Change Me03:13
Circle Of FriendsBad Blood (Feat. Jeff Scott Soto)04:44
Circle Of FriendsDon't Fear The Reaper (Feat. Robin McAuley)04:44
Circle Of FriendsLittle Piece Of Heaven (Feat. Doro)04:48
Circle Of FriendsLove Is Tough (Feat. Tanya Rizkala)03:29
Circle Of FriendsTake My Love To Heart (Feat. Jaime Kyle)03:23
Circle Of FriendsTime Has Come (Feat. Cheri Lyn)03:38
Circus Of PowerLove Machine03:46
Circus Of RockDesperate Cry (Feat. Johnny Gioeli)04:49
Circus Of RockEdge Of Love (Feat. Rick Altzi)04:02
Circus Of RockEverafter (Feat. Tuple)04:43
Circus Of RockNever (Feat. Kimmo Blom)03:41
Circus Of RockNo Reason (Feat. Marc Quee)04:29
Circus Of RockTears Of The Clown (Feat. Erik Kraemer)04:40
CirkusBlackfell Music06:24
CirkusSurrender Part 104:15
Cirkus PrützModern Day Gentleman03:16
CITAHeat Of Emotion04:32
CITASilent Soldiers05:44
CITAWho Will You Run To04:43
CityAm Fenster06:33
CityTanz Mit Mir03:30
City Blues ConnectionLove My Baby02:42
City Blues ConnectionMuddy Waters04:27
City Boy5.
City Of LightsGive Me Back My Heart04:15
City Of LightsHeart's On Fire04:23
City Of LightsHeat Of The Night03:38
City Of LightsJoanna04:11
City Of ThievesBuzzed Up City03:48
City Of ThievesDamage03:21
Civil DazeA Million Miles Away03:15
Civil DazeThe Right Kind Of Lovin'03:22
Clan Of XymoxLouise05:20
Classless ActGive It To Me02:30
Classless ActThis Is For You (Feat. Justin Hawkins)03:27
Claudio RoccoGod's Gonna Cut You Down (SE)05:33
Claus HassingHotel Room04:00
Claus HassingLeave The Light On04:48
Claus HassingSeventeen03:41
CleanbreakBefore The Fall04:13
CleanbreakBefore The Fall04:13
CleanbreakWe Are Warriors03:24
Clif MagnessDon’t Look Now04:23
Clif MagnessMy Heart04:19
Cliff HouseUndefendable03:55
Cliff RichardBorn To Rock 'N' Roll03:56
Climax Blues BandCouldn't Get It Right03:07
ClimbGirl Like You04:16
ClimbHold Back The Night04:48
ClimbLonely In Each Other's Arms03:49
Clouds Of ClarityBeauty And The Trickster04:35
Clouds Of ClaritySuperficial Society03:11
ClutchAlgo Ha Cambiado (Weathermaker Vault Series)02:10
ClutchGhoul Wrangler04:28
ClutchGhoul Wrangler04:26
ClutchWhen Vegans Attack04:54
Coastland RideMade Up My Mind03:19
CoastlineInnocent Child04:53
CobraFallen Angel03:46
CobraStop Crying02:41
CobraTravellin' Man05:12
Cobra CultDon't Kill The Dark03:18
Cobra SpellAddicted To The Night04:32
Cobra SpellCome On Tonight04:21
Cobra SpellShake Me03:19
Cobra SpellThe Midnight Hour04:32
Code RedHeat Of The Night04:58
Code RedI Won't Be Your Hero04:48
Code RedLift Me Up03:59
Code RedMy Hollywood Ending05:13
Cold ChiselAccident Prone04:07
Cold ChiselGetting The Band Back Together04:00
Cold DropAll Night Baby03:17
Cold DropBroke My Heart03:51
Cold DropDon't Wake Me Up04:21
Cold DropLooking For Love04:32
Cold SweatCryin' Shame04:38
Cold TruthTake Up Serpents04:50
ColdplayA Rush Of Blood To The Head05:52
ColdplayCrest Of Waves03:40
ColdplayForty Two03:57
ColdplayViva La Vida04:01
ColdspellCall Of The Wild05:16
Colin HayOverkill (Acoustic Version)03:47
CollateralAbout This Boy (Feat. Sari Schorr)04:14
CollateralAbout This Boy05:23
CollateralGoing With The Wind03:49
CollateralMerry Go Round (Feat. Kelby Ray)04:08
CollateralMr Big Shot03:37
CollusionDynamite Mary03:34
ColorstoneBad Blood04:16
ColorstoneFirst Light05:12
ColorvineVictory Song03:26
Colossal Street JamHey!03:52
ColossusHolding Back Your Love03:37
Com 'n RailI Won't Let Me Down02:58
Come Taste The BandCradle To Grave04:23
Come Taste The BandSlave For Your Love06:32
Come Taste The BandSo Long Old Friend03:27
Come Taste The BandTied Down03:31
Coney HatchConnected04:41
Coney HatchDevil You Know03:40
Coney HatchDevil's Deck04:24
Coney HatchDon't Say Make Me04:16
Coney HatchDown & Dirty03:09
Coney HatchFallen Angel03:27
Coney HatchFantasy04:17
Coney HatchHe's A Champion04:39
Coney HatchHoldin On05:16
Coney HatchRevive04:13
Coney HatchShe's Gone03:58
Coney HatchStand Up05:28
Coney HatchThis Ain't Love04:10
Coney HatchWe Want More03:55
ConfessHaunting You04:09
ConfessStand Our Ground04:10
Conny ConradThe World Anthem Part Two04:10
Conny ConradYou're Not Alone03:35
ConspiracyDon't Need A Lover04:19
ConstanciaBrave New World04:59
ConstanciaOpen Your Heart05:06
ConstanciaThe Key04:23
Convent GuiltHowling Vengeance04:43
CO-OPNever Whisper The Truth05:09
CO-OPOld Scratch04:18
CopperheadHard Livin'03:21
CopperheadNot My Tear03:12
CorackoDreamland's Gone03:59
CorackoYour Affection02:54
CoreLeoniAnytime Anywhere04:38
CoreLeoniFist In Your Face03:59
CoreLeoniGood Time Lover03:47
CoreLeoniGuilty Under Pressure03:42
CoreLeoniJumpin' Jack Flash03:42
CoreLeoniLet Life Begin Tonight04:35
CoreLeoniMountain Mama03:54
CoreLeoniPurple Dynamite03:33
CoreleoniQueen Of Hearts04:40
CoreLeoniShe Goes Down04:45
CoreLeoniStanding In The Light03:42
CorlyxNever Love (Feat. Lord Of The Lost)04:13
CornerstoneHeart On Fire04:10
CornerstoneNorthern Light03:42
CornerstonePrivate Eyes03:18
CornerstoneRight Or Wrong03:58
Cornerstone (DK)The Dance04:50
Cornerstone (DK)Two Tales Of One Tomorrow06:21
Coronatus9000 Years Ago05:28
CoronatusEcho Of Souls03:59
Corporate ControlCan't Kill A Dead Man04:03
Corporate ControlLeaving It Behind04:54
Corporate ControlRadio04:11
Corporate ControlWhatever It Takes03:17
CorvusChasing Miracles04:23
CorvusDon't Let The Sun04:07
CorvusTurn To Stone06:13
Cory MarksBlame It On The Double03:27
Cory MarksBurn It Up03:26
Cory MarksDevil's Grin02:44
Cory MarksIn Me I Trust03:15
Cory MarksOutlaws & Outsiders (Feat. Mick Mars / Travis Tritt / Ivan Moody)03:17
Cory MarksOutlaws And Outsiders03:28
CosmosCrossing The Desert (SE)06:03
CosmosJust A Little Pinprick05:00
CouchoisDevil's Triangle06:34
CounterlineSpell Of Love04:00
CounterlineThe One05:00
Count'S 77Do You Feel Me?05:09
Count'S 77Evil You Could Do05:48
Count'S 77Weight Of The World05:20
CovenantDer Leierman (SE)07:04
Coverdale / PageTake Me For A Little While06:16
Coverdale / PageWaiting On You05:16
Covered CallWake Up03:28
Covered CallWhen I´m Gone03:55
Covered CallWhen I'm Gone03:55
COZAlas De Cera04:43
COZRey Carmesí06:03
Cozy PowellFormula One03:22
Cozy PowellSooner Or Later03:03
Cradle Of HazeKleid Aus Glas03:37
Cradle of HazeStupid Boy05:34
CranstonWish I Had More Time04:45
CranstonWrong Side Of Town04:25
CrashdietBeautiful Pain04:42
CrashdietDead Crusade04:39
CrashdietFalling Rain04:46
CrashdietI Can't Move On (Without You)04:25
CrashdietIn The Maze04:39
CrashdietIt's A Miracle03:28
CrashdietResurrection Of The Damned03:27
CrashdietShine On03:39
CrashdietTogether Whatever03:51
Crazy LixxAnthem For America03:40
Crazy LixxCaught Between The Rock N' Roll04:42
Crazy LixxFire It Up03:40
Crazy LixxLove Don't Live Here Anymore (Acoustic)05:44
Crazy LixxMy Medicine (R.O.C.K)04:39
Crazy LixxThe Power04:21
Crazy LixxThief In The Night07:25
Crazy LixxWalk The Wire '87 (Remix)05:17
Creation VFirst Kiss03:21
Creation VLazarus Arise05:30
Creation VOut Of Control04:43
Creation VThe Word Is Good04:24
CreedAre You Ready?04:47
CreedMy Sacrifice04:56
Creedence Clearwater RevivalLookin' Out My Back Door02:38
CreyeBroken Highway03:41
CreyeCan't Stop What We Started03:52
CreyeCarry On02:56
CreyeCity Lights04:05
CreyeFace To Face03:47
CreyeFind A Reason03:48
CreyeHold Back The Night03:41
CreyeHolding On (Acoustic)04:05
CreyeHolding On04:34
CreyeLet The World Know02:55
CreyeLost Without You03:29
CreyeMiracle (Acoustic)03:00
CreyeNothing To Lose04:12
CreyeSpreading Fire04:03
CreyeStill Believe In You03:30
CreyeStraight To The Top (Acoustic Version)03:40
CreyeThe Greatest03:22
CreyeWar Of Love04:06
CrimeGet Out Of This Jail06:53
Crimson GloryIn Dark Places06:58
CrimsonicAll Bad Things03:03
CrimsonicFor The Fighter04:05
CrimsonicReal Heroes04:19
CrimsonicWhen You're Gone03:38
Crisis PartyFather; Father05:01
Cristiano Filippini's Flames Of HeavenAgainst The Hellfire06:08
Cristiano Filippini's Flames Of HeavenDying For Love05:29
Cristiano Filippini's Flames Of HeavenMoonlight Phantom05:04
CrobotLivin' On The Streets03:02
Cross Country DriverSo Fly05:26
Crossbone SkullyEvil World Machine04:27
Crossing RubiconReason To Die03:38
Crossing RubiconToo Late05:15
CrossonFallen From Grace04:05
CrossonRock 'N' Roll Love Affair03:39
CrossonRock Warriors03:44
CrossonWe All Need An Enemy03:25
Crown Of ThornsBefore It Slips Away04:30
Crown Of ThornsDon't Let Me Down03:52
Crown Of ThornsLive And Die05:36
Crown Of ThornsMotorcycle Loretta04:51
Crown Of ThornsWasted Prime04:45
Crown Of ThornsWasted Prime04:44
Crown Of ThornsYou05:13
Crown Of ThronsLive And Die05:34
CrowneKings In The North03:59
CrowneOne In A Million03:46
CrowneOperation Phoenix05:55
CrowneSave Me From Myself03:38
CrowneSuper Trooper03:34
Crow's FlightHome By The Sea04:37
CruzhAim For The Head04:11
CruzhAll You Need04:01
CruzhAre You Ready04:12
CruzhHard To Get05:04
CruzhLine In The Sand05:25
CruzhNew York Nights04:38
CruzhWe Go Together04:05
Cry Of DawnWhen Rights Is Wrong04:06
Cry Of DawnYearn04:14
CrystalI'm A Dreamer04:52
Crystal BallCall Of The Wild (Feat. Ronnie Romero)03:13
Crystal BallCrystal Heart (Feat. Jaded Heart)04:27
Crystal BallCrysteria04:47
Crystal BallCurtain Call03:33
Crystal BallDestiny04:50
Crystal BallGentleman's Agreement04:17
Crystal BallLay Down The Law04:37
Crystal BallLoins On Fire04:22
Crystal BallMake My Day04:51
Crystal BallMayday!03:11
Crystal BallMoondance04:21
Crystal BallMy Life03:55
Crystal BallNo Limits04:25
Crystal BallParadise03:54
Crystal BallSole Conviction04:33
Crystal BallTalk In Circles (SE)06:33
Crystal BallYou Lit My Fire03:58
Crystal GatesAlive For The Journey05:31
Crystal PistolNo Fun City02:51
Crystal PistolSalt Of The Earth03:43
Crystal PistolTeenage Parasite03:45
Crystal ProjectJessica04:29
Crystal ProjectWithout You05:16
Crystal ViperBright Lights03:44
CrystallionReady For The Sin04:51
CrystallionSave Me03:56
CrystallionThe Wild Hunt03:59
Cutty SarkBurning To Ashes05:50
Cutty SarkCutty And Roll04:58
Cutty SarkHands Up04:01
Cyanide 4F.F.L.03:59
Cyanide 4Illusion03:58
Cyanide 4Innocent Alibi04:06
Cyanide 4Live The Life04:30
Cyanide 4Perfect Sensation03:44
Cyanide 4Wasting My Time03:29
CyhraBattle From Within04:17
CyhraDead To Me04:06
CyhraDreams Gone Wrong03:35
CyhraHere To Save You04:00
CyhraInside A Lullaby03:19
CyhraKings And Queens03:57
CyhraKings Tonight (Acoustic Version)03:51
CyhraLost In Time04:39
CyhraRescue Ride03:17
CzakanBurns Like A Fire03:27
CzakanFree Line03:15
CzakanGet Down03:04
CzakanHaertbreak Savage03:53
CzakanHeartbreake Savage03:54
CzakanRock Will Survive03:32
CzakanShow Me All Your Love03:37
CzakanState Of Confusion05:08
CzakanUnder The Gun03:33
D A StewartLily Was Here04:27
D.A.DA Horse With No Name03:36
D.A.DA Prayer For The Loud04:11
D.A.DBurning Star03:38
D.A.DMusical Chairs03:33
D.A.DNothing Ever Changes04:17
D.A.DPoint Of View03:57
D.A.DScare Yourself03:36
D.A.DSleeping My Day Away04:24
D.A.DThe Sky Is Made Of Blues04:20
D.C. LacroixBurn The Bridge02:33
D.F.M.Streets Of Rage03:40
D.O.LLove Denied04:50
D.O.LMy Juliet05:15
D.O.LRecreation Of Death04:36
Da VinciAngel05:15
Da VinciAngel05:15
Da VinciBlame It On The Radio04:14
Da VinciHold Back The Tears05:09
Da VinciRocket Of Fame04:41
Da VinciTouchdown04:18
DaalschlagDeutsches Land03:33
DaalschlagLebe Dein Leben03:32
DaalschlagSchwarz; Tief; Breit & Laut03:45
D-A-DA Drug For The Heart04:14
D-A-DIf The World Just04:44
Daemon GreyStoned And Alone03:51
Daemon GreySworn To Black03:04
Daemon GreyXXX02:58
DakotaFriday On My Mind03:05
DakotaHearts On Fire03:23
DakotaWhen The Rebel Comes Home04:02
DallasBring The Light02:58
DallasOver Now02:56
DaltonGo For It!03:27
Damage ControlDead Man Walking04:29
Damage ControlSavage Songs04:29
DamienRising Out05:26
Damn FreaksBreak The Chains03:33
Damn FreaksKiss My Ass02:50
Damn FreaksLove Under Fire03:41
Damn FreaksRequiem03:45
Damn FreaksStranger To Your Touch03:54
Damn PigeonMove04:10
Damn PigeonStripper Crotch03:16
Damn The MachineSilence03:29
Damn YankeesHigh Enough04:46
Damn YankeesMystified04:16
Damn YankeesTell Me How You Want It04:35
Damn!escapeWatch Me Rise02:36
Damnation AngelsRailrunner06:35
Damned NationGoing Crazy04:55
Damned NationScream Of Anger05:05
Damned NationStonecold Woman05:10
Damon Johnson & The Get ReadyBattle Lessons03:23
Damon Johnson & The Get ReadyCasual Beast03:56
Damon Johnson & The Get ReadyTalk Yourself Into Anything03:41
Dan LucasHeart Of America05:07
Dan LucasHide In The Night03:49
Dan LucasHot Stuff03:42
Dan LucasInto The Night02:59
Dan LucasSomeone's Girl04:05
Dan McCaffertyFor A Car03:57
Dan ReedHang Back04:01
Dan ReedLiftoff04:20
Dan ReedMan Of War05:13
Dan Reed NetworkFade To Light04:02
Dan Reed NetworkI See Angels03:51
Dan Reed NetworkPretty Karma04:25
Dan Reed NetworkReach Out04:44
Dan Reed NetworkShameless06:33
Dan Reed NetworkUnfuck My World03:59
Dan WandeHighway 4504:07
Dance With The DeadWatching You05:03
Dandelion RevengeRecall The Feeling03:34
Dandelion RevengeVoted Rock ´n´ Roll04:31
DangerSince You Been Gone03:44
Danger DangerAfraid Of Love (Feat. Ted Poley)05:08
Danger DangerBoys Will Be Boys04:59
Danger DangerDon't Blame It On Love03:58
Danger DangerEverybody Wants Some04:16
Danger DangerFind Your Way Back Home06:14
Danger DangerI Still Think About You04:37
Danger DangerLive It Up03:58
Danger DangerNaughty Naughty04:51
Danger DangerShot O' Love (Feat. Ted Poley)04:03
Danger DangerSick Little Twisted Mind (Feat. Ted Poley)05:45
Danger DangerSlipped Her The Big One05:25
Danger DangerUnder The Gun04:40
Danger ZoneBreakaway04:31
Danger ZoneDesire04:34
Danger ZoneDestiny04:12
Danger ZoneEternity04:59
Danger ZoneFingers04:09
Danger ZoneGoin' On04:03
Danger ZoneHang On To Your Heart04:07
Danger ZoneI To I04:05
Danger ZoneLove Dies Hard04:50
Danger ZoneMore Heaven Than Hell04:02
Danger ZoneRise Again04:08
Danger ZoneRolling Thunder04:26
Danger ZoneSomewhere Out Of Time04:17
Danger ZoneThe Hottest Fire04:25
Danger ZoneTurn It Up04:13
Danger ZoneUndying04:03
Danger ZoneWalk Away04:24
Dangerous CurvesClub Mile High03:57
Dangerous CurvesGood And The Bad04:05
Dangerous CurvesSensationable Submit03:53
Dangerous ToysFeels Like A Hammer04:11
Dangerous ToysGypsy04:10
Dangerous ToysHard Luck Champions03:37
Daniel TriggerHeavy Heart04:24
Daniel TriggerThere In Your Heart04:03
Danko JonesFlaunt It03:06
Danko JonesGet To You03:39
Danko JonesLipstick City04:30
Danko JonesWe're Crazy03:18
Danko JonesYou Can't Keep Us Down03:16
Danny BryantTruth Or Dare 04:31
Danny WorsnopI Got Bones03:18
Danny WorsnopMexico03:12
Danny WorsnopThe Man03:50
Dante FoxAll That I Need04:44
Dante FoxHow Do We Learn About Love05:21
Dante FoxRemember My Name03:07
Dante FoxSecrets04:41
Dante FoxUnder The City Lights05:35
DanzigAlways On My Mind03:14
Darby Mills ProjectDon't Stop Keepin On04:09
Darby Mills ProjectNever Look Back03:47
DAREDon't Let Go05:58
DareInto The Fire04:51
DAREKiss The Rain04:14
DAREThe Devil Rides Tonight03:49
Dare ForceCallin' Your Name05:36
Dare ForceJust Another Heartbreaker04:46
Dare ForceLet Me Play05:10
Darell MansfieldGet Ready04:43
Dario MolloOh My Soul (Feat. Tony Martin)04:59
Dario Mollo & Tony MartinOh My Soul05:11
Dario Mollo's CrossbonesFright05:30
Dario Mollo's CrossbonesRed04:36
Dark BottleTuomas The Taffel Robber03:53
Dark BottleWinnebago Warrior02:30
Dark MoorCrossing Through Your Heart03:50
Dark MoorIn The Middle Of The Night03:52
Dark SkyBelieve It06:22
Dark SkyOnce03:58
Dark SkyWhen The Rain Begins To Fall04:24
Dark StarLady Of Mars04:26
DarkhausGrace Divine04:08
Darkness On DemandBehind The Wheel05:24
Darktown JubileeCity Of Light04:39
DarkTribeBack In Light04:03
DarkTribeThe Hunger Theory07:27
DarwinGreg ... - Future History05:39
Daryl Hall & John OatesI Can't Go For That (No Can Do)03:46
Daryl Hall & John OatesKiss On My List03:55
Daryl Hall & John OatesManeater04:33
Daryl Hall & John OatesRich Girl02:26
Das IchKannibale03:13
Dashing FellowsStar In The Sky04:52
DaughtryAll These Lives03:24
DaughtryLong Live Rock & Roll03:36
DaughtryOver You03:28
DaughtryStuff Of Legends03:51
DaughtryThe Victim03:41
Dave BicklerTime04:22
Dave BurnHit The Ground Running04:29
Dave EvansControl (Feat. Nitzinger)03:29
Dave EvansForever03:47
Dave EvansGo Down Fighting04:06
Dave EvansHouse Of The Rising Sun04:24
Dave EvansOnly The Good Die Young03:35
Dave EvansRock N Roll Or Bust04:10
Dave EvansSold My Soul To Rock And Roll03:17
Dave EvansSomebody Better03:21
Dave EvansTake Me Down Again03:17
Dave EvansWalzing Matilda03:50
Dave EvansWe Don't Dance To Your Song04:35
Dave Friday BandDon't Say It Like You Mean It05:13
Dave Friday BandRed White Bullet Blues04:54
Dave Friday BandWho's Happy Now04:03
Dave WhitneyLiberation04:48
Davey SuicideMade From Fire03:53
David A. SaylorFlying High04:18
David A. SaylorKiss Of Judas03:58
David A. SaylorNow I'm Free04:05
David A. SaylorTonight03:59
David A. SaylorTrue Reflection03:43
David A. SaylorWelcome To The Show03:51
David B. ElmoreDirty Blvd05:09
David B. ElmoreMojo Blues04:04
David BowieAshes To Ashes03:37
David BowieCat People (SE)08:40
David BowieChina Girl04:17
David BowieThis Is Not America03:53
David BowieYoung Americans03:14
David EllefsonOut In The Rain (Feat. David Glen Eisley)04:16
David GilmourCruise04:40
David GilmourLove On The Air04:21
David GilmourRattle That Lock04:56
David Glen EisleyStranger From The Past04:49
David HallydayDifferent Destinations04:12
David HallydayDon't Bring Me Down03:07
David HallydayOoh La La04:40
David HallydayWanna Take My Time06:00
David HentschelUndertow04:42
David Lee RothCalifornia Girls02:47
David Lee RothKnucklebones03:18
David Lee RothLadies' Nite In Buffalo?04:01
David Lee RothPerfect Timing03:41
David Lee RothYankee Rose03:51
David Mark PearceDream Taker03:22
David Mark PearceStrange Ang3ls05:33
David PaichFirst Time05:06
David ReadmanChildren Of Thunder04:23
David ReadmanGeneration Dead04:04
David ReeceA Perfect World05:07
David ReeceAnother Life Another Time04:46
David ZaffiroBottle Top04:19
David ZaffiroHolding Fast04:09
David ZaffiroI Wait Alone03:59
David ZaffiroSilas And Serai05:15
David ZaffiroThe Other Side06:19
David ZaffiroTo The Heavens04:14
David ZaffiroWhere Are You Now03:37
Dawn After DarkDead On Time03:41
Dawn After DarkMaximum Overdrive04:31
Dawn After DarkTruth And Freedom04:36
Dawn After DarkWhen Will You Come Home To Me ?05:15
Daxx & RoxaneBack Door Man03:30
Daxx & RoxaneFast Lane03:55
Daxx & RoxaneGirl Next Door02:40
Daxx & RoxaneHeal03:55
Daxx & RoxaneWithout You03:43
Daxx & RoxaneWrong Side04:34
Daylight RobberyDigital Preacher06:57
Daylight RobberyHouse Of Pain05:03
Daylight RobberyRunning Out Of Time05:16
Daylight RobberyScream Out Loud05:00
Daylight RobberyWaiting For Tomorrow06:42
Daylight RobberyWithin04:59
Days Of JupiterBleed03:07
Days Of JupiterYou Can't Erase Me05:12
Dba IvToday06:58
Dba IvYour Heart Will Find The Way05:19
DC425 To Life04:41
DC4Baba O'riley05:47
De AllenHold On To The Fire04:53
De ArmaDays Of Judgment07:12
De ArmaFuneral In My Brain06:23
De ArmaPain Of The Past08:05
De La CruzBack To The 80's03:55
De La CruzFire Inside04:56
De La CruzInvincible04:23
De La CruzSet The Night03:22
De La CruzStreet Level03:53
De La CruzTurn It Up03:51
De MontI Want Your Body03:27
De MontSo Easy05:13
Dead City RuinsMadness03:44
Dead City RuinsWe Are One02:23
Dead LordSleeping My Day Away05:02
Dead Of NightFor I Am Music04:02
Dead Of NightSet The Night On Fire06:37
DeadrisenReach For The Sun05:10
Deaf RatBad Blood04:07
Deaf RatFallen Angels03:39
Deaf RatHail The End Of Days04:14
De-ArrowDon't Steal My Heart Away03:03
De-ArrowRock 'n' Roll Nights03:50
Death DealerRunning With The Wolves04:17
Deathless LegacyMoonless Night05:35
Debbie RayAll You Need Is Rock 'N' Roll03:19
Debbie RayAmerican Nightmare03:16
Debbie RayLiving Without You05:36
Debbie RayToo Late To Pray04:27
Debby HolidaySoul Revolution03:49
DecarloA Better Day03:48
DecarloGotta Go03:28
DecarloLightning Strikes Twice03:41
DecarloRock N' Soul03:51
DecarloStill In Love03:35
DecarloThere She Goes03:30
DecarloYou Are The Fire04:37
DecoyBroken Pride04:13
DecoyBrothers In Arms04:54
DecoyHow Long04:34
DecoyMidnight Show04:12
DecoyPeace Of Mind03:59
Dee Dee RamoneI Wanna Be Sedated02:28
Dee GeesNo Son Of Mine03:26
Dee SniderAmerican Made03:34
Dee SniderIn For The Kill03:57
Dee SniderOpen Season03:58
Dee SniderRule The World03:25
Dee SniderSuperhero02:44
Dee SniderWe Are The Ones02:52
Dee SniderWe're Not Gonna Take It (Acoustic)03:52
Deep PurpleChild In Time04:15
Deep PurpleDancing In My Sleep03:52
Deep PurpleJohnny's Band03:51
Deep PurpleKnocking At Your Back Door07:05
Deep PurpleMan Alive05:36
Deep PurpleOh Well04:31
Deep PurpleParadise Bar04:11
Deep PurplePerfect Strangers05:28
Deep PurpleRockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu02:16
Deep PurpleSoldier Of Fortune03:15
Deep PurpleThrow My Bones03:39
Deep PurpleTime For Bedlam04:37
Deep PurpleVincent Price04:44
Deep SunDas Erbe Der Welt04:32
Def LeppardAction03:41
Def LeppardAnimal04:03
Def LeppardAnother Hit And Run04:59
Def LeppardArmageddon It07:42
Def LeppardBringin' On The Heartbreak (Live)06:16
Def LeppardDay After Day04:36
Def LeppardFire It Up03:19
Def LeppardGetcha Rocks Off03:39
Def LeppardGods Of War06:38
Def LeppardHelen Wheels03:51
Def LeppardI Wanna Be Your Hero04:35
Def LeppardLet It Go04:43
Def LeppardLet's Get Rocked04:56
Def LeppardLove Don't Lie04:47
Def LeppardMan Enough03:55
Def LeppardMirror Mirror (Look Into My Eyes)04:08
Def LeppardPaper Sun05:27
Def LeppardRide Into The Sun03:07
Def LeppardRock Of Ages04:08
Def LeppardRocket04:37
Def LeppardStay With Me04:34
Def LeppardToo Late For Love04:27
Def LeppardWomen05:42
DeGarmo & KeyUnder The Son03:50
DegreedBlack Cat03:32
DegreedBody Of Work03:16
DegreedBorn Under A Bad Sign03:20
DegreedColor Me03:05
DegreedComing Home03:25
DegreedDon't Let Go03:49
DegreedLost Generation03:34
DegreedLost In Paradise03:48
DegreedSave Me03:25
DegreedSummer Of Love04:28
Deine CousineFreund Oder Feind03:50
Deine CousineScheiß Auf Ironie02:43
Deine CousineSt. Pauli04:16
Deine CousineStärker Als Du Denkst02:50
Deine CousineUnkaputtbar03:12
Deine LakaienCrystal Palace05:10
Deine LakaienIn The Land Of04:45
DelainGhost House Heart02:59
DelainHideaway Paradise05:18
DelainHunter's Moon04:30
DelainMasters Of Destiny04:54
DelainMoth To A Flame04:07
DelainQueen Of Shadow (Feat. Paolo Ribaldini)04:02
DelainThe Quest And The Curse (Piano Version)03:26
DelfiniaCall Of The Wind07:59
DelfiniaDo You Remember (Feat. Roland Grapow)04:05
DelongDidn´t We Shine03:16
Demolition 23You Crucified Me05:28
DemonBeyond The Gates04:20
DemonBlue Skies In Red Square08:07
DemonLife On The Wire05:39
DemonLife On The Wire05:12
DemonLiving In The Shadow05:09
DemonNight Of The Demon (Live)03:55
DemonNight Of The Demon03:24
DemonSign Of A Madman04:32
DemonTime Has Come11:32
DemonTotal Possesion03:52
DemonWhat Do You Think About Hell07:00
DemoncastCall Me02:52
Demons DownOn My Way To You04:18
Demons DownTo The Edge Of The World04:27
Denander & VikströmAction03:51
DenmanMiles Away From Home (Feat. Mark Slaughter)04:12
DenmanWild In The Streets03:51
Dennis DeYoungA Kingdom Ablaze05:51
Dennis DeYoungDesert Moon06:09
Dennis DeYoungFire03:47
Dennis DeYoungGravity04:49
Dennis DeYoungI'll Get Lucky04:43
Dennis DeYoungRun For The Roses04:32
Dennis DeYoungThis Is The Time03:57
Dennis DeYoungUnanswered Prayers06:39
Dennis DeYoungUnbroken04:50
Dennis DeYoungYou My Love03:59
Depeche ModeEnjoy The Silence (Hands And Feet Mix)06:42
Depeche ModeEnjoy The Silence04:14
Depeche ModeIt´s No Good (SE)09:16
Depeche Mode vs Marilyn MansonPersonal Jesus06:41
Der FluchNicht Von Dieser Welt04:24
Der OleIn Der Stadt04:15
Der WEin Lied Für Meinen Sohn04:15
Der WGeschichtenhasser03:28
Der WHeiss03:11
Der WSterne04:44
Der WZwischen Traum Und Paralyse04:08
DerapsBallroom Blitz04:51
DerapsMy Side Of Town03:45
DerapsVeins Of My Heart05:09
D'ErcoleDon’t Know What You Got05:31
D'ErcoleLost In Yesterday06:32
D'ErcoleOn My Way04:22
D'ercoleOut Of Time04:48
D'ErcolePoint Of View06:12
D'ErcoleSee The Light05:15
D'ErcoleThe Only One07:33
D'ErcoleThis Heart Of Stone05:12
D'ErcoleThis Is Your Life03:56
D'ErcoleTime To Walk Away05:08
D'ErcoleVanilla Sky08:09
D'ErcoleYour Lies05:34
Derek DavisRevolutionary Soul02:55
DerringerDon't Stop Loving Me04:50
DerwoodHighway To Hell03:21
DerwoodMy Girl02:36
DesastroesLike Burning Stars04:49
Descendants Of CainShallow03:54
Descendants Of CainThese Hands03:39
Desert DragonBad Luck03:52
Desert DragonSwamp Thing04:54
Desmond ChildLiving On A Prayer02:38
Desmond ChildMi Historia Tu Seras (Feat. Flavio Cesar)04:14
Desmond ChildShocker06:54
Desmond ChildThe Price Of Lovin' You03:49
Desmond Child & RougeMy Heart's On Fire02:56
Desmond Child & RougeRosa05:08
Desolation AngelsLiving A Lie03:22
Desolation AngelsMother Earth04:58
Desolation AngelsStand Your Ground03:11
Desolation AngelsUnseen Enemy03:42
Desperation BLVDHenhouse Tales03:04
Desperation BLVDQueen Of Heartache03:11
DevicePieces On The Ground (SE)06:11
DeViciousCrying In The Rain04:41
DeViciousNever Let You Go (Feat. Åge Sten Nilsen)05:07
DevilfireA Thousand Times04:32
DevilfireLay It On The Line05:09
DevilfireShes Like Fire03:22
DevilfireTear Me Apart04:01
Devil's HandFalling In (Feat. Mike Slamer & Andrew Freeman)04:27
Devil's HandHeartbeat Away04:40
Devil's HandWe Come Alive04:56
Devils In HeavenAll Night04:05
Devils In HeavenLiberation04:51
Devils In HeavenSay A Prayer03:40
Devils In HeavenShips In The Night04:17
Devils In HeavenThe Night Is Over03:05
Devils In HeavenYour Beating Heart03:48
Devil's TrainAmerican Woman03:26
Devil's TrainBorn To Be Wild04:04
Devil's TrainGirl Of South Dakota03:46
Devil's TrainMore04:04
Devil's TrainRock & Roll Voodoo Child04:07
Devil's TrainSmell Sex Tonight03:08
Devil's TrainThe Devil & The Blues03:30
Devil's TrainWord Up03:20
De/VisionA Storm Is Rising05:01
De/VisionIn The Still Of The Night06:19
DevisionLove Will Find A Way04:28
DevoidHands Of Salvation04:23
DevoidMan Without Fear05:33
DeWolffMr. Garbage Man04:54
DewolffSweet Loretta04:01
DextressReason Or Rhyme01:30
DGMLand Of Sorrow (Orchestral Version)04:52
DharmaPlastic Doll05:40
Dharma KingsBleed Me03:51
DiamanteAmerican Dream03:05
DiamanteLo Siento03:43
DiamanteSound Of Us03:12
Diamond DogsThrow It All Away02:47
Diamond HeadIn The Heat Of The Night04:58
Diamond HeadSweet And Innocent03:37
Diamond RexxEasy Kill03:38
Diamond RexxLadies Night03:52
DiaryAfter Your Love Is Gone03:39
DiaryBurning Heart02:57
DiaryCanґt Let You Go03:30
Diary Of DreamsKrank05:55
Diary Of DreamsMy Distant Light05:02
Diary Of DreamsSinferno05:04
Didier MarouaniParis France05:36
Die Apokalyptischen ReiterAuf Und Nieder02:56
Die Apokalyptischen ReiterMaster Of The Wind05:41
Die Apokalyptischen ReiterNach Der Ebbe03:34
Die Apokalyptischen ReiterWir Reiten03:57
Die Arbeitslosen BauarbeiterMy Sharona04:21
Die Arbeitslosen BauarbeiterRebel Yell04:47
Die ArtSamtmarie03:48
Die ÄrzteClose Your Eyes Again04:17
Die DorksMach Die Dorks Aus Blues03:22
Die LaughingHumans04:34
Die LaughingSafe In The Dark04:06
Die Toten HosenAlle Sagen Das02:40
Die Toten HosenBad To Me02:19
Die Toten HosenDo You Love Me02:43
Die Toten HosenHier Kommt Alex04:31
Die Toten HosenHippy Hippy Shake01:55
Die Toten HosenNeedles And Pins02:07
Die Toten HosenWünsch Dir Was04:16
Die Toten HosenYou're No Good02:18
Die UntotenNur Du Allein05:14
Die UntotenSeelenfängerin04:29
DieselIn Reverse03:31
DieselOn The Inside03:56
Diesel DahlSausalito Summernight05:08
Digital EmotionGet Up (SE)05:44
Digney FignusCity Dancing03:21
DioHoly Diver05:41
DioRainbow In The Dark04:11
Dion BaymanAlive03:42
Dion BaymanBetter Days03:44
Dion BaymanBreathless04:09
Dion BaymanFallin' For You04:04
Dion BaymanOne Way Ticket03:57
Dion BaymanWaiting For That Day04:15
Dion BaymanYou Will Never Know04:07
DirchFirst We Rock03:54
DirchRide On04:07
DirchYou See Me04:01
Dire StraitsDown To The Waterline04:03
Dire StraitsLions05:07
Dire StraitsMoney For Nothing08:26
Dire StraitsMoney For Nothing03:31
Dire StraitsOnce Upon A Time In The West05:25
Dire StraitsSetting Me Up03:19
Dire StraitsSix Blade Knife04:13
Dire StraitsSultans Of Swing05:49
Dire StraitsSultans Of Swing05:49
Dirkschneider & The Old GangEvery Heart Is Burning05:31
Dirkschneider & The Old GangFace Of A Stranger04:57
Dirty BlondeRestless; Young & Wild03:22
Dirty HoneyWhen I'm Gone03:23
Dirty KingsCrown Jewel04:09
Dirty KingsNowhere Fast04:57
Dirty LooksCan't Take My Eyes Off Of You03:21
Dirty LooksDude; Where's The Money03:19
Dirty LooksFade Away03:21
Dirty LooksGet It Right04:27
Dirty LooksGet Off03:28
Dirty LooksGo Away04:20
Dirty LooksIn Black & White02:51
Dirty LooksIt's A Bitch03:57
Dirty LooksIt's Not The Way You Rock03:48
Dirty LooksNo Brains Child03:53
Dirty LooksNobody Rides For Free03:09
Dirty LooksOh Ruby04:08
Dirty LooksSlammin' To The Big Beat03:31
Dirty LooksTake What Ya Get04:22
Dirty LooksTurn Of The Screw (Who's Screwing You)03:56
Dirty LooksWastin' My Time03:31
Dirty PennyDevil In Me03:24
Dirty PennyHot & Heavy04:17
Dirty PennyOn My Sleeve03:36
Dirty PennyPush Comes To Shove03:20
Dirty PennyRun To You04:27
Dirty PennyScream & Shout03:28
Dirty PennyTake A Bite03:19
Dirty PennyVendetta03:44
Dirty RhythmBad Girls03:09
Dirty RhythmFeel The Fire03:58
Dirty Rose80s Baby03:55
Dirty RoseAir Guitar Hero03:14
Dirty RoseHeavy Metal Train03:09
Dirty RoseStep Off02:46
Dirty ShirleyDirty Blues03:34
Dirty ShirleyHere Comes The King06:44
Dirty ShirleyI Disappear06:58
Dirty ShirleyLast Man Standing04:16
Dirty ShirleySiren Song04:05
Dirty ThrillsDrunk Words04:37
Dirty TryxChanges03:23
Dirty White BoyzAfter The Rain05:43
Dirty White BoyzHangin On A Heartache04:55
Dirty White BoyzRide With Angels05:43
DisciplineLove Songs03:42
DisciplineLove Songs03:42
DisconnectedYour Way To Kill05:09
DispyriaThe Mark07:29
DistanceLeave It Up To You04:41
DistanceSoftly Speak05:19
DisturbedAre You Ready04:22
DisturbedDown With The Sickness04:39
DisturbedNo More03:53
DisturbedThe Sound Of Silence04:06
DiveInside Your Head04:26
Divided MultitudeOut Of The Shades05:12
Dividing EdenGiants03:30
Dividing EdenI Will Find You03:33
DivinefirePay It Forward06:02
Doc FetzerBack To The Island05:04
Doc FetzerStory Of My Life04:01
Doc HolidayWe Are Not Alone & You Like To Rock06:21
Doc HollidayCity Night03:40
Doc HollidayReady To Burn04:28
Doc HollidayRedneck Rock & Roll Band03:41
Doc HollidayRenegade04:50
Doc HollidaySimple Man07:10
Doc HollidayThunder & Lightning / Into The Night06:53
Doc HollidayThunder & Lightning06:53
Doc HollidayWe Are Not Alone02:50
Doctor Rock & The Wild BunchAll For The Love Of Money03:38
Doctor Rock & The Wild BunchTeenage Gargoyles03:38
Doctor Rock & The Wild BunchWhen In Rome03:55
DogfaceI Don't Care05:22
DogfaceI Will Be There05:00
DogfaceRight Between Your Lies04:03
DogfaceYou're Taken Me Down03:42
Dogtown WinosBaby; Ich Hab Deinen Bauch Gesehen02:36
Dogtown WinosBlack Rain07:00
Dogtown WinosBlack Rain07:00
Dogtown WinosInto The Fire03:02
DokkenDon't Lie To Me03:38
DokkenDream Warriors04:48
DokkenIt's Not Love05:02
Doll CircusStop Destruction03:02
Doll HazardFire & Gasoline03:19
Dolls RaidersTake The Power03:43
Dolls RaidersTaste Of Shame05:01
DomainCaught In The Flame04:09
DomainEast Of Eden05:21
DomainEdge Of A Knife04:48
DomainI Don't Wanna Die05:57
DomainKeep Running03:46
DomainLost In The City05:12
DomainLost Without Trace03:57
DomainOceans Of Night17:27
DomainRun For Your Life04:43
DomainThe Run03:04
DomainWings Of Destiny04:17
DominoeA Good Way Down02:35
DominoeDon't Throw Our Love Away04:22
DominoeGettin' Hot04:03
DominoeHere I Am03:16
DominoeI'm Coming Home04:15
DominoeLet It Rain03:26
DominoeLet's Talk About Life02:52
Don AireyOne Of A Kind05:12
Don AireyShooting Star04:45
Don AireySolomon's Song05:37
Don AireyVictim Of Pain05:24
Don BarnesDon't Look Down04:23
Don BarnesI'd Do It All Over Again04:11
Don BarnesRide The Storm04:45
Don DokkenIn The Meadow04:15
Don DokkenMy Heart Will Go On04:48
Don FelderAmerican Rock 'n' Roll (Feat. Slash)03:41
Don FelderFall From The Grace Of Love03:45
Don FelderFalling In Love (Feat. Steve Porcaro)04:25
Don FelderHaywire05:09
Don FelderThe Way Things Have To Be (Feat. Peter Frampton)04:20
Don Lewis BandNothing Left04:17
Don PatrolCall Me04:11
Donnie IrisAh! Leah!03:47
Donnie IrisJoking04:05
Donnie IrisTough World03:51
Doogie WhiteCatz Got Yer Tongue04:16
Doogie WhiteDishing The Dirt05:15
Doogie WhiteDreams Lie Down And Die05:30
Doogie WhiteJudgement Day05:32
Doogie WhiteLet's Spend The Night Together03:36
Doogie WhiteLiving On The Cheap04:23
Doogie WhiteLove Hurts03:55
Doogie WhiteThis Flight Tonight03:29
DoomfoxxMy Beautiful Friends04:11
DoomfoxxPiece Of Me04:23
Doomsday OutlawBlues For A Phantom Limb05:05
Doomsday OutlawRunning Into You05:54
Doomsday OutlawThe Little Things04:59
Doomsday OutlawWalk On Water03:41
Door 964C.O.T.D04:53
Door 964Childhood Heroes03:52
Door 964Face To Face04:01
Door 964Fire At Will04:56
Door 964Once Again04:30
Door 964Worlds Collide03:58
D'ORElectric Shock03:22
Dorian GrayBreakdown05:20
DoroAll For Metal04:02
DoroBlood; Sweat & Rock'N'roll04:23
DoroDon't Break My Heart Again04:21
DoroEin Stück Ewigkeit04:34
DoroNothing Else Matters05:59
DoroRunning From The Devil03:37
DorothyA Beautiful Life03:35
DorothyBlack Sheep03:09
DorothyClose To Me Always03:54
DorothyGifts From The Holy Ghost04:19
DorsetshireStrasse Der Verdammnis05:33
Double Crush SyndromeI Wanna Be Your Monkey03:15
Double Crush SyndromeOn Top Of Mount Whateverest03:42
Double ExperienceBorn For It02:59
Double ExperienceNew Me03:40
Double ExperiencePerish Song03:20
DoubletakeLiving In A Black And White Movie04:16
DoubletakeNight Games03:29
DoubletakeSo Many Roads05:40
Doug BronsWe Are The Patriots04:26
Doug "Cosmo" Clifford & Bobby WhitlockGet Down Fever05:13
Down 'N' OutzCreatures04:37
Down 'N' OutzThis Is How We Roll03:06
Down 'N' OutzWhite Punks On Dope06:22
Downes Braide AssociationDreaming Of England05:55
Downes Braide AssociationMachinery Of Fate05:12
Downtown AssociationAll Of My Love03:50
Dr. Geek & The FreakshowJack In The Box04:47
Dr. HookBetter Love Next Time03:03
Dr. HookCover Of The 'Rolling Stone'02:54
Dr. HookI Wanna Make The Women Tremble02:52
Dr. HookLet Me Be Your Lover02:48
Dr. HookOnly Sixteen02:47
Dr. HookSexy Eyes03:00
Dr. HookSylvia's Mother03:51
Dr. HookThe Ballad Of Lucy Jordan03:57
Dr. HookWhen You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman05:15
Dr. Koch VentilatorHeroin04:58
DracuPlay Some Rock'n'Roll02:27
DragonhammerRemember My Name04:40
DragonyAngels On Neon Wings05:20
DragonyIf It Bleeds We Can Kill It04:32
Drama QueenFine Line04:40
Drama QueenFyre & Ice03:31
Drama QueenYou're Going Down Tonight03:10
Dream CompanyDays In Blue03:39
Dream CompanyLand Of Freedom04:04
Dream CompanyRiver Of Love05:07
Dream CompanySalvation03:54
Dream CompanyScared To Be Loved03:59
Dream PatrolHaunted Tower06:03
Dream PatrolPlaying With Fire05:23
Dream PoliceLittle Angel05:03
Dream PoliceRaw In The Middle03:54
Dream TheaterAnother Day04:23
Dream TheaterPull Me Under08:12
Dreams Of AvalonInto The Night04:32
Dreams Of AvalonRun For Cover03:46
Dreams Of AvalonShining Light03:43
Dreams Of AvalonTo Paris And Back03:41
DreamspyBitter Sweet04:27
DreamspyWon't Let You Go02:08
DreamtaleNo Shadow Goes Too Far04:33
DreamtideDie Weißen Tauben Sind Müde07:10
DreamtideDream Real04:39
DreamtideDreams Are Free04:58
DreamtideDrop The Curtain06:29
DreamtideLeisure Saints04:24
DreamtideMercilass Sun05:37
DreamtideWhat You Believe In05:52
DregenFlat Tyre On A Muddy Road04:07
DregenOne Man Army03:32
Drei Meter FeldwegDeine Neue App02:25
Drei Meter FeldwegHerzfeind03:08
Drei Meter FeldwegNimm Dir Zeit02:59
Drei Meter FeldwegSie Haben Post02:34
Drive At NightHigh Enough03:53
Drive At NightKing Of Kings03:20
Drive At NightOne03:23
Drive At NightPartners In Crime03:53
Drive At NightUnited03:45
Drive At NightWeekend Fun03:19
Drive At NightWild In The Streets03:40
Drive She SaidLost In You04:14
Drive She SaidLove Will Win In The End04:49
Driven UnderCrimea03:35
Driven UnderYouth04:17
Driving ForceAgain05:07
Driving ForceBlack Beauty05:04
Dropkick MurphysPaying My Way03:54
Dropkick MurphysSunshine Highway03:22
Dropkick MurphysThe Green Fields Of France04:46
Drowning PoolStrike A Nerve03:05
DrylandBlack Hearted Girl04:42
DrylandGoth Rock`s Not Dead03:36
Duckwalk ChuckShut Your Lights03:46
DuesenbergAll Over The Ocean04:49
Dug PinnickI Wouldn't Want To Be Like You03:14
Dugan McNeillStranger Than Paradise04:31
Dugan McNeillWalls Come Down04:56
Duke JupiterDon't Turn Your Back03:19
Duke JupiterTop Of The Bay03:08
Duke JupiterWork It Out02:48
Dukes Of The OrientStrange Days05:34
Dukes Of The OrientThe Monitors04:39
DurbinBy The Horns03:40
DurbinKings Before You04:08
DurbinThe Prince Of Metal04:16
DurbinThe Sacred Mountain05:16
Durty TriixCrackin' Skulls And Crushin' Bones03:44
Durty TriixLegend Down04:13
Durty TriixMiss Kitty's Bar04:22
Dust And BonesShe's On Fire03:42
Dust And BonesShot Down03:05
DylemCan't Take Anymore04:54
DylemSee You04:38
DynamicaRock And Roll Degli Uomini04:17
Dynaminte FisherCall Me Tonight03:11
DynastyBorn To Be Indian05:09
DynaztyHeartless Madness04:00
DynaztyIn The Arms Of A Devil04:21
DynaztyMonkey Wants; Monkey Needs03:27
DynaztyMy Darkest Hour03:35
DynaztyPower Of Will03:55
DynaztySail Away03:28
DynaztyThe Dark Delight05:13
E NomineDas Tier In Mir04:01
E NomineDie Schwarzen Reiter04:28
E19Angel In The Sky04:03
E19Don't Stop Your Love04:07
E19Lost In A World Without You04:45
E19No Sign Of Life07:27
E19Take Me Away04:22
E19Where Should I Go06:30
EaglesGet Over It03:32
EaglesHotel California06:30
EaglesKing Of Hollywood06:28
EaglesLyin' Eyes06:22
EaglesOne Of These Nights04:52
EaglesOut Of Control03:06
EaglesVictim Of Love04:09
Early GreyDon't Turn Away03:50
Early GreyI Don't Wanna Wait No More05:38
Early GreyLove Will Come04:58
East Temple AvenueDon't Make Believe03:58
East Temple AvenueForever Yours04:16
East Temple AvenueMountain03:36
East Temple AvenueMy Last Breath04:26
East Temple AvenueThe End Of Me03:52
East Temple AvenueWhere Love Is03:29
Easy ActionEye For An Eye04:21
Easy ActionIn The Middle Of Nowhere04:22
Easy ActionLove Reaction03:33
Easy ActionOnly Love04:49
Easy ActionPartners In Crime03:56
Easy ActionRosie02:46
Easy ActionTalk Of The Town03:20
Easy ActionTeachers Do It With Class05:42
Easy ActionThere Is A River04:06
Easy ActionWe Go Rocking03:52
EazyComing Home03:38
EBC RoxxOut Of Time04:25
EBC RoxxYour Last Dance05:02
Eberhard SchoenerWhy Don't You Answer04:33
Echo EffectDream The Enemy04:04
EclipseBitter Taste05:08
EclipseBlack Rain05:17
EclipseFor Better Or For Worse03:19
EclipseKilling Me03:31
EclipseViva La Victoria03:12
Eddie JobsonTheme Of Secrets05:28
Eddie MoneyBrand New Day03:40
Eddie MoneyBroken Down Chevy (SE)07:44
Eddie MoneyTake A Little Bit03:24
Eddie MoneyThe Way That We Roll03:37
Eddie St.JamesRainbows & Dragons05:14
Eddie St.JamesRat Race04:05
Eddie VantezFire04:14
Eddie VantezLittle Sister04:46
Eddie VantezLive On Love04:50
EdenFan The Flame05:01
EdenLay Me Down05:24
EdenLoud & Clear03:57
EdenOnce In A Lifetime06:15
EdenbridgeAlight A New Tomorrow03:52
EdenbridgeFor Your Eyes Only (Acoustic Version)03:00
EdenbridgeForever Shine On05:03
EdenbridgeHigher (Acoustic)04:33
EdenbridgeLive And Let Go04:31
EdenbridgeOn The Other Side04:51
EdenbridgeThe Moment Is Now04:23
Eden's CurseJust Like Judas04:42
Eden's CurseKingdom Of Solitude05:08
Eden's CurseNo Holy Man05:41
Eden's CursePrisoner Of The Past04:57
Eden's CurseSell Your Soul04:18
Eden's CurseUnchain The Night05:26
Edge B.S.Little Girl04:01
Edge B.S.The End Of The World03:14
Edge B.S.Through That Door03:36
Edge Of ForeverBreath Of Life04:08
Edge Of ForeverDance Into The Fire05:09
Edge Of ForeverDistant Voices05:30
Edge Of ForeverEdge Of Life05:08
Edge Of ForeverEye Of The Storm05:28
Edge Of ForeverFeeding The Fire04:30
Edge Of ForeverGet Up Your Feet Again04:24
Edge Of ForeverI Made Myself What I Am04:16
Edge Of ForeverI Won't Be A Fool No More04:54
Edge Of ForeverIn My Eyes04:30
Edge Of ForeverLet The Demon Rock 'N' roll05:43
Edge Of ForeverLonely04:26
Edge Of ForeverMade It Through04:45
Edge Of ForeverNative Soul04:31
Edge Of ForeverPrisoner (Feat. Jeff Scott Soto)05:34
Edge Of ForeverShine04:28
Edge Of ForeverThe Machine04:50
Edge Of ForeverWar04:11
Edge Of ForeverWash Your Sins Away04:16
Edge Of ParadiseDigital Paradise04:00
Edge Of ParadiseFire04:06
Edge Of ParadiseLeaving Earth04:05
Edge Of ParadiseMy Method Your Madness (Remix)05:00
Edge Of ParadiseRise For The Fallen04:04
Edge Of The BladeAngels Fear To Tread03:50
Edge Of The BladeBack To You02:50
Edge Of The BladeDon't Leave Me Now03:27
Edge Of The BladeEverything I Own03:47
Edge Of The BladeKilling Me02:58
Edge Of The BladeLife Is For Living03:51
Edge Of The BladeLonely To03:04
Edge Of The BladeThe Taken04:18
Edge Of The BladeWorth Fighting For04:15
Edge Of The BladeYes; It Hurts03:23
EdguyKing Of Fools03:33
EdguyThe Piper Never Dies (SE)07:04
Edie BrickwellNew Bohemians What I Am04:50
Edu FalaschiShade Of My Soul04:59
Edu FalaschiWishing Well04:00
EileraDeadly Together03:55
EileraLa Quest02:16
EisbrecherAll We Are03:04
EisbrecherAnna Lassmichrein Lassmichraus03:09
EisbrecherBitte Bitte03:08
EisbrecherEins; Zwei; Polizei03:54
EisbrecherFlieger Grüss Mir Die Sonne03:12
EisbrecherGoldener Reiter03:59
EisbrecherIm Guten Im Bösen04:57
EisbrecherLiebe Macht Monster04:13
EisbrecherOut Of The Dark03:38
EisbrecherSchwarze Witwe03:53
EisbrecherSkandal Im Sperrbezirk03:46
EisfabrikAnd Nothing Turns (Beyond Obsession Version)03:51
EisfabrikAnd Nothing Turns05:09
EisfabrikEins Mit Dem Wind04:37
EisfabrikFree 202004:36
EisfabrikGrim Reaper (No Crop Without Seeds Mix)06:24
EisfabrikIce Crystal03:53
EisfabrikLife Below Zero04:00
EisfabrikWe Don't Care (Acoustic Guitar Mix) (Feat. Hemke Kay)03:36
EizbrandStumme Schreie03:49
El PistoleroDesert Road02:26
El PistoleroFive Bullets Come In Peace03:39
El PistoleroLiquor Tits04:55
El PistoleroStill Riding04:20
ElaneMore Stars Shine On Earth04:53
ElayneWildest Dreams03:54
Electric Boy'sBlack Betty03:45
Electric BoysElectrified03:44
Electric BoysFirst The Money; Then The Honey03:06
Electric BoysMountains And Sunsets04:13
Electric BoysMy Heart's Not For Sale03:05
Electric BoysPut Your Arms Around Me02:56
Electric BoysTumblin' Dominoes04:33
Electric BoysYou Spark My Heart02:58
Electric EarthRevelation04:04
Electric GuitarsDopamine03:21
Electric GuitarsSplinter04:56
Electric GuitarsZero Four04:15
Electric Light OrchestraDon't Bring Me Down04:03
Electric MaryGimme Love03:22
Electric MarySorry Baby06:29
Electric MobBy The Name03:43
Electronic FrequencyIce Machine04:38
ElektradriveFast As An Arrow04:50
Element Of CrimeWenn Es Dunkel Und Kalt Wird In Berlin04:54
ElevenerAll Of My Life04:20
ElevenerHeal Me03:55
ElevenerShooting Star05:02
ElfmorgenKrach Für Euch02:48
Eli Van PikeValentine´s Day02:28
Eliana Cargnelutti / Sadie Johnson & Heather CrosseTush02:44
EllefsonLove Hurts03:57
EllefsonRebel Yell04:48
Ellefson / SotoSwords & Tequila (Feat. Rick Hughes)03:24
Elliot EastonLonely Is The Dark04:25
EloyMaster Of Sensation05:59
EloyPoint Of No Return05:46
EloyThe Answer11:19
EloyTime To Turn04:34
Ember SeaMoonlight Shadow04:01
Emerald RisingFar Away04:13
Emerald RisingLights Out02:44
Emerald RisingRunning From The Moon04:01
Emerald SunRaise Hell04:00
Emerald SunThe Hunter04:45
EmergencyAcross The Desert Sands05:11
EmergencyBlackeyed Jeanny03:08
EmergencyTell Me04:10
Emerson; Lake & PowellThe Miracle (SE)06:31
Emerson; Lake & PowellTouch And Go03:53
EmigrateHypothetical (Feat. Marilyn Manson)03:49
EmigrateLead You On (Feat. Margaux Bossieux)04:11
EmigrateYou Can't Get Enough04:01
Emil BullsDear Sadness04:36
Emil BullsNewborn03:58
Emil BullsThe Jaws Of Oblivion03:45
Emil BullsThe Knight In Shining Armour03:37
Emil BullsWorlds Apart03:41
Emmerson; Lake & PalmerGone Too Soon04:13
Emotional SuicideResolution03:19
Emotional SuicideThe Joker Cries Too03:39
Emotional WinterA Prayer To The Death03:34
Emotional WinterFor A Lifetime05:45
Emotional WinterKill My Brain05:45
Emotional WinterRotting Mankind03:58
EmpireChild Of The Light05:28
EmpressesFlower Of Battle03:56
EnboundLove Has Come03:31
End Of GreenHurter04:42
End Of GreenMy Crying Veins06:42
EndfieldNot Alone04:17
EndfieldPokerface (Feat. Charles Walker)05:03
Endless ChainScars On Me03:19
Enemy EyesHere We Are03:50
Enemy EyesRat Race04:31
Enemy EyesWhat I Believe04:09
Enemy InsideDoorway To Salvation04:29
Enemy InsideIn My Blood03:32
Enemy InsideOblivion04:34
Enemy InsidePhoenix03:28
Enemy InsideSummer Son04:04
EnforcerDie For The Devil03:12
EnforcerMidnight Vice03:16
EngstDie Hölle Hat Keinen Platz Mehr03:14
EngstWillkommen In Berlin03:26
Enrico SarziDrive Through04:34
Enuff Z' NuffLazy Dazy03:19
Enuff Z' NuffRollaway03:40
Enuff Z' NuffRun For Your Life02:42
Enuff Z' NuffSometimes04:13
Enuff Z’NuffBack In The U.S.S.R03:14
Enuff Z’NuffCold Turkey04:07
Enuff Z’NuffGod Save The Queen03:22
Enuff Z’NuffI Got My Money Where My Mouth Is04:21
Enuff Z’NuffLet It Go03:55
Enuff Z’NuffLong Enough For Me03:47
Enuff Z’NuffMake Believe02:51
Enuff Z’NuffRevolution03:42
Enuff Z’NuffStrangers In My Head04:23
Enuff Z’NuffYou're Not Me05:23
Enuff Z'NuffEverything Works If You Let It03:15
Enuff Z'NuffMy Heroin03:53
Enuff Z'NuffOne Step Closer03:37
Enuff Z'NuffWheels04:30
EnyaAnywhere Is03:46
EpicCarry On03:41
EpicaAbyss O' Time04:13
EpicaCry For The Moon06:44
EpitahAin't No Liar03:36
ERANAËSAfter The Rain (feat. Margarita Monet & Derek Sherinian)05:04
ErdlingAus Den Tiefen02:39
Eric ClaptonCocaine03:36
Eric ClaptonI've Got A Rock 'n' Roll Heart03:16
Eric ClaptonWonderful Tonight03:43
Eric GilletteRunaway09:08
Eric MartinI Can't Relax03:44
Eric MartinThese Are The Good Times03:42
Erik CohenAlcatraz04:04
Erik CohenCafé Stietzel03:35
Erik CohenChrom03:50
Erik CohenDoomrider03:57
Erik CohenNach Dem Sturm03:55
Erik CohenSchleswig-Holstein03:49
Erik CohenTrucker04:00
ErikaWake Me Up When The House Is On Fire04:03
Ernstfall48 Stunden03:28
ErnstfallAlte Zeiten04:22
ErnstfallOhne Dich Sein03:58
ErrrilazThe Wanderer03:57
EscapeFire In The Sky09:10
EscapeHeroes In The Night04:40
EscapeLost And Found04:35
EscapeSomething To Beieve In04:31
Escape The FateEmpire03:12
EschenbachWer Bist Du ?03:51
ESPFoxy Lady04:28
ESPGoin’ Blind03:38
ESPSet Me Free03:58
ESPSnortin’ Whiskey03:31
ESPStill Alive & Well03:33
ESPTeenage Nervous Breakdown04:07
ESPWon’t Get Fooled Again06:48
Eternal FlameGot A Rock & Roll Fever03:47
Eternal FlameOut In The Dark04:43
Eternal FlameThis Is My Life03:59
Eternal IdolDark Eclipse04:35
Eternal IdolFlying Over You05:00
Eternal IdolLord Without Soul04:13
EunomiaFreedom Call04:48
EunomiaLast Stand08:27
EuphoriaEdge Of The World04:03
EuphoriaLooking For Love03:24
EuphoriaWhisper A Prayer03:52
EuropeDance The Night Away03:39
EuropeDanger On The Track03:47
EuropeDrink And A Smile02:22
EuropeLove Chaser03:31
EuropeOn Broken Wings03:45
EuropeOn The Loose03:10
EuropeRock The Night04:05
EuropeSign Of The Times04:15
EuropeTurn To Dust06:51
EuropeWalk The Earth04:16
Eva Under FireBlow (Feat. Ice Nine Kills)02:45
Eva Under FireWith Or Without You04:05
EvanescenceWasted On You04:24
Evenrude25 Years Of Rock 'n' Roll04:24
EvenrudeRaise Your Fist And Shout04:23
Event RelentlessHey Girl04:06
EvergreyYou From You05:19
EverLevelCrystal World04:56
EverLevelJapanese Girl05:14
EverLevelLife Aint Easy05:14
EverLevelMust Be A Sign05:05
EverLevelMy G.M.05:51
EverLevelShining Star07:03
EverLevelSo I Can't Go On05:30
EverLevelWay 2 Nowhere05:26
Every Mother's NightmareBlown Away04:03
Every Mother's NightmareCloset Down The Hall03:37
Every Mother's NightmareDrown By Luv03:24
Every Mother's NightmareHouse Of Pain06:17
Every Mother's NightmareHouse Of The Rising Sun04:57
Every Mother's NightmareI Needed You04:03
Every Mother's NightmareKerosene04:02
Every Mother's NightmareLookin' In03:25
Every Mother's NightmareLove Can Make You Blind04:59
Every Mother's NightmareOutside The Circle04:06
Every Mother's NightmareRide The Train03:07
Every Mother's NightmareSin In My Heart04:22
Every Mother's NightmareSouthern Way04:07
Every Mother's NightmareStand Up04:01
Everything But The GirlMissing04:07
Evolution EdenA Good Thing04:07
Evolution EdenBlood Runs Wild04:04
EwigheimAlles Wird Gut04:16
EwigheimC'est La Vie03:17
EwigheimDies Ist Der Preis04:45
Ex HexRainbow Shiner03:35
Ex HexTalk To Me03:18
ExcaliburA Little At A Time03:58
ExcaliburApril Fool04:12
ExcaliburCeltic Dream03:56
ExcaliburCeltic Heart04:35
ExcaliburCircle Of Life04:30
ExcaliburCome On and Rock (Excalibur Mix)04:08
ExcaliburFir Mhor04:37
ExcaliburLong Ago04:41
ExcaliburThe Elements04:24
ExcaliburThe Lost Season04:01
ExcubitorsProud Leader04:51
ExileKiss You All Over03:30
ExistanceJenny's Dreams03:52
ExistanceRock'n Roll04:23
ExistanceYou Gotta Rock It04:33
ExportCloser To You03:53
ExportWheeler Dealer04:06
ExtizeWhen Angels Fall06:37
ExtrabreitFür Mich Soll's Rote Rosen Regnen (Mit Hildegard Knef)04:32
ExtrabreitGib Mir Mehr Davon04:17
ExtrabreitVorwärts Durch Die Zeit04:01
ExtramenschGeschichte Schreiben04:27
Eyes (SE)Cry Another Day05:06
Eyes (SE)Get Out Of My Head04:32
Eyes (SE)Minds In Motion04:20
Eyes (SE)Playing To Win04:25
Eyes (SE)Turn Of Your Life04:16
EZ Livin'After The Fire04:33
Face DancerCan't Let Go03:58
Face DancerGotta Get Out04:20
Face DancerTreat Me Right03:23
Face FaceLove in The Rain03:46
FacesCindy Incidentally02:38
Facts & FictionSupernova05:22
FaderheadHorizon Born04:53
FaelderHalt Die Welt Fest03:34
FahrenheitDon´t Give It Up06:07
FahrenheitKill Me04:54
Fair WarningIn The Dark05:35
Fair WarningOne Step Closer03:59
Fair WarningWhen Love Fails03:42
Faith No MoreEpic04:54
Faithful GraceForever05:16
Faithful GraceSaid And Done04:02
FaithfullLight This City04:05
FaithlessGod Is A DJ (SE)05:25
FalcoAuf Der Flucht (SE)03:43
FalcoRock Me Amadeus (SE)05:51
Fall Out BoyCenturies03:48
Fall Out BoyIrresistible03:27
Fall Out BoyLove From The Other Side04:40
Fall Out BoyThe Kintsugi Kid (Ten Years)03:55
Fallen AngelsRoughman04:40
Fallen SanctuaryI Can't Stay03:43
Fallen SanctuaryTrail Of Destruction04:34
Fallen SanctuaryWait For Me04:16
Falling RedHell In My Eyes04:04
FandangoDon't Waste My Time03:06
FandangoFortune Teller04:26
Fanfields 2Only The Children04:38
Fanfields 2Stranger In Town05:13
Fanfields 3English Eyes06:25
Fanfields 3Rock Maker03:28
Fans Of The DarkEscape From Hell03:40
Fans Of The DarkFans Of The Dark04:53
Fans Of The DarkIn For The Count04:38
Fans Of The DarkIn My Dreams04:30
Fans Of The DarkLife Kills05:14
Fans Of The DarkNight Of The Living Dead03:57
Fans Of The DarkThe Pirates Of Maine07:56
Far CorporationHole In The Air03:37
Far CorporationOne Of Your Lovers03:45
Far CorporationOne Of Your Lovers03:49
Far CorporationRainy Days04:39
Far CorporationRikki Don't Lose That Number04:10
Far CorporationSebastian06:03
Far CorporationShe's Back Again04:18
Far CorporationStairway To Heaven08:47
FarCryHave It All05:20
FarCryI Am Your Man05:04
FarCryStay Away03:45
FarCryTalk To Me03:49
FargoMary Says03:23
FargoRain Of Champagne03:18
Farmer BoysYou And Me04:31
Faster PussycatHouse Of Pain05:47
Faster PussycatJack The Bastard04:08
Faster PussycatJessie's Girl03:14
FastwayAll Fired Up02:42
FastwayDead Or Alive03:52
FastwayDeliver Me04:42
FastwayHold On To The Night03:23
FastwayLeave The Light On03:55
FastwaySay What You Will03:21
FastwayShow Some Emotion05:01
FastwayShow Some Emotion05:05
FastwayStand Up04:05
FastwayThe World Waits For You06:28
FastwayTrick Or Treat02:48
Fatal AttractionStay On The Line03:39
Fate(I Can´t Stand) Losing You04:41
Fate(I Can't Stand) Losing You05:00
FateGotta Have It All04:35
FateHard As A Rock03:48
FateLosing You04:52
FateLove On The Rox ´8803:25
FateLove On The Rox03:25
FB1964Guilty Conscience04:13
FB1964Mile To Mile06:13
Fear NotTake Hold04:43
Fear NotThere Is Love03:52
Fee WaybillHow Dare You03:22
Fee WaybillMan Of The World04:20
Fee WaybillMeant To Be Alone04:19
Fee WaybillWoulda Coulda Shoulda03:57
Feel Good JacketThe Devil Drinks Whisky04:06
FelskinnDarkness In Your Eyes04:13
FelskinnLife Beyond The Line04:15
FelskinnLonely Heart05:54
FelskinnOur Favourite Game02:55
FelskinnWake Up On Mars03:48
Feral Ghost5 A.M.03:35
Feral GhostG.I.A.03:57
Feral GhostRoll The Dice03:40
Feral GhostWednesday's Child05:28
Feral GhostWho Will Save Me Tonight03:34
Ferdy DoernbergBefore The Sun Goes Down05:02
Ferdy DoernbergGentleman With A Thing05:01
Ferdy DoernbergIf You Can´t Be Bad - Be Careful03:59
Ferdy DoernbergIt Smells A Little Bit Strange At Heartbreak Hotel03:46
Ferdy DoernbergNightbreed Fairytales04:13
Ferdy DoernbergWe Need To Be More Punkrock!03:45
FerreiraAshes Into Dust04:53
FerreiraAt First Sight (Acoustic)03:25
FerreiraForever More04:04
FerreiraHeart Wide Open04:25
Ferris MCBye Bye Bye (Feat. Swiss)03:39
FeuerschwanzAm Galgen03:30
FeuerschwanzBlinding Lights03:07
FeuerschwanzDas Hämmerunser / Methämmer05:47
FeuerschwanzDragostea Din Tei03:00
FeuerschwanzGott Mit Uns03:20
FeuerschwanzHier Kommt Alex03:57
FeuerschwanzHier Kommt Alex03:56
FeuerschwanzKinder Im Geiste03:22
FeuerschwanzMann Aus Metall03:41
FeuerschwanzSquare Hammer03:49
FeuerschwanzUntot Im Drachenboot03:31
FeuerschwanzWarriors Of The World United05:32
Fever RayKeep The Streets Empty For Me05:37
Fiction SyxxCarry The Light03:46
Fiction SyxxChildren Of The Night05:20
Fiction SyxxSpirits Collide03:45
Fiction SyxxSuite Madame Blue06:36
Fiction SyxxThe Wizard03:18
Fiction SyxxTime To Heal06:47
Fiction SyxxTragic Magic03:47
Fiction SyxxWelcome To My Nightmare04:38
Fiction SyxxYour Promised Land03:50
Fiddler's GreenA Night In Dublin02:49
Fiddler's GreenOld Dun Cow02:54
Fierce HeartHeroes03:56
Fierce HeartOut For Blood04:07
Fierce HeartPower To Rock03:36
Fierce HeartRest My Bones05:04
Fierce HeartRoad To Nowhere03:34
Fifth AngelMidnight Love04:38
Fifth AngelTime Will Tell04:23
FighterFace To Face04:21
FighterFace To Face04:20
FighterLook Me In The Eye03:58
FighterNice Guy03:34
FighterRadio Man04:49
FighterRunning The Race04:28
FighterThe Waiting03:15
FighterWishful Thinking04:18
Fighter VCan't Stop The Rock03:36
Fighter VCity Of Sinners03:08
Fighter VDangerous03:44
Fighter VFighter03:51
Fighter VHeadlines03:48
Fighter VSave Your Love For Me03:41
Figure And GrooveCity Nights04:01
Figure And GrooveFall Into Me04:29
Figure And GrooveForever03:24
Figure And GrooveSweet Love04:25
File Not FoundCircuits03:15
Find MeBottom Of My Heart05:49
Find MeDark Angel04:22
Find MeDiana03:39
Find MeDid You Feel Any Love04:31
Find MeDistant Echoes03:34
Find MeFar From Over (Feat. Vince Dicola)04:14
Find MeGive My Heart03:16
Find MeNo Tears In Paradise (Feat. Robert Lablanc)04:51
Find MeNowhere To Hide05:05
Find MeOn The Run04:36
Find MeOne Soul03:57
Find MeSurvive04:10
Find MeTrue Believer04:31
Find MeWings Of Love04:22
Find MeYour Lips04:18
FineBlue Nightmare03:40
FineTonight A Light04:35
FionaNa Na Song05:13
Fire RoseI Love You04:58
Fire TigerDon't Take Me Home02:27
Fire TigerGuarantee03:27
Fire TigerLove The Way03:57
Fire TigerSo Many Fishes03:51
Fire TigerYou Changed Me03:26
FirehouseI Live My Life For You04:24
FirehouseI'm The One05:23
FirehouseLove Of A Lifetime04:47
FirehouseLove Of A Lifetime04:47
FirehouseMama Didn't Raise No Fool04:00
FirehouseSomethin' 'Bout Your Body04:43
FiresphereEvil Seeks Evil05:13
First NightDangerous04:59
First NightLove Me04:02
First NightSavage Heart03:36
First NightThese Hearts04:39
First SignalA Million Miles04:13
First SignalBorn To Be A Rebel05:00
First SignalCloser To The Edge03:57
First SignalDon't Let It End04:14
First SignalFeels Like Love This Time (Feat. Harry Hess)04:49
First SignalHere With You03:31
First SignalIn The Name Of Love04:37
First SignalInto The Night (Feat. Harry Hess)04:10
First SignalMystery04:12
First SignalNaked Desire (Feat. Harry Hess)04:26
First SignalNeed You Now04:11
First SignalNever Look Back Again03:40
First SignalPart Of Me (Feat. Harry Hess)04:14
First SignalShow Me The Way03:40
First SignalSituation Critical04:01
First SignalThe End Of The World03:48
First SignalThe Last Of My Broken Hearts (Acoustic)03:52
First SignalThe Last Of My Broken Hearts04:25
First SignalThis City (Feat. Harry Hess)04:16
First SignalTonight We Are The Only03:29
First SignalUnbreakable03:33
First StrikeDown And Dirty03:30
First StrikeLong Way From Home04:03
FirstborneRoll The Dice02:49
FirstborneThe Anthem03:22
Fisherman's FriendPower Zone03:39
Fishing With DynamiteBaby Shabby Blue03:46
Fishing With DynamiteDominus04:24
Fishing With DynamiteFilthy Secrets02:45
Fishing With DynamiteGold03:12
FistCrazy On You03:27
FistHot Spikes04:19
FistIt Ain't Good03:00
FistMuscle Gun04:51
FistThunder In Rock03:20
Five Finger Death PunchA Little Bit Off03:11
Five Finger Death PunchBlue On Black04:34
Five Finger Death PunchBrighter Side Of Grey04:30
Five Finger Death PunchDarkness Settles In04:42
Five Finger Death PunchI Refuse03:39
Five Finger Death PunchInside Out (Radio Edit)04:14
Five Finger Death PunchThanks For Asking03:18
Five Finger Death PunchTimes Like These03:29
Five Finger Death PunchWash It All Away04:52
Five Finger Death PunchWelcome To The Circus04:16
Five Finger Death PunchWhen The Seasons Change03:46
Five Horse JohnsonKeep On Diggin'05:01
Flash & The PainAyla04:28
Flash & The PainMidnight Man04:56
Flash & The PanEarly Morning Wakeup Call04:10
Flash & The PanJetsetters Ball04:45
Flash & The PanRestless03:47
Flash & The PanWaiting For A Train04:42
FlectorChildren Of Tomorrow06:06
FlectorIt's Reigning05:41
FlectorTime Has Come05:05
Fleetwood MacDon't Stop03:10
Fleetwood MacGo Your Own Way03:39
Fleetwood MacTusk (SE)05:30
Fliehende StürmeGestern03:48
Flight Of IcarusFly Away04:19
Flight Of IcarusOur Burning Star04:46
FlirtsPassion (SE)07:45
Flying ColorsMore07:10
FMAll Or Nothing (SE)05:47
FMAngels Cried06:20
FMBad Luck04:08
FMBest Of Times04:03
FMBlack Magic04:30
FMFeels So Good04:14
FMFuturama & Cold Hearted (SE)08:24
FMGhosts Of You And I04:27
FMHurt Is Where The Heart Is03:57
FMPlaying Tricks on Me04:00
FMReady For Me04:23
FMShaking The Tree05:22
FMSomeday (You'll Come Running)05:27
FMThat Girl03:51
FMToo Much Of A Good Thing04:10
FMTough It Out05:36
FMWalk Through The Fire05:43
FoghoundAwaken To Destroy04:34
Follow The CipherWinterfall03:41
Foo FightersDirty Water05:21
Foo FightersHappy Ever After (Zero Hour)03:41
Foo FightersMedicine At Midnight03:30
Foo FightersNo Son Of Mine03:29
Foo FightersWaiting On A War04:14
Fools AgonyMinute Of Decay04:17
For My PainFor My Pain03:56
ForceKing's Fury05:09
ForeignerHeart Turns To Stone04:10
ForeignerIn Pieces03:19
ForeignerJuke Box Hero04:20
ForeignerSay You Will03:49
ForeignerThat Was Yesterday03:48
ForeverRunaway Through Time04:14
Forever VendettaCome Alive03:57
Forever VendettaDon't04:38
Forever VendettaRoll It On Back04:38
Forever VendettaTakin' It Back04:10
Forget-Me-NotDangerous (Feat. Jane Gould)04:20
Forget-Me-NotDarkness Into Dawn (Feat. Jane Gould)04:39
Forget-Me-NotDon't Be Afraid Of Your Dreams (Feat. Jane Gould)04:01
Forget-Me-NotEverytime I See Your Picture (Feat. Jane Gould)04:07
Forget-Me-NotFire In Wonderland (Feat. Jane Gould)03:56
Forget-Me-NotShoot For The Heart (Feat. Jane Gould)04:05
Forget-Me-NotTime To Let Go (Feat. Jane Gould)04:05
ForsaleFalling Down03:52
ForsaleSo Long02:45
ForthCan't Help Falling In Love02:26
ForthMaster And Slave05:17
ForthTwist Of The Knife04:33
Fortress / EliotIts Alright04:08
Fortress Under SiegeThe Road Unknown05:55
Fortress Under SiegeTime For Rage04:24
Fortune98 In The Shade04:25
FortuneDon't Say You Love Me04:11
FortuneFreedom Road05:00
FortuneHeart Of Stone03:41
FortuneJudgement Day04:19
FortuneLevel Ground03:36
FortuneOrphaned In The Storm04:36
FortuneSilence Of The Heart04:03
FortuneThrill Of It All04:14
FortuneWhat A Fool I've Been04:13
FOSSThese Voices04:47
FozzyI Still Burn03:55
FozzyNowhere To Run03:44
FozzyThe Worst Is Yet To Come03:45
Francesco MarrasCloser To The Edge03:47
Francesco MarrasThe Thrill Of The Hunt03:22
Francie ConwayOutbreak Of Peace03:39
Francis Rossi / Hannah RickardI Talk Too Much03:58
Franck CarducciSlave To Rock 'n' Roll05:42
Frank HannonCross Your Mind04:57
Frank HannonCross Your Mind04:57
Frank HannonHush (Feat. Randy Hansen)03:49
Frank HannonJoy To The World (Feat. Ron Keel)03:30
Frank HannonLipstick Smoke 'N' Gasoline04:30
Frank HannonLord Of The Thighs (Feat. Graham Whitford)06:04
Frank HannonRedemption08:08
Frank HannonRedemption08:08
Frank HannonSouth Side04:40
Frank Hannon BandLucky 1303:58
Frank Marino & Mahogany RushStrange Dreams05:04
Frank ZanderCaptain Starlight (SE)10:46
Frank ZanderEs Fährt Ein Zug Nach Nirgendwo03:21
Frank ZappaBobby Brown Goes Down02:50
Frank ZappaBobby Brown02:50
Frank ZappaDancin' Fool03:43
Frankfurt Rock OrchestraHold The Line (Feat. Bobby Kimball)03:58
Frankfurt Rock OrchestraIsolation (Feat. Bobby Kimball)04:05
Frankie Banali & FriendsImmigrant Song02:42
Frankie Goes To HollwoodThe Power Of Love05:33
Frankie MillerDo It Till We Drop04:05
Freaks And ClownsChildren Of The Nght03:06
Freaks And ClownsDogs Of War03:03
Freaks And ClownsGuardian Angels03:55
Freaks And ClownsOne For All - All For One04:22
FreakshowItґs Really Over03:21
FreakshowLooking Back At Me04:13
FreakstormCan't Keep Me Down04:16
FreakstormStorm Inside My Heart03:20
Freaky JellyHardest Part Of Goodbye05:01
Freaky JellyMorning Glory08:13
Fred ZahlStuck In The Middle (Feat. Patrick Nuo)02:52
Free From SinGabriel05:46
Free SpiritShadow Of A Man03:42
Free SpiritStrangers03:54
Freedom CallSail Away03:57
Freedom FuelPlanet Away01:59
Frehley's CometInsane03:45
Frehley's CometNew Kind Of Lover03:11
Frehley's CometTime Ain't Runnin' Out03:49
Frei.WildDie Nur Nach Fremden Sünden Fischen03:40
Frei.WildGladiator Und Draufgänger04:27
Frei.WildPlanet Voller Affen04:03
Frei.WildSchrei Nach Liebe04:13
Frei.WildWir Schaffen Deutsch.Land (Live)03:28
Frei.WildWir Waren Hier04:02
Frei.WildZum Himmel Und Zurück04:24
Freight TrainHere I Am02:57
Freight TrainHere I Am02:57
Freight TrainSomewhere; Someday05:05
Freight TrainYou Won't Fall03:15
FrictionDo Ya03:57
FrictionDown And Lonely04:47
FridaI Know There's Something Going On05:29
From The FireBlame It On The Moon03:02
From The FireInto Your Heart04:26
FrontalLass Uns Tanzen03:56
FrontbackOn And On03:59
FrontierI'll Find Love04:33
Frontiers All StarsPush Through06:26
FrontlineCheating Is Easy02:20
FrontlineCreatures Of The Night03:35
FrontlineGame Of Love03:53
FrontlineHigher And Higher03:31
FrontlineLightning Eyes / I Don't Know09:43
FrontlineMan In Motion06:11
Frozen LandI Would04:42
Frozen LandUnderworld05:17
Frozen PlasmaCrazy05:04
Frozen PlasmaHerz05:09
Frozen PlasmaLiving On Video06:07
Frozen PlasmaStare At The Moon (The Saint Paul Pakt)04:46
Frozen PlazmaHerz04:03
Frozen RainWaiting For You04:21
Frozen TearsCan't Stop05:03
Frozen TearsLet Down (I'll Be Back)04:32
Frozen TearsLove Can Be Real04:51
Frozen TearsYou04:08
Full House Brew CrewWhen I Crossed That Door!03:50
Funker VogtA New Dawn04:33
Funker VogtDate Of Expiration04:28
Funker VogtFeel The Pain04:46
Funker VogtGaia05:04
Funker VogtLost Kingdom04:43
Funker VogtLost04:22
Funker VogtTanzbefehl04:47
Funker VogtThe Fallen Race (Conquest)06:09
Funker VogtThe Fallen Race04:56
Funker VogtTo The Sun04:22
Funker VogtWhat If I'm Wrong?05:10
Fury In The Slaughterhouse199503:18
Fury In The SlaughterhouseEvery Generation Got It's Own Disease05:28
Fury In The SlaughterhouseHello And Goodbye03:35
Fury In The SlaughterhouseRadio Orchid04:31
Fury In The SlaughterhouseRiding On A Dead Horse05:11
Fury In The SlaughterhouseThis Will Never Replace Rock 'N' Roll03:28
Fury In The SlaughterhouseTime To Wonder05:25
Future World OrchestraMister Y04:00
Future World OrchestraRoulette04:23
G.O.L.Soma Holiday06:44
Gabrielle De ValKiss In A Dragon Night (Feat. Robin McAuley)04:12
Gabrielle De ValMoonlight Shadow03:46
Gabrielle De ValWhen Midnight Comes (Feat. Mark Boals)04:15
GalahadAlive (Radio Edit)04:13
Gallows PoleAngel Eyes04:41
Game ZeroBlow Me Away04:09
Game ZeroDon't You04:35
Game ZeroYou've Got To Move On04:16
GammaCat On A Leash04:04
GammaCondition Yellow04:11
GammaFight To The Finish06:23
GammaI'm Alive03:18
GammaLast Man On Earth07:55
GammaMoving Violation03:39
GammaReady For Action03:40
GammaRight The First Time04:04
GammaWish I Was05:18
Gamma RayFarewell05:11
GangsterLong Time Coming04:21
GaragedaysTo My Soul05:00
Garbo TalksOnly Love04:32
Gardner-JamesRise Up04:03
Garland JeffreysThe Answer04:43
Gary BarlowLet Me Go03:39
Gary BarlowThis House03:59
Gary HoeyAlmost Heaven03:35
Gary HoeyDamned If I Do (Feat. Lance Lopez)04:42
Gary HoeyI Felt Alive05:26
Gary HughesAll At Once It Feels Like Believe04:34
Gary HughesBlonde Angel06:00
Gary HughesDragon Island Cathedral06:04
Gary HughesI Won't Break Your Heart04:48
Gary HughesIt Must Be Love05:16
Gary HughesLay Down07:52
Gary HughesPerfect Ten04:32
Gary HughesScreaming In The Halflight04:15
Gary HughesThere By The Grace Of The Gods (Go I)04:46
Gary HughesThis Thing Of Beauty05:25
Gary HughesVideo Show05:21
Gary HughesWe Walk With Angels05:43
Gary John BardenCan't Stop Dreaming03:57
Gary John BardenIn & Out Of Love03:59
Gary John BardenNeed Of Some Love06:15
Gary MooreAll Your Love03:42
Gary MooreAlways Gonna Love You03:55
Gary MooreDon't Believe A Word03:48
Gary MooreDon't Let Me Be Misunderstood03:36
Gary MooreDon't Take Me For A Loser04:17
Gary MooreEmpty Rooms04:23
Gary MooreEnough Of The Blues04:47
Gary MooreFalling In Love With You (Remix)04:15
Gary MooreFriday On My Mind04:13
Gary MooreHiroshima04:28
Gary MooreI Can't Wait Until Tomorrow07:49
Gary MooreJohnny Boy03:14
Gary MooreKing Of The Blues04:35
Gary MooreLeft Me With The Blues03:05
Gary MooreMidnight Blues04:59
Gary MooreMoving On02:39
Gary MooreMurder In The Skies07:18
Gary MooreNuclear Attack05:09
Gary MooreOh Pretty Woman04:25
Gary MooreOver The Hills And Far Away05:22
Gary MooreRest In Peace05:59
Gary MooreRockin' Every Night02:48
Gary MooreRun To Your Mama04:43
Gary MooreSpanish Guitar (Feat. Phil Lynott)03:50
Gary MooreStill Got The Blues06:11
Gary MooreStop Messin' Around03:55
Gary MooreTake A Little Time04:06
Gary MooreThe Law Of The Jungle06:17
Gary MooreThe Stumble03:06
Gary MooreVictims Of The Future06:14
Gary MooreWalking By Myself02:56
Gary MooreWalking By Myself02:55
Gary MooreWild Frontier04:15
Gary Moore & Phil LynottOut In The Fields04:18
Gary NumanMy Name Is Ruin06:18
Gary SchuttGoodnight Gray04:36
Gary SchuttI Guess I'm Still In Love04:01
Gary SchuttKeep Your Distance07:52
Gary SchuttLove And Obstacles06:37
Gary SchuttSomething More03:41
Gary SchuttThe Day After Tomorrow Never Comes04:27
Gary SchuttThe Spotlight05:09
Gary SchuttU F O05:23
Gary WrightLove Is Alive03:50
Gary WrightWater Sign04:31
Gasoline GunsGasoline And Guns04:08
Gathering Of KingsClone Trooper04:32
Gathering Of KingsFeed You My Love (Feat. One More Time)03:58
Gathering Of KingsFinal Hour06:31
Gathering Of KingsFirefly04:31
Gathering Of KingsForever And A Day04:36
Gathering Of KingsHeaven On The Run04:23
Gathering Of KingsHow The Mighty Have Fallen04:12
Gathering Of KingsKiss From Above04:51
Gathering Of KingsLove Will Stay Alive04:50
Gathering Of KingsMoonlight04:12
Gathering Of KingsOut Of My Life (Acoustic)04:06
Gathering Of KingsOut Of My Life04:17
Gathering Of KingsRevelation04:05
Gathering Of KingsRiders Of The Light04:14
Gathering Of KingsSaviour03:52
Gathering Of KingsThe One That Got Away05:17
Gathering Of KingsVagabond Rise04:05
Gene SimmonsRadioactive03:53
Gene The WerewolfBoogeyman03:13
Gene The WerewolfThe Loner04:19
Generation LandslideLittle Miss Lonely03:52
Generation LandslideLove And Pain04:31
Generation LandslideMe In You03:54
Generation LandslideStanding In The Rain03:43
Generation LandslideThe City On The Edge Of Forever04:22
Generation RadioSeparate Ways (Worlds Apart)05:18
Generation RadioSmoking03:02
Generation RadioTime To Let It Go03:31
Generation RadioWill You Still Love Me05:34
Generous MenMy Love04:28
Generous MenOne Of A Kind04:20
GenesisAbacab (SE)07:03
GenesisNo Son Of Mine10:12
GenesisTurn It On Again03:52
Geoff MooreBuild This House03:34
Geoff MooreThe Fight Song02:53
Geoff MooreWinning Back The Rock03:28
Geoff TateSomebody To Love04:45
GeordieCan You Do It04:27
GeordieHouse Of The Rising Sun05:01
George LynchPeople Get Ready03:11
George Lynch & Jeff PilsonTop Of The World05:37
George Thorogood & The DestroyersBad To The Bone04:58
Georgia SatellitesHippy Hippy Shake01:47
Georgia SatellitesKeep Your Hand To Yourself03:23
Georgia SatellitesMon Cheri04:38
Georgia SatellitesSheila03:41
Georgie RedHelp The Man05:09
Georgie RedIf I Say Stop; Then Stop! (SE)10:27
Georgio Farina LifeLine ProjectJesus In Tibet04:22
Gerard McMannCry Little Sister (SE)05:55
Gerry RaffertyStill In Denial03:02
Get BackAt 2504:14
Get BackGrem Domov03:32
GhostDance Macabre03:40
GhostHunter's Moon03:16
GhostIt's A Sin04:41
GhostMary On A Cross04:05
GhostPro Memoria05:39
GhostSee The Light04:05
GhostWatcher In The Sky05:48
GhostWitch Image03:30
Ghost Of The MachineJust For Reference05:34
GhoultownBlack On Black04:19
GhoultownGhost Of The Past04:00
GiantBad Case Of Loving You03:08
GiantDon't Say A Word03:34
GiantHighway Of Love04:25
GiantI'll See You In My Dreams04:47
GiantLet Our Love Win03:58
GiantMy Breath Away04:47
GiantNever Die Young03:24
GiantThe Price Of Love04:31
GiantWithout You04:27
Giant XDon't Quit Till Tomorrow03:58
Gideon's ArmyKnowing You03:49
Gilby ClarkeRock N' Roll Is Getting Louder03:46
Gilby ClarkeRusted N Busted03:01
Gilby ClarkeThe Gospel Truth03:57
Gilby ClarkeTightwad (Feat. Nikki Sixx & Stephen Perkins)03:16
Gilby ClarkeWise Old Timer03:36
GillanDriving Me Wild03:01
GillanNew Orleans02:37
Gin AnnieDead & Gone04:10
Gin LadyHeavy Burden04:43
Gina XNo G.D.M.05:58
GinevraThe Fight03:59
Ginger RedDeep Silence03:26
Ginger RedGet Down04:29
Ginger Snap5Polaris06:05
Gino VannelliBlack Cars05:58
Gino VannelliWild Horses04:40
Gioeli / CastronovoNeed You Now03:54
Gioeli / CastronovoRun For Your Life04:53
Girish & The ChroniclesClearing The Blur03:47
Girish & The ChroniclesHail To The Heroes04:54
Girish & The ChroniclesI Wanna Get That Lovin Again04:50
Girish & The ChroniclesLovers' Train04:15
Girish & The ChroniclesRide To Hell05:39
Girish And The ChroniclesA New Beginning05:04
Girish And The ChroniclesClearing The Blur03:47
Girish And The ChroniclesEvery Night Like Tonight04:15
Girish And The ChroniclesHail To The Heroes04:54
Girish And The ChroniclesLovers' Train04:15
Girish And The ChroniclesSmile Little Child03:57
Girish And The ChroniclesThe Distance Between04:45
Girish And The ChroniclesWalking The Line04:34
GirlschoolAre You Ready ?03:35
GirlschoolComing Your Way03:25
GirlschoolNowhere To Run03:42
GiuffriaDo Me Right04:09
GiuffriaTell It Like It Is04:06
GiuffriaTrouble Again05:27
Giulio GarghentiniSweet Hard Fighter05:15
Giuntini Project IILetters From The Dead05:07
Giuntini Project IISaved By Love06:28
GladstoneGoodbye Promises03:06
GladstoneToo Many Lovers04:12
GlasgowBack On The Run06:19
GlasgowMeet Me Halfway03:27
GlasgowSecrets In The Dark04:17
GlasgowWe Will Rock05:38
Glass TigerDiamond Sun04:58
Glass TigerDon't Forget Me (When I'm Gone)04:08
Glass TigerDon't Forget Me (When I'm Gone)04:08
Glass TigerDying Is Easy (With You)03:09
Glass TigerEbb & Flow04:30
Glass TigerSimple Mission04:35
Glass TigerThis Is London03:34
Glen BurtnickLittle Red House03:51
Glenn HughesWhen I Fall03:57
Glenn TiptonHimalaya07:41
Glenn TiptonLeft For Dead03:40
Glitzy GlowMake Me Feel03:45
GoannaSolid Rock04:33
GoddoRosie (Just Hang On)05:11
GoddoSo Walk On05:09
GoddoTake Care02:57
GoddoVampire Eyes (Live)07:42
GoddoWork It Out05:24
GoddoYou're So Cruel04:57
GodivaPedal To The Metal03:53
Godley & CremeAn Englishman In New York05:55
God's ArmyBefore The Fall07:43
God's ArmyMy Way04:45
GodsmackCome Together03:46
GodsmackDevils Swing03:28
GodsmackEye Of The Storm03:21
GodsmackGrowing Old05:02
GodsmackHell's Not Dead04:51
GodsmackNothing Else Matters06:26
GodsmackRed White & Blue04:05
GodsmackRunning Blind (Acoustic)03:57
GodsmackRunning Blind03:55
GodsmackSoul On Fire04:05
GodsmackTime Bomb03:57
GodsmackUnder Your Scars03:50
Goitzsche FrontAlkohol04:12
Goitzsche FrontEin Ganz Normaler Irrer03:30
Goitzsche FrontEwigkeit Ist Nur Ein Wort03:56
Goitzsche FrontGroße Lieder03:26
Goitzsche FrontMeine Stadt03:49
Goitzsche FrontSexy04:29
Goitzsche FrontTag Des Regens04:18
Goitzsche FrontWir Sind Aus Gold04:11
Golden EaringTwilight Zone (SE)08:09
Golden EarringHold Me Now03:44
Golden EarringRadar Love06:26
Golden EarringThat's Why I Believe In Her04:10
Golden EarringTwilight Zone07:57
Golden FarmAll I Want04:36
Golden FarmI Can't Tell You05:22
Golden FarmThey Say04:04
Gone SavageLife In Black And White03:05
Gone SavageLouder Than The Sun04:11
Goodbye JuneBe Yourself04:13
Goodbye JuneBreathe And Attack04:01
Goodbye JuneEverlasting Love03:22
Goodbye JuneLive In The Now04:23
Goodbye JuneLonely Beautiful People03:15
Goodbye JuneNatural03:18
Goodbye JuneSee Where The Night Goes03:49
Goodbye JuneStep Aside04:08
Goodbye JuneUniversal Mega Love03:25
Gordon GiltrapFear Of The Dark03:35
Gorilla PulpWitch Boogie04:18
Gorky ParkAll Roads05:12
Gorky ParkBang04:52
Gorky ParkBeast From The East04:19
Gorky ParkDon't Pull The Trigger04:55
Gorky ParkI'm Going Down04:30
Gorky ParkMoscow Calling05:12
Gorky ParkMy Generation04:50
Gorky ParkOcean03:54
Gorky ParkTry To Find Me05:13
Gorky ParkWelcome To The Gorky Park04:23
GothministerThis Is Your Darkness03:35
Gotthard10.000 Faces03:04
GotthardBetter Than Love03:27
GotthardBye Bye Caroline (Feat. Francis Rossi)03:04
GotthardEvery Time I Die04:08
GotthardEye Of The Tiger (Acoustic)03:51
GotthardEye Of The Tiger (Electric)04:47
GotthardFather Is That Enough03:57
GotthardFight For Your Life05:24
GotthardIn The Name03:34
GotthardMake My Day03:41
GotthardMan On A Mission03:46
GotthardMarry You04:21
GotthardNo Time To Cry05:15
GotthardNot Fooling Anyone02:58
GotthardSister Moon03:55
GotthardStay With Me04:00
GowanLost Brotherhood04:14
GowanWhen There's Time (For Love)04:06
GPSHeaven Can Wait08:04
GrabulatorRiding Free04:04
GräceThe Sinner05:11
Grace JonesLa Viev En Rose07:29
Grace JonesPull Up To The Bumper04:44
Grace JonesSlave To The Rhythm08:19
GraffitiThat's The Way I Like It03:14
Graham BonnetCajun Pink04:24
Graham BonnetLook Don't Touch05:21
Graham BonnetNight Games04:37
Graham Bonnet BandIsland In The Sun03:53
Graham Bonnet BandMeanwhile; Back In The Garage05:03
Graham Bonnet BandRider03:44
Graham Bonnet BandSea Of Trees04:46
Graham Bonnet BandWelcome To My Home04:47
Grand DesignFight Fire With Fire03:43
Grand DesignI Dunno Wut To Say04:34
Grand DesignLove Shouldn't Hurt04:27
Grand DesignThe Warrior04:02
Grand DesignViva La Paradise05:07
Grand DesignWe Were Born To Rawk N Roll04:16
Grand DesignWut Are U Waiting For04:50
Grand ElectricGreat Divide03:04
Grand Funk RailroadLittle Johnny Hooker05:01
Grand Funk RailroadPeople Let's Stop The War (SE)05:20
Grand Funk RailroadSome Kind Of Wonderful03:22
Grand Funk RailroadThe Railroad06:13
Grand IllusionAll Out Of Love04:10
Grand IllusionAnd This Is Why05:30
Grand IllusionGone For Good04:36
Grand IllusionI'm Alive04:08
Grand PrixNever Before04:04
Grand PrixShout03:06
Grand Slam1903:44
Grand SlamCrazy03:46
Grand SlamCrime Rate05:22
Grand SlamLong Road05:29
Grand Theft CultureDown The Line 2.003:12
GrantzDon't Stay Away04:24
GrantzHow Many Times04:44
Grateful DeadFire On The Mountain03:49
Grauer Mann TanztWie Es Ist04:15
Grausame TöchterGoldener Reiter03:50
Great Pacific OrchestraFragile Things07:05
Great Pacific OrchestraSever The Ties07:13
Great WhiteCall It Rock'n Roll04:00
Great WhiteFace The Day05:23
Great WhiteMove It05:35
Great WhiteRock Me07:19
Great WhiteShot In The Dark04:53
Green DayAmerican Idiot02:54
Green DayOrdinary World03:03
Green DayRevolution Radio03:01
Green DayWhen I Come Around02:58
GreenhouzeTrain Song05:26
Greg Golden BandDon't Give Up On Me04:40
Greg Golden BandI Wonder04:05
Greg Golden BandMan On The Silver Mountain04:03
Greg Golden BandOld School (Feat. Frank Hannon)03:42
Greg Golden BandStoryteller04:34
Greg Golden BandThe Craziest Show On Earth04:09
Greg LakeA Woman Like You04:33
Greg LakeI Don't Wanna Lose Your Love Tonight03:52
Greg LakeNuclear Attack04:29
Greg LakeSomeone04:10
Greg Leon InvasionAlways The Same03:47
Greg X. VolzBarrier04:34
Greg X. VolzThe Exodus04:47
Greg X. VolzWhat Then05:21
Gregg RolieBreaking My Heart05:07
Gregg RolieFire At Night06:58
Gregg RolieThe Hands Of Time04:14
Gregg RolieThey Want It All04:50
Gregg RolieWhat About Love02:56
GrenzenlosAlles Was War03:58
GrenzenlosBleib Nicht Stumm03:09
GrenzenlosLeben Am Abgrund03:15
GrenzenlosNarben; Lügen; Hoffnung; Trauer03:03
GrenzenlosWir Stehen Hier03:15
Greystone CanyonIn These Shoes04:55
Grim ReaperSee You In Hell04:17
Grim ReaperThe Show Must Go On07:25
GrindhouseAin't Nobody (Feat. Michael Bormann)04:07
GroundbreakerEighteen Til I Die04:16
GroundbreakerSomething Worth Fighting For04:22
GroundbreakerStanding On The Edge Of A Broken Dream03:53
GroundbreakerThe Way It Goes03:46
GSUS SGManiac04:19
GTRThe Hunter04:56
GTRWhen The Heart Rules The Mind04:25
GTRYou Can Still Get Through04:56
GuardianDo You Know What Love Is07:27
GuardianTime And Time Again04:51
GuardianTime Stands Still04:26
GuardianYou & I04:05
Guardians Of TimeDrawn In Blood03:23
Guild Of AgesAround The Sun04:33
Guild Of AgesDeep In Heaven07:15
GUN(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)03:32
GUNBackstreet Brothers03:17
GUNCan't Get Any Lower04:24
GUNCrazy You04:46
GUNDon't Believe A Word02:23
GUNDon't Say It's Over04:10
GUNEvery 1's A Winner03:47
GUNFavorite Pleasures03:25
GUNHere's Where I Am03:40
GUNSteal Your Fire04:56
GunWord Up04:14
GunWord Up04:14
GunhillClearwater Highway04:14
GunhillDon't Stop Believing (Feat. John Lawton)04:54
GunhillWall Of Silence (Feat. John Lawton)05:05
GunpowderLegs For Days05:43
Guns N' RosesLive And Let Die03:04
Guns N' RosesParadise City06:46
Guns N' RosesPatience05:55
Guns N' RosesRight Next Door To Hell03:02
Guns N' RosesSweet Child O' Mine05:57
Guns N' RosesWelcome To The Jungle04:32
Guns Of GloryTill We Die03:19
GunshipThe Drone Racing League04:41
GunshyYou Take My Heart04:55
GuruStraight To Your Heart04:15
GUSI´m Not Finished02:50
Guy PerryLay This Ghost To Rest04:00
Gypsy PistolerosViva La Revolution; Viva Zapata03:40
Gypsy QueenLegacy04:42
Gypsy QueenRed White And Blue04:55
Gypsy QueenThe Unhealer03:25
Gypsy QueenWhy05:15
Gypsy RoseBurning03:47
Gypsy RoseDecember Night04:56
Gypsy RoseMoonlight03:44
Gypsy RoseQueen Of The Night04:12
Gypsy RoseSolitude03:28
Gypsy RoseYou Are The One04:00
Gypsy Rose (CAN)Borderline04:14
Gypsy Rose (CAN)Crawlin'05:08
Gypsy Rose (CAN)Don't Turn Your Back On Me Now (Piano Version)04:54
Gypsy Rose (CAN)Love Me Or Leave Me04:45
Gypsy Rose (CAN)Poisoned By Love04:29
Gypsy Rose (CAN)Shiver Than Shake03:38
Gypsy Rose (CAN)Wild Reaction03:33
Gypsy SoulShe’s Waiting04:07
Gypsy SoulSheila03:44
Gypsy SoulSurvival In The Streets04:35
Gypsy's KissBetter Than Me05:39
Gypsy's KissThe Man For All Seasons07:19
Gypsy's KissTraveller04:43
H. I. M.Wicked Game03:55
H.A.R.E.M.Made Of Stars03:46
H.E.A.TBackto The Rhythm04:11
H.E.A.TBastard Of Society03:50
H.E.A.TCome Clean (Acoustic Version)02:34
H.E.A.TCome Clean03:44
H.E.A.TDanger Road03:01
H.E.A.THeaven Must Have Won An Angel04:42
H.E.A.THold Your Fire03:48
H.E.A.TNothing To Say04:08
H.E.A.TNothing To Say04:08
H.E.A.TOne By One03:47
H.E.A.TTainted Blood03:50
H.E.A.TUnder The Gun03:25
H.E.A.TWe Are Gods04:11
H.E.A.TWe Rule05:46
H.E.A.TWings Of An Aeroplane03:37
H.E.A.T.Danger Road03:01
H.E.A.T.Everybody Wants To Be Someone03:35
HackersTocando Fondo07:33
Hairy GroupiesCry Baby03:39
Hairy GroupiesSo Alive04:07
Hairy GroupiesThe Story03:55
HalestormBeautiful With You03:14
HalestormBetter Sorry Than Safe03:12
HalestormBreak In04:45
HalestormDaughters Of Darkness03:55
HalestormGet Lucky03:07
HalestormGold Dust Woman04:10
HalestormHeart Of Novocaine (Stripped)03:25
HalestormHere's To Us02:57
HalestormI Am The Fire03:37
HalestormI Come First03:13
HalestormI Get Off03:02
HalestormI Miss The Misery03:03
HalestormIn Your Room02:46
HalestormIt's Not You02:55
HalestormLove Bites (So Do I)03:11
HalestormMz. Hyde03:28
HalestormPrivate Parts (Feat. James Michael Of Sixx: A.M.)03:58
HalestormPsycho Crazy03:25
HalestormRaise Your Horns03:19
HalestormRock Show03:18
HalestormShoot To Thrill05:07
HalestormThe Reckoning03:44
HalfordTwist (SE)04:27
HaloJacob's Dream04:36
HaloJesus Music04:21
HaloLose To Live04:35
HaloThy Will Be Done04:06
HämatomMein Fleisch Und Blut03:51
HämatomTotgesagt Doch Neugeboren03:51